Bowstring Wax

Should You Wax Your Bowstring?

You just got started with archery? And now you are wondering if you should wax your bowstring? This article will explain why you need to wax your bowstring and what kind of wax works best. Before we dive into the article – here is your answer: yes! You should regularly wax your bowstring. Why is …


a bunch of recurve bows on bow stands

How To Store Your Recurve Bows

If you’re looking to buy a recurve bow, then you probably want to start thinking about storage options too. Bows require some space to keep them safe and sound. The best way to store your bow is to use a bow rack or simply two hooks. Dedicated recurve bow cases are also a good solution.  …


Best Wood For Recurve Bow

If you are thinking about building a recurve bow, you may be wondering what type of wood is best? This is something that I have researched recently, and I have found some interesting information. Well, first off. I am not a bow maker! What you’ll find here is the information I found while researching the …


deer with antlers

How Long Does Human Scent Last

Deer are susceptible to human scent. If you walk through a field or forest, you will leave a smell behind that may keep deer away. This article will explain how long deer can smell where you walk. If you want to know precisely when your scent becomes undetectable by deer, then you need to look …


a compound bow in side view

How To Nock An Arrow

Few items in archery are of as much importance, in proportion to their size, as an arrow nock. A nock is an arrow’s lifeline to the bowstring that propels it. The attachment between the two, by proxy, is just as important as the nock itself. Through this attachment, tremendous amounts of kinetic energy are transferred, …


bowtech carbon knight picture

Bowtech Carbon Knight Specs

Released in 2013 and weighing just 3.2 lbs and with an IBO speed of 335 fps, a Bowtech Carbon Knight is one compound bow you wouldn’t mind owning. It delivers an improbable shooting and hunting experience at a fair price. It is a compact compound bow that packs a punch in a small and simple …


a picture of trees in the mountains

Best Archery Rangefinder

Optical lens manufacturers have finally begun to dial in on what bow hunters exactly want in an archery rangefinder. In the not-so-distant past, when there were very few options, we would have to consider dual-purpose gears as well and when compared, quite often they were the better choice even for hunters who solemnly restricted themselves …


arrows and in the background some archery targets

What Happens When You Dry Fire A Bow

If you have ever spent any significant amount of time around bows of various types and archery equipment in general, you have undoubtedly been warned about the dangers of dry firing a bow. Most new archers have been imparted with words of wisdom regarding this subject before ever sending their first arrow downrange. But for …


bowstring serving tool

Best Bowstring Serving Tool in 2023

Every bowhunter will occasionally have to re-serve the bowstring to fight the abrasion, which most likely occurs to the area around the nocking point. No matter if you shoot a recurve, longbow, compound, or selfbow. Soon or later the serving has to be replaced. You could either find a local string builder and let him …


A Hunter shooting a compound bow

Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow Kit Review

The Predator Archery Raptor Compound Bow is an outstanding bow for beginners and experts alike. It’s a high-quality bow for an affordable price and is versatile for a wide range of situations. In this Review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this bow, our first impression, the design, and, most importantly, how it performs. …


What to look after when buying compound bow

What to For after when buying a compound bow

When first becoming interested in hunting and using a compound bow instead of a longbow, there are several factors to consider. It is not all that complicated, but one does still need to understand specific aspects of hunting and compound bow features to appreciate their pros and cons, and which type of bow will be …


a bow Hunter in camoflage

Best Bow Hunting Clothing

Every year, countless bowhunters take to the woods in the hopes of filling their tags. In order to find success, long sits on stand or in a ground blind are typically necessary. A hunter must be adequately prepared for these lengthy hunts and the weather which accompanies them. Much of this preparation takes place when …


a small river in the woods

The Best Bow Cases in 2023: Plano

Owning a bow case is vital for anyone who either wants to put their bow away safely for the winter or who travels and needs a way to store their bow safely on the road or during flights. Every bow is made from materials that shouldn’t be left out in the elements too long. A …


hunter in treestand aiming with bow

What is the Best Camo Pattern for Treestand Hunting

Have you ever wondered what the best camo pattern for treestand hunting is? Although movement is the biggest killer, camo matters too. Well, I have been thinking about this question a lot lately and decided to do some research. The latest camo definitely increases your ability to remain concealed in your tree stand.  There are …


a man shooting from his climbing treestand

How To Pick The Best Climbing Treestand

The treestands you choose to hunt from will have a huge impact on your hunting experience. They are also an investment, so picking the right one can be daunting. Whether you are buying your first tree stand or upgrading to something easier and more comfortable than what you currently have, there are a few things …


a deer walking across a plain

How To Field Dress A Deer

You have efficiently scouted during the summer months, positioned your deer stands in superb locations, and put in your time on the stand in a relentless fashion. All of this diligent preparation and hard work has culminated in this singular climactic moment as you stand afield, viewing your successful harvest. However, as victorious as this …


Archer takes aim at a target

How To Not Hit Your Forearm With The Bowstring

One universal truth regarding archery is that at some point in time or another, virtually everyone will fall victim to the stinging slap of a bowstring coming into contact with their forearm. When this happens, aggravation and pain generally force an end to that day’s practice session, and eventual bruising is inevitable. The question of …


three bowhunters looking into a valley

How To Carry A Bow and Avoid Injury

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve either already started your bowhunting season or are about to start it soon. And whether you’re an experienced hunter or someone who’s just starting out, one thing that all hunters should know is how to carry their bows without injury. It seems like a simple thing at …


a 5-pin sight

What Do the Pins Mean on a Bow Sight

What do pins mean on a bow sight – Each pin represents a distance that you beforehand sighted your bow in at. In other words, if you are hunting and “all of a sudden” the whitetail deer of your dreams appear at approximately 30 yards from you – you know which pin to use for …


5 GARMIN GPS Handhelds

Best Handheld GPS For Hunting [Buyers Guide]

So you are looking for a handheld GPS for hunting? With all the technology available today, handheld electronic devices are becoming more popular than ever before. This guide will show you what features to look for in a handheld GPS device, so you get the best bang for your buck. Plus, we will talk about …


three boots for hunting

The Best Elk Hunting Boots

There are many kinds of boots to choose between. When it comes to hunting out in the woods or elsewhere, you don’t want to wade into the brush with a sneaker on because your feet will get torn to pieces. A sturdy pair of hunting boots is essential to keep the feet warm and dry …


picture of samick sage Recurve bow

Samick Sage Bow Review 2023

Korean bowmaker Samick built the Sage Takedown as a budget Recurve Bow option. Any Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow review will mention the low price. While this bow does have some shortcomings, it offers excellent value overall. It will shoot just as well as some more expensive bows and looks good mounted on the wall. …


hunting land and a ladder treestand (2)

How To Find The Perfect Hunting Land

Having a base from which to hunt begins with locating the right property to lease or purchase. While many states provide access to public lands for hunting, nothing beats having your own place to hunt. However, it is essential to understand what to look for when seeking land access for hunting. When seeking a hunting …


trees in the woods nice and green

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

As any archer knows, your arrows are every bit as vital to your success as the bow from which they are fired. In the absence of quality arrows, you will never achieve as high of a level of proficiency as would otherwise be possible. BEST OVERALL Dynamic Spine Control Real Straightness Precision Nock check latest …


several archers drawing their bows side view with one hand (1)

Which Eye Do You Aim with in Archery

Maybe you’re interested in archery, or you just started, and you’re not sure which eye to use? And why does this matter? It’s pretty simple: you want to line up your dominant eye with the bowstring and arrow shaft for better aiming. So to answer your question, “Which eye do you aim with in archery” …


a bull elk crossing a river_2

What Size Freezer Should You Use For Elk?

You did it. You successfully harvested an elk! Now, after field dressing, skinning, quartering, and finally transporting your prized game to your home, it’s time to store all that elk. Let’s hope your freezer is big enough! Now, admittedly this is something you should consider before your next elk hunt. That’s what this article is …


archery target three arrows in it

What are Arrows Shot from Untuned Bows likely to do?

Accuracy. You need consistent accuracy if you want to have any success bowhunting. You want your arrows to fly true. You must ensure that your bow is tuned correctly and that your arrows perfectly match your setup. You don’t want an untuned bow messing up your arrow flight!  Arrows shot from untuned bows will likely …


an arrow nocked to a string and drawn

How To String A Recurve Bow

If you are a fan of traditional archery or are looking to take a trip down memory lane, temporarily putting your compound bow down in favor of a recurve bow, you probably realize stringing such a bow is a way of life. Stringing a bow is a fundamental skill of recurve and longbow archery. The …


Map with Hunting Regulations per State

Hunting Regulations For Every State Clickable Map

How to Use? Easy! Just click on your state and you will be redirected to the state hunting regulations. And here is a plain list too. Just click on any state – you will be redirected. Also, read our article about the draw weight requirements for elk hunting. Hunting and Wildlife Regulations for each State …


groundblind bow hunting

Best Ground Blind For Bowhunting 2021

If you consider using a ground blind for bowhunting, this consideration has likely left you to ponder various quandaries regarding how to do so efficiently. This is completely understandable, as a hunting blind’s use generally requires a level of foresight to achieve success. Utilizing a hunting blind within your deer hunting strategy is an excellent …