Best Compound Bow Packages in 2020

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Diamond Archery Edge 320 RH 7-70# Breakup Country w/Pkg (A13801)
  • Diamond Edge 320
  • 7 to 70 lbs
  • R.A.K. Package
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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife statistics suggest that over 20% of deer hunters are using archery equipment instead of rifles or muzzleloaders. Archery has always been a part of hunting, but with more modern hunters taking up the sport, new archery technology is being rolled out every day. 

Traditional longbows gave way to shorter recurve bows. Now, compound bows dominate the archery hunting market. These bows allow hunters to achieve more power and greater accuracy.

Beginners to archery might feel overwhelmed when starting to shop for bows. There are many different bows available that come with different sights, silencers, and quivers.

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, 71 percent of the hunted big game were deer. Followed by 18 percent wild turkey, 6 percent elk and an estimated 2 percent bear (in 2016) 

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Below, I discuss five great options for any level bow hunter. These affordable packages come equipped with quality accessories, ready for use in the field. In our opinion, the Diamond Edge 320 RAK Package is the best compound bow package in 2020.

Product Quick Comparison

Diamond Archery Edge 320 RH 7-70# Breakup Country w/Pkg (A13801)

Diamond Edge 320 RAK Package

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Includes Whisker Biscuit, Arrows, Armguard, and Arrow Quiver Recommended for Ages 8 and Up – Camo (AYS300CR)

Youth Bow Bear Archery Set

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Pro Bow Package Diamond Archery

PSE (Ready to Shoot Stinger Extreme RH - MO Country (29/70)

PSE Stinger Extreme

Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK Right Hand Compound Bow, 70 lb, Breakup Country

Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK

Top Notch Compound Bow Packages

Diamond Edge 320, Black Right Hand, Ready to Hunt Package

The Diamond Edge 320 package comes in three colors. Black, Purple Blaze, or Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. This is a very powerful bow that shoots straight right out of the box. We had the chance to actually shoot it – and were quite impressed!

Read our Hands-On Review of the Edge 320 R.A.K. package here! 

It can achieve speeds up to 320 fps. Again, that is close enough to the maximum that any bow can shoot, even compound bows that cost three or four times as much as the Edge 320.

The package also includes: 

  • 3 Pin Tundra Sight
  • Hostage XL Arrow Rest
  • Quiver
  • 5″ Ultra Lite Octane STabilizer
  • Peep Sight
  • BCY String Loop
  • Comfort Wrist Sling

This bow can be adjusted from 7 – 70 lbs draw weight, and a draw length from 15 – 31″.

Despite the high speeds, the bow is very light (3.6 lbs) and measures 31-1/2″ from axle-to-axle. The adjustable length and weight make it suitable for all bowhunters, young and old.

YOUTH BOW Set Bear Archery Bravo

Bear Archery offers the Brave Compound Bows Set, a great bow package that is geared towards younger archers. It’s suitable for kids as young as eight and above.

The bow’s smaller frame size, lower draw weight and draw length, and smaller arrow release make it a great choice for introducing kids to archery. 

The bow is outfitted with a whisker biscuit, an one pin sight, an arrow quiver, 2 safetyglass(TM) arrows and an armguard. The draw weight can be adjusted from fifteen to twentyfive pounds. Very young archers (say, under 10) find a comfortable draw weight as low as fiftee.

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Includes Whisker Biscuit, Arrows, Armguard, and Arrow Quiver Recommended for Ages 8 and Up – Camo (AYS300CR)

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow Includes Whisker Biscuit, Arrows, Armguard, and Arrow Quiver Recommended for Ages 8 and Up – Camo (AYS300CR)

It is important to use a bow designed for draw weights this low; using a full-size bow with a low draw weight would make the bow inaccurate. At the same time, the upper end of the draw weight range means these young bowhunters will be able to keep using this bow into their teenage years.

The draw length is pretty standard on this bow and adjustable from 13.5-19.5″ which is a range that captures all but the stockiest archers. Beginners will find a comfortable draw length somewhere between fifteen and twenty inches.

A quick rule of thumb to estimate draw length is to measure the archer’s arm span, then divide by 2.5. If you are looking for one of their latest Bows, take a look at our review of the Bear Divergent EKO.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The Diamond by Bowtech Core bow brings a lightweight, highly adjustable bow to the market at a surprisingly low price. The bow comes equipped with:

  • Three Pin Sight
  • Five Arrow Quiver
  • Wisker biscuit type Rest
  • Octane Stabilizer
  • 1/4″ peep
  • Wrist Sling
  • String Silencers

One accessory that sets this package apart is the addition of a few string silencers. These are small discs of plastic or wood that clip onto the bowstring and eliminate some of the “twang” noise associated with the release of even the strongest compound bow.

Read our hands-on review of the Infinite Edge Pro here

The Diamond Core is a narrowly adjustable bow geared for adult bow hunters. The draw weight can range from forty to seventy pounds. This range makes it most suitable for adult bow hunters.

A youth hunter will probably have trouble pulling even a forty-pound bow.

The draw length on this bow can only be adjusted from twenty-five to thirty inches. Again, this narrow range means the bow is marketed toward adult bow hunters.

PSE Stinger Extreme RH – MO Country

The next compound bows package name says it all: the PSE 2018 Ready-to-Shoot Stinger Extreme. PSE is one of the oldest, best-known names in hunting archery.

The Stinger Extreme is another great all-around bow, usable by archers of most sizes and builds.

It claims speeds up to 316 fps, which is about as fast as any bow on the market. This bow is done up in Custom Black/HOT Orange. It was engineered on a new and improved riser platform, high-performance SX cam, and upgraded limb pockets. The package includes (besides the bow): 

  • Octane “Hostage” Arrow Rest
  • Trugelo 3 Pin Fiber Optic Sight 
  • Peep and String Loop
  • 4″ Rubber Stabilizer 
  • Quick Detach Quiver

This bow’s draw length is narrower and higher than the other packages. The draw length can be adjusted from 21 to 30 inches.

PSE has designed a really powerful bow with the Stinger Extreme. The draw weight can be adjusted all the way from forty up to seventy pounds, which is way beyond what most archers use on a regular basis. 

To keep the bow marketable to a wide range of bowhunters, the draw weight can be adjusted down to forty pounds, making it suitable for larger youth hunters.

Read our hands-on review of the NEW PSE Stinger Max here

Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK Right Hand Compound Bow

The deploy SB provides exeptional tunability. If you have been looking for a simple and hassle free adjustment of draw lenght and let off, the Deploy is what you have been waiting for.

Diamond Archery claims speeds up to 330FPS for this compound bow (read.. PSE Brute NXT Bow)

  • Axle to Axle: 31.5″
  • Brace Height: 6.75″
  • Draw Lenght: 26″ – 30.5″
  • Mass Weight: 3,2 lbs

This RAK package includes:

  • 4 Pin Apex Sight
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver
  • Hostage XL Rest
  • 5″ Octane Ultra Lite Stabilizer
  • Comfort Wrist Sling
  • Peep Sight
  • String Loop
  • String Dampeners

Minimal weight and maximum strenght – the Deploy SB features an aerospace-inspired carbon riser.

Which Compound Bow Package Is The Best?

In our opinion, the Diamond Edge 320 compound bow package offers enough accessories to be a good choice for beginners and experienced archers. But of course, you may want to check out the other bow packages too.

Read our Hands-On Review of the Diamond Edge 320 here!

The tunability the synchronized binary cam system offers, is awesome! Premium performance for an absolutely acceptable price (read.. Blackout Epic Hands-On Test)

Best Single Compound Bow

If you don’t need a complete bow package (RAK) but only the bow, you might find this post about our most favorite compound bow in 2020 useful. We compiled a list of top-notch bows in 2020.

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