Ameristep Element Hunting Blind Review

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The hunt for hunting blinds can be a tedious task, and there are countless options out there. If you are looking to purchase a ground blind, you have likely come across the name Ameristep. As one of the biggest producers of hunting blinds, Ameristep has a wide variety of items available.

To narrow down the selection process for you, we have reviewed the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind.

Ameristep Element Hunting Blind 75'W x...

NS3 Carbon Enhanced Fabric – Backpack included

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This large, durable Spider Hub blind optimizes your group hunting experience, housing about three people with 360-degree visibility.

Pros & Cons


  • Weather-resistant polyester with NS3 carbon enhanced coating
  • Scent proof, noise proof, and sheen proof
  • 360-degree visibility with ten Velcro mesh windows
  • Lightweight and portable with a shoulder strap bag
  • Large size fits approximately two to three people


  • Time-consuming for one person to assemble
  • Velcro mesh windows can be noisy and hard to see through
  • Camo design only suitable for specific conditions

The Ameristep Element Hunting Blind comes with a shoulder strap carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. The hunting blind collapses and slips directly into the unit. Spider Hub designs are considered one of the more stable hunting blinds due to their boxy shape.

First Impression

Upon opening the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind, you should have a partner to assist in the assembly. Often, when setting up one corner, the opposite corner will collapse.

Nevertheless, construction only takes about two minutes to complete before the ground blind is ready to go. If you plan on hunting in colder conditions, make sure to also carry a good ground blind heater with you.

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You will also notice that the camo is a mossy oak breakup, which is perfect for autumn or woody conditions but can result in high visibility in extremely snowy or green environments.

Regardless, mossy oak break up seems the most suitable camo print for most hunting conditions. You cannot go wrong with this design! Lastly, the hunting blind lacks a particular scent due to the NS3 carbon-enhanced fabric.


The durable material prevents accidental tears, but some users have reported the supporting poles breaking upon setup.

Because of this issue, we suggest assembling the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind with a partner.

Ameristep Element Hunting Blind 75'W x...

Design and Performance

After setting up the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind, you will notice its massive size. At 75” x 67”, the Element is one of the larger hunting blinds out there, making it perfect for a group of two or three to hunt together.

Despite the size, it weighs under 18 pounds. This lightweight and portable product features a single shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Take heed now that it does not come in a backpack, as is often advertised.

You will also notice the lack of scent coming from the product as the NS3 carbon-enhanced polyester, branded ShadowGuard, works to mask all odors, sounds, and sheens.

To further reduce your smell, be sure to invest in odorless hunting clothing and accessories.

One of the most significant drawing points to this hunting blind is 360-degree visibility from the ten windows with shooting ports for your weapon.

However, the Velcro mesh material in the windows contributes to user difficulties regarding seeing through them.

Velcro secured them, which can be rather noisy to remove, potentially scaring off the game. If the windows are down, the game would likely see the hunter, so the user must be extra vigilant to spot their next kill.

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Overall Quality

The quality of the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind is unmatched – with durable construction and clear-cut assembly, you know you are getting a high-quality product.

The NS3 carbon coating helps conceal you from the game, and the polyester fabric prevents accidental tears. The visibility from the blind is eminent.

Ameristep is a trusted name, and we have exalted them in the past. The downsides in quality include the shoulder strap, cumbersome assembly, and Velcro mesh windows.

The shoulder strap sufficiently carries the hunting blind but could be sturdier. Shoulder straps may aggravate those with bad backs or joint issues.

Furthermore, the blind is difficult to fold back up into the bag once you finish using it. Finally, the Velcro mesh tends to be noisy and hard to look through, despite being necessary when hunting.

Nonetheless, the product makes up for these faults with its size, ten windows, durable material, and ShadowGuard coating.

It camouflages in most environments, packs and travels well, and costs little for the product’s nature.

Before you go…

In this review of the Ameristep Element Hunting Blind, we have discussed how the product’s construction leaves it a step above others.

This Spider Hub blind features 360-degree visibility, noise-proof, scent-proof, and sheen-proof properties, and easy portability.

Overall, it appears to be a quality investment for the cost and would make an excellent addition to your hunting equipment collection.

Ameristep Element Hunting Blind 75'W x... Check Latest Price

Ameristep sells plenty of other hunting blinds as well in a variety of sizes and styles.

This trusted brand has a product for every hunter. They are most known for their CareTaker hunting blind, but they frequently release new items.

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