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When you hit the woods, several hunting gears come in handy and a tree stand is among those items to tag along.

Here are our top picks of ladder tree stands, with the Summit Treestand 81120 Viper SD taking the first slot due to its all-round nature.

The Best Overall

Summit Treestand 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand

  • In our opinion: The best tree stand for the money!
  • The high-quality aluminum construction that keeps you firmly secured all through.
  • Only 20 pounds but holds up to 300 pounds!
  • Perfect for Bow Hunting

Easiest to Carry

EASIEST TO CARRY Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II

  • Best for users who will be on the move for long hours since it is easy to carry due to its lightweight.
  • Fits properly on a tree with diameter up to 19’’ for endless stability.
  • Can be folded to 5’’ for stress-free maneuverability through thickets
  • Contoured foam padded seat for undoubted comfort all-day
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds without fear of falling

Best Value

BEST VALUE Guide Gear 18´Jumbo Ladder Stand

  • Ideal for hunters who hunt around the same spot as it is quite heavy, 68.5 pounds.
  • Sturdy steel construction that optimizes durability
  • Padded armrests for high-end comfort during hunting sessions
  • 2 seat pad silencers (under frame)
  • Buyers complain that the assembly takes pretty long
  • Paint quality seems an issue for some buyers

Best Two Man

BEST FOR TWO Ameristep 2-Men Ladder Tree Stand

  • Best choice for an outdoor enthusiast who wants to tag along with a friend.
  • Perfectly fitted together to curb any noise as you take the proper position without alerting your target
  • Has New Realtree Xtra Camo pattern that blends well with trees for camouflaging
  • Stable Flip-up Camo shooting rail for comfy and more accurate shots.

Best Budget Option

BEST BUDGET OPTION Rivers Edge Classic XT 1 Man Tree Ladder Stand

  • Suitable for individuals who are on a tight budget because it is fairly priced
  • Has an 18-inch wide foot platform for free foot movement while adjusting your stance
  • 14 feet tall to allow proper visibility of the target

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Tree Stand


Climbing on trees comes with risks.  That is why safety stands out as the most important aspect to consider when looking for the best ladder tree stand.

Check the history of the brand of your interest and check the reviews on their quality. It would be an added advantage if the ladder tree stand has extra features for safety such as fall-proof straps.


Comfort is crucial as it determines how long the user can stay on the stand. Get a wide enough stand like Ameristep 2-Man Ladder Stand, 15-Feet which can accommodate you well. What do costumers say?


Considering that you will be carrying the ladder stand from home to the woods and from one tree to another you need one that is easy to carry. Buy a lightweight stand such as the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand.

Place of use

Different ladder stands suit varying locations. Check the size of the trees that dominate in your area of interest. This will help in determining the appropriate ratchet strap length as well as the height of the ladder to purchase (read.. the perfect hunting tree saddle).

Weight capacity

Go for ladder tree stands that can comfortably accommodate at least 250 pounds. This comes with superior comfort and safety (read.. Lone Wolf Climbing Stick Guide).

Safety Tips

  • Pick the right tree to mount your stand. Ensure it does not portray any damages as it would be extremely risky attaching your stand to a dead or damaged tree.
  • Always inspect all the parts of the tree stand to find out if there is any wear or tear. If any, replace or repair immediately.
  • Be cautious about the weather especially when it rains as the ladder might get too slippery.
  • Ensure that the safety harness is properly done before you start hunting.
  • Use a haul where possible to ensure your hands are free to support yourself as you climb.
  • Take slow steps while climbing and coming down the ladder.


Hunting for long hours can be exhausting (looking for an awesome hunting jacket?) but with a good ladder tree stand, every minute flows by smoothly. The Summit Treestand 81120 VIPER SD takes the crown as the perfect choice for every hunter.

This stand comes in a sturdy construction, spacious and comfy seat, an acceptable price and a low weight (while still holding up to 300 pounds)

It secures you through your hunting session and taking it back home is due to the aluminum construction (20 lbs.) stress-free!

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Alexander Knobloch
Alexander Knobloch
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1 thought on “Best Ladder Tree Stand in 2021”

  1. Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Tree stand. Nice climbing stand! For the cash a couple of things could be improved. Shoulder ties are low quality and should be tended to. Additionally the top/base holding cord is low quality with a light plastic clasp. Should simply utilize ties instead of the modest plastic stirrups. They won’t keep going long. Other than those couple of things, which were effortlessly dealt with, I would give this stand an A+


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