Can You Hunt With A 30lb Bow?

How Difficult Is Bowhunting?

Does bowhunting sound appealing to you? If so, you might consider taking it up as a hobby. Starting any new hobby can be tough, and especially bow hunting is no easy task. Being a successful bow hunter takes a lot of practice, dedication, and skill. So, how difficult is bowhunting? Is it hard to start …


How Do I Know My Draw Weight (1)

How Do I Know My Draw Weight?

Finding out your ideal draw weight is one surefire way of ensuring that you can take consistent and precise shots with your bow. A shooter’s draw weight is something that can be developed and built upon, so start small and build it up from there. Several archers tend to suffer from ‘draw weight ego’ and …


a compound bow with an arrow

Bowhunting: Should I Use A Release Aid And Why?

Those that are new to the sport of archery often become overwhelmed at the onslaught of information that presents itself when one is attempting to decipher which gear they should purchase. Questions such as, “Should I use a release aid, and if so, why?” are common among those that are new to shooting a bow. …


Do I Need A Plunger?

Do I Need A Plunger?

If you’re new to archery, then although you’ve heard of a plunger, you might not have heard of it in this form. The archer’s plunger, sometimes known as a cushion plunger, is a small piece of equipment that looks like a spark plug, but is essential for a consistent shot. All Olympic archers need a …


a crossbow held by military

How To Decock A Crossbow

As most hunters are aware, not every hunt ends in success, and many times, no shot is taken. This presents crossbow hunters with a unique situation, as safe hunting practices dictate that it is essential to unload any weapon before transport. This leaves a large number of new crossbow users every year to wonder how …


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Post-Deer Season Equipment Inspection

Over the course of the next month, archery seasons in the vast majority of states will be coming to a close. When season draws to an end, many archers store their gear away until spring, when warmer weather allows for more hospitable practice conditions.  However, few archers give their equipment so much as a second …


hunting guide

Hunting Guides

Alabama Hunting GuidesGreat Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation6000 acres of prime hunting property located in Bullock County in the famous Black Belt Region of Alabama. Family Owned and Operated with 20+ years of quality whitetail deer management. Packages include Lodging, Meals, Hunts & Guide Service. Contact Rex Pritchett or Ginger Curry at Great Southern Outdoors.Phone: 334-738-5066Email: Great Southern …


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Fishing Guides

ALABAMA FISHING GUIDESGreat Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation123 Acre Private Lake stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie. Designed for Casting, Spinning, and Fly Fishing. Family Owned and Operated. Packages include Lodging, Meals, Fishing, and Boat use. Contact Rex Pritchett or Ginger Curry at Great Southern Outdoors.Phone: 334-738-5066Email: Great Southern Outdoors ALASKA FISHING GUIDESAlaskan Adventure ChartersI am a …


a taxidermist


Alabama TaxidermistsStan Gross TaixidermyStan Gross Taxidermy is a full-service wildlife taxidermy studio specializing in full mount trophies, shoulder mount trophies, birds, waterfowl, and all species of big game.Phone: 256-259-3670Email: Stan Gross Taixidermy Twisted Tines TaxidermyAt Twisted Tines, we mount all North American & Texas exotic animals, fish, fowl & soft tan hides. We ship worldwide. Please check …


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Top Destinations For Trophy Whitetail

Though deer season has just drawn to a close, many avid whitetail hunters are already looking forward to the year ahead and the vast opportunity that it presents. Daydreaming gives way to planning as hunters from around the country begin formulating a strategy for the upcoming fall. As part of this planning, several hunters ponder …


arrows sticking in a target

How To Find Lost Arrows

It’s frustrating when you lose an arrow during practice. Maybe you’re new to the game and are still trying to get the hang of things. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro, and losing an arrow means you have to waste time looking for it and restarting your practice session. In either case, it’s helpful to …


Can You Use A Bow Release On A Recurve Bow (1)

Why Are Longer Bows More Accurate?

As you improve in the sport of archery, you start to look around at different kinds of equipment, different techniques, and different competition formats. It’s the same with any sport really: our competitive nature wants to keep improving! While you look at different kinds of bows and try each one out, you might wonder what …



What Are The 5 Rules Of Archery?

Archery is a fun and challenging sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, in order to ensure safety while participating in this activity, it is important to follow a few simple safety rules. These rules are designed to protect you from potential injuries while enjoying the sport of archery. To help …


whitetail buck standing in autum woods

Increase Healthy Antler Growth In Bucks

If you want your deer to reach their full potential in terms of antler size, then you need to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients. Deer need high levels of calcium and phosphorous to produce healthy antlers. What Nutrients Do Deer Need for Proper Antler Growth? Some supplements are designed to help increase body …


BlackOut Epic

A Guide To Choosing Your First Bow

I have only ever used compound bows for hunting. I have owned several compound bows over the years. Although compound bows feature amazing technology, certain principles always apply to hunting. An accurate compound bow needs to be quiet, reliable, and accurate. High-end compound bows are marketed with speed, vibration after the shot, grips, cams, and camouflage as …


Darren in the Woods

Bowhunting on the Ground – Still Hunting

I started bowhunting from the ground. It was the only way I knew how to hunt deer. Still hunting with a compound bow, as it turns out, is not quite that simple. Sitting against the base of a tree may work just fine when using a shotgun, but it does not work quite as well …


putting wax on a bowstring

What Is The Best Color For A Bowstring?

Bowstrings come in various configurations. Each bowstring material you come across offers a combination of strength, weight, and resistance to water and abrasion. However, while these characteristics depend on the quality of the material, there is one aspect of a bowstring that you can freely choose: the color. Bowstring colors are the topic of debate …


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Booking a Hunting Trip

There are many reasons why people love hunting. Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the natural surroundings. Hunting is something that all ages can enjoy. For the ones that do not own our hunting land or live in big cities where public hunting land is scarce, booking a hunting trip is …


Does Bow Height Matter (2)

Does Bow Height Matter?

When it comes to archery, there are a lot of factors that can affect your accuracy. One of those factors is the height of your bow. Some people believe that a taller bow will be more accurate than a shorter bow. The reason for that is that the “longer” bow will reduce the effect of any …


What Does Tiller Mean In Archery?

What Does Tiller Mean In Archery?

When you undertake any new sport or hobby, there will be loads of technical terms that you will need to come to terms with. Archery is no different. You will come across lots of terms, lingo, and jargon that may initially confuse you. However, over time, you will become more versed in the terminology of …


Did Vikings Use Recurve Bows (1)

Did Vikings Use Recurve Bows?

The Vikings are renowned as some of the most fierce and formidable historical warriors. These Scandinavian people are known for pirating and pillaging across the world. To do this, the Vikings required considerable strength and battle prowess. They would need to use incredible weapons and tactics. What kinds of weapons did the Vikings use? Did …


hunters pulling a dead deer

Recruiting New Hunters: The Best Way To Preserve Our Hunting Heritage

As spring turns to summer, many hunters find themselves in the midst of a lull of sorts. Turkey season has now concluded, yet deer season is still months away. While the avid bowhunter can certainly pass the time by shooting their bow or preparing stands for the fall ahead, some still find themselves attempting to …


Why Do Bows Bend?

Why Do Bows Bend?

Regardless of what type of bow you use, most bows bend. This gives them a rather distinctive appearance. Yet, have you ever wondered why bows bend? What is the function of these bends?  Bends are normally part of a bow’s design. In this case, the bend will help the user. However, if your bow is …


longbow and arrow

Archery Speed Shooting Techniques

Archery is an ancient skill that has been around for centuries. It requires patience, practice, and skill. One of the most exciting aspects of archery is speed shooting. Medieval archers were able to shoot arrows at an astonishing rate. The archery speed shooting techniques, as well as the archery equipment, have dramatically changed since those …


picture of the blackout epic compound bow

Interesting Facts About Right Handed Compound Bows

People are often confused about the ins and outs of using a right-handed compound bow. How does it differ from a left-handed bow? Is it possible to be a left-handed person and still use a right-handed bow? What if you’re ambidextrous? Are there any benefits to using a right-handed version over a left-handed version? The …


snowy trees in the woods snow on the ground winter day

5 Post-Deer Season Activities For The Avid Bowhunter

Deer season has now concluded in many states across the nation. Those seasons that remain open will be coming to a close over the next several weeks. This can prove to be a bittersweet time for the avid bowhunter, as another season has come and gone, yet the season ahead seems all too far away. …


deer feeder

Will Deer Eat Dry Molasses?

For decades, hunters have sought to attract whitetail deer by various means, to increase their chance at success. Along these lines, a great number of hunters choose to employ the use of food-based attractants during any given year, where legal. While a hunter’s success is far from guaranteed, deer are typically drawn to the sweet …



5 Post-Season Chores Not To Overlook

Deer seasons across the nation have now begun drawing to a close, leaving many hunters longing to extend their time afield. Luckily, this is quite easily accomplished, for most avid deer hunters. These individuals realize that a successful deer season begins the moment that the previous season draws to a close. For the successful among …


What Is The Fastest Arrow Ever Shot (1)

What Is The Fastest Arrow Ever Shot?

Arrows can be fired at shockingly high speeds. This is especially true when more modern and technologically innovative bows are used. For instance, compound bows, which are known for their sophisticated pulley systems, can shoot incredibly fast arrows. But what is the fastest bow ever shot? Continue reading, as you might be surprised by the …


The Length Of Your Bow

How Short Can A Bow Be?

If you’ve done some archery before, there’s a good chance you will have come across the terms ‘longbow’ and ‘short bow’ before. These are, of course, different kinds of bows that are better suited to different styles and situations within archery, like hunting or target practice. The names are also pretty self-explanatory. A longbow tends …