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Those that bowhunt during the cold winter months know how challenging it can be to stay warm and dry while in the stand. Much of a hunter’s ability to do so lies in the integrity of their outerwear of choice.

So. The best jacket could be the warmest, or waterproof, or with the most pockets – the more the better, right? Check out our top list below, and if you want to see what else we have, just scroll down a little farther. 


SITKA Gear Men's Jetstream Windstopper Watertight Hunting Jacket, Optifade Subalpine, Small
  • Windproof Protection
  • Water Repellent
  • Made in the USA
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If you are looking for a good hunting jacket make sure to check our top picks:

If you want to boost your late-season hunting efforts, you’ll need to choose a jacket that fits your needs. Read on… 

Top Tier Hunting Coat 2021

BEST OVERALL – SITKA Gear Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket

SITKA has quickly gained notoriety for its production of quality hunting attire, which is built to last, no matter the rigors of a hunt.

The Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket is no exception to this rule and is sure to make a worthwhile companion on every late season hunt. This jacket’s GORE-TEX INFINIUM Windstopper design keeps you warm, and the elements at bay.


  • Windproof
  • Flexible material
  • Breathable

The SITKA Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket is also notable for its minimal bulk and maximum range of movement, which offers unobstructed shooting. The additional inclusion of zippered chest pockets makes storage of additional gear a breeze. 

Warmest Jacket Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka

If staying both quiet and comfortable are high on your priority list this fall, do not head to the woods without the Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka.

This coat features 4.5 ounces of insulation for warmth in moderately cold weather and Hush Hide fabric for silent mobility. Hush Hide fabric also offers a significant degree of water resistance, keeping you dry even in the rain (read.. HECS Hunting Suit).


  • Quiet material
  • Detachable hood
  • Adjustable wrist straps

The Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka also includes a detachable hood for all-season/weather use and includes two large front pockets for additional gear storage.

Adjustable wrist straps are also featured, making it easy to seal moisture out, and heat in, providing comfortable hunting for all.

Most VersatileRocky Silent Hunter Rain Jacket

The Rocky Silent Hunter Rain Jacket is a versatile offering for those that are looking for a little extra warmth, from one end of season to the next.

This jacket is lightweight and breathable enough to be worn on early season hunts, yet spacious enough to accommodate layering underneath for extreme cool-season use.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Scent IQ Technology
  • Water-resistant

Rocky Scent IQ technology is also offered in conjunction with the silent hunter rain jacket. This technology destroys scent (read.. top-notch portable ozone generator for hunting) at the microbial level, thereby reducing human odor and preventing game from becoming startled.

A Realtree AP Xtra camo finish also ensures that you remain concealed while sitting on climb stand.

Most Durable – Carhartt Flannel Lined Active Jacket

Carhartt is well known as a premium manufacturer of work-related apparel, and this trait shows through in the production of their Flannel Lined Active Jacket.

This jacket is 100-percent cotton and features a slightly oversized, rugged zipper that stands up well to substantial wear and tear. Due to its durability, this jacket is a great option for those who hunt in harsh environments.


  • Triple stitched seams
  • Extremely durable
  • Oversized pockets

Those wearing the Carhartt Flannel Lined Active Jacket will also remain warm and comfortable, even in less than hospitable conditions.

This is, in great part, due to the jacket’s flannel liner. This material is extremely soft to the touch, yet excellent at retaining heat for enhanced warmth.

Most StorageMAGCOMSEN Hooded Tactical Jacket

The MAGCOMSEN Hooded Tactical Jacket will make the perfect choice for those who need ample available storage when striking out for their next hunt.

This jacket contains 2 zipper back pockets, 2 sleeve pockets, and 1 forearm pocket. This allows a variety of items, in a unique range of sizes, to be kept at arm’s reach for easy access.

This jacket is also lightweight and breathable while remaining water-resistant and warm beyond belief.


  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Lightweight and breathable

This is a product of the MAGCOMSEN Hooded Tactical Jacket’s Shark Skin softshell fabric and warm inner fleece liner. Both sleeves also come equipped with built-in zippers for added ventilation.

What Makes A Quality Hunting Jacket?

When searching for the perfect hunting coat, there are a number of factors that must first be considered, before making your selection


For the most part, the single biggest reason that any hunter chooses to wear a coat when going afield is for warmth.

As temperatures fall during the fall and winter months, temperatures can become downright frigid.

Any coat that is selected must be capable of protecting a hunter from these inhospitable conditions, as this will allow you to hunt when others would find difficulty.

This is just one of the many reasons that we love the Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka.

This coat features 4.5 grams of insulation, which should be more than enough to keep any hunter warm when clothing has been properly layered (read.. top-notch bow hunting beanies).


A hunting coat should always be looked at as an investment. Although there is a certain initial expense involved, with a coat’s purchase, when well-chosen, a coat of this nature will provide years of use for its owner.

Therefore, the durability of a coat should be considered before purchase, as doing so will assist you in making the most of your expenditure.

If you are looking for a durable hunting coat, you will be hard-pressed to find any better candidate than the Carhartt Flannel Lined Active Jacket.

Carhartt is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of work-grade apparel, and the company’s Flannel Lined Active Jacket embodies this same commitment to hearty construction.

Storage Capacity

When hunting, it is typical to carry several helpful items afield to aid in your efforts.

However, a hunter must have a convenient place to store these items, which allows them to be accessed at a moment’s notice, and with minimal movement.

This makes it extremely important for a coat to have ample enough storage to house the bulk of items that you wish to carry.

This is just one of the many reasons that we cannot get enough of the MAGCOMSEN Hooded Tactical Jacket.

This coat features 2 zipper back pockets, 2 sleeve pockets, and 1 forearm pocket, allowing a significant amount of gear to be carried afield.


Whether climbing a stand or drawing your bow, a coat must offer an ample degree of mobility. This mobility prevents a hunter’s range of movement from being impeded and ensures that any task can be completed efficiently.

There are few coats on the market today which feature as significant a range of mobility as the SITKA Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket.

This coat’s active fit design utilizes stretchy fibers to provide freedom of movement to those who wear it.

Which Hunting Coat Is The Best?

SITKA Gear Men's Jetstream Windstopper Watertight Hunting Jacket, Optifade Subalpine, Small

After reviewing all of the products on this list, I feel, in my opinion, that the SITKA Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket is the best hunting coat on the market today, with the MAGCOMSEN Hooded Tactical Jacket coming in as a not so distant runner-up.

The SITKA Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket is totally windproof, yet offers a level of breathability that prevents sweating when moving about.

This coat also features three total layers of construction, for true all-season use, while remaining flexible enough to allow unrestricted movement.

If you are looking for a great hunting coat for this upcoming fall, be sure to check out the SITKA Jetstream Windstopper Hunting Jacket.

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