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If you’re familiar with crossbows, you’ve likely heard about Barnett. They’re the original crossbow pioneers, and one of the most famous names in the business.

Their Recruit Recurve Crossbow is fast, powerful, and easy to aim. It’s suitable for all skill levels and works well for hunting and target shooting.

Barnett Assault Recruit Crossbow

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps
  • Anti Dry Fire (ADF) Trigger
  • 245 FPS
  • 150 lbs. Draw Weight
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The Assault crossbow has loads of top-tier features, as well as some aspects that could use improvement. Let’s begin this Barnett Recruit recurve crossbow review by looking at the pros and cons:

Pros & Cons


  • Classic recurve design from long-time industry leader
  • Metal Injected Mold trigger for precise firing
  • Lightweight and durable composite construction
  • Ideal for hunting small to medium-sized game


  • Doesn’t include bolts (19” bolts required)
  • First Impression
  • Draw Weight 150 lbs.
Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps

Barnett Assault Recruit Crossbow

First Impression

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Barnett Assault Recruit Crossbow is its unique blend of modern power and classic style. If the design reminds you of crossbows from long ago, there’s a reason why.

Barnett Crossbows has been an industry innovator dating back to 1963. They’re one of the – if not the – most well-established crossbow manufacturers in the world.

Barnett Recruit Specifications

  • Arrow Speed of up to 245 feet per second (fps)
  • Draw Weight of 150 pounds
  • 12.5-inch Power Stroke
  • Arrow Length of 18”

Aside from the crossbow, the set includes a scope and quiver. The bow is pre-strung.

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps


This crossbow’s speed and power make it an excellent option for hunting a wide variety of small and medium-sized game, including deer and similarly-sized animals.

However, when shooting at game as large and alert as deer, you want to be within 40 yards. Even though the crossbow is fast, it will probably not produce enough kinetic energy, to effectively hit deer at a further range.

The crossbow truly excels at hunting small, fast game. You can shoot in a two-inch grouping from up to 50 yards away, making it ideal for hunting rabbits, birds, and other animals in that size range.  

Design and Performance

While doing this, Barnett Recruit recurve crossbow review; we found that compared to similarly-priced crossbows, Barnett’s Recruit is far and away one of the most powerful options you can find.

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It fires arrows at a blazing 245 FPS with a force of 65 pounds of kinetic energy.

The trigger is a design highlight.

It’s a Metal Injected Mold trigger that pulls quickly and smoothly. Firing remains accurate even when you have to move and aim in a hurry.

Finally, the scope on this recurve crossbow is another design highlight. In many cases, with crossbows in this price range, the scope isn’t much to write home about (read.. Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green).

However, Barnett delivers here with a 4x32MM scope that mounts on the Picatinny rail and features a red dot sight. 

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The red dot has good size and is well illuminated. Some buyers stated, that their package did not include a red dot sight, but the 4×32 multi reticle scope, and mossy oak camouflage.

Recurve Crossbow

The Recruit is a top-of-the-line recurve crossbow. A recurve bow is one where the limbs only curve towards the archer when strung.

When unstrung, they curve away from the archer. The opposite of a recurve crossbow is a straight-limbed bow.

Recurve crossbows store and produce more energy than their straight-limbed counterparts. In turn, that extra power translates to faster arrow speeds.

If you’re interested in recurve bows, but want a traditional type instead of a crossbow, check out the Best Recurve Bows in 2020.

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps

Barnett Assault Recruit Crossbow

Durability & Construction

It’s made from a composite resin that’s both durable and lightweight, making this recurve crossbow great for hunting. You can carry it without strain all day long because it only weighs eight pounds.

But it’s also tough enough to survive an accidental drop onto the forest floor.

The Metal Injected Mold trigger is another construction win. It’s sensitive but solid, allowing for a smooth trigger pull.

Overall, this well-made recurve crossbow should last for years, even after heavy-duty, outdoor use. It’s one of the best values in its price range. 

Safety Features

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps

Even the safest crossbows pose safety hazards, so maintain awareness at all times. Barnett’s Recurve Crossbow features a variety of design decisions designed to help prevent injury to yourself and others.

First, it has finger reminders, also known as finger protectors. It’s a lightweight, plastic rail that you install below the flight track.

They keep your fingers away from the string when firing but still allow you to grip the recurve crossbow with confidence. 

Another safety feature worth noting is the Anti-Dry Fire system. You’re unable to fire the crossbow unless an arrow is loaded.

Dry firing can cause the string to snap unexpectedly, potentially causing all manner of serious injury.

The safety features help make this crossbow an excellent option for anyone new to the sport. You can focus on learning without worrying about accidentally hurting yourself


Let’s wrap up our Barnett recruit recurve crossbow review by highlighting the key points.

This crossbow is powerful, durable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps check price

Plus, Barnett is a trusted expert. Their recurve design is a classic for a reason.

It delivers a good draw weight and accuracy, far beyond what you’d expect in a recurve crossbow of this size.

It’s great for veteran users who want high quality but don’t want to bust their budget. It’s also a safe, controllable choice for new users who are just learning how to use a recurve crossbow or plan to do some target shooting.

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