PSE ARCHERY Oryx 68″ Longbow Review 2021

Longbow Oryx

Precision Shooting Equipment offers an awesome longbow. The Oryx 68″. Not only is PSE currently the largest privately-owned archery equipment manufacturer but is also located in the USA. Since 1970 PSE constantly pushes innovation and holds more than 20 patents for bow-design and archery products. The Oryx longbow is crafted from selected woods, available for … Read more

KESHES Archery Recurve Bow 62″ Review 2021

an holds recurve bow

Korean bowmaker Samick is known for its superb quality. The KESHES recurve bow is connected with exactly those manufacturers and build with utmost comparable quality. This bow has a takedown feature – limb replacement is an absolute no-brainer. And not only is the KESHES lightweighted but beautiful and extremely comfortable to hold. Different sourced woods … Read more

Best Vintage Recurve Bows in 2021

Vintage Recurve Bows

Recurve bows have been in use for centuries across many civilizations in defense of lands, castles, forts and the people who resided there.  Today, these types of bows feature in archery competitions and for personal use by keen archers who are interested in keeping up the tradition of using a recurve bow rather than one … Read more

Samick Sage Bow Review 2021


Korean bowmaker Samick built the Sage Takedown as a budget Recurve Bow option. Any Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow review will mention the low price. While this bow does have some shortcomings, it offers excellent value overall. It will shoot just as well as some more expensive bows, and it also looks good mounted on … Read more

The Best Recurve Bows in 2021

The Best Recurve Bows for all occasions

Traditional archery brings with it a natural appeal, offering those that participate in the sport the opportunity to connect in the most primitive of ways with the game they pursue. This instinctive draw toward traditional archery has led many on a quest to seek out the best takedown bow available, to get started in their … Read more