Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit Review 2021

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If you’re serious about archery, then you will probably, at some point, get tired of ready-fletched arrows. You will want to attach feathers or vanes yourself to improve arrow flight.

You perform this job with a fletching jig, which stabilizes the arrow and helps you place the vanes in precisely and glue them in the right spot for peak performance. That´s where the Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit comes into place.

Bohning Complete Tower Jig

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit, Black
  • Complete Tower Jig Kit
  • Seven Center Posts
  • Three rings: small, large & extra large
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A fletching jig is simply a device, but you want one that offers the most flexibility and the opportunity to customize different arrows. The Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit provides such flexibility.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains all the components needed, giving you a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • The tower ensures accurate vane placement.        
  • The jig takes virtually any shaft diameter.
  • The kit includes a clamp release plate and spacer plates.
  • The price tag is affordable, considering what you get.


  • Some users complain that the offset settings are limited in some cases.
  • The jig has accuracy issues when dealing with exceptionally long vanes.
  • There may be placement inconsistencies with longer vanes due to the plastic build.
Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit, Black

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit

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First Impression

For me, this jig’s biggest strength is its flexibility.

It has a good price, carries a made-in-the-US label, and allows me to quickly and accurately fletch arrows.

If you are using multiple fletching arms, this product provides exceptional value because you only need one jig for all types of sizes or arrows and all fletching styles.

The one thing I didn’t like very much was the plastic build. It’s not ideal when trying to use four-inch or greater fletchings. It produces a bit of inconsistency, which goes against Bohning’s reputation for accuracy.

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit, Black

What Does the Kit Include?

This single base is compatible and comes with seven different pairs of arms, including:

  • Straight arms
  • 1-degree offset
  • 3-degree helical
  • 1-degree right offset
  • 2-degree right-wing
  • 2-degree left-wing

The kit includes seven center posts to go with the arms.

  • H.E. Nock
  • swedged
  • crossbow
  • A nock
  • F nock
  • Pin nock
  • Standard

You also get small, large, and extra-large rings, and the kit comes with a clamp release and spacer plates.

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A Great Option for Most Archers

For most people building arrows, this tower jig is perfect, and they won’t experience any noticeable inconsistency. If you regularly work with four-inch vanes, you may want a jig that can better handle the sizes.

However, the flexibility of the Complete Tower Jig Kit makes it the best value for most users.

Novices who are just getting into archery and the art of attaching vanes may think that they should start with one of Bohning’s specialized jigs.

While that is an option that may save money initially, the Complete Tower Jig Kit gives you room to grow, and you will still be able to use it as your archery skills progress, and you begin to use different types of arrows.

If you know that you have a passion for archery, this jig will serve you well as your skills improve.

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit, Black

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit

Are There Any Drawbacks?

I feel that the inconsistency is mostly due to the initial contact with the vane. When I tilt the vane arms manually against my arrow’s shaft, the glued vane sometimes touches the arrow and adheres before it gets adequately centered.

The flip side of this is that it is highly unlikely that I will often be trying to fletch four-inch vanes. With shorter, standard vanes, this fletching tower works like a charm.

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What To Look for in a Fletching Jig

Like all fletching jigs, the Bohning Complete Tower Jig holds the shaft of the arrow still and guides you as you attach vanes. If you have a family, shoot different types of bows, or are part of an archery club, a tower jig kit that can work with multiple arrows is a must (read.. best fletching glue).

There are three main types of fletching: straight, offset, and left or right helical.

  • Straight fletching is the simplest option, in which the vanes align with the shaft of the arrow. You use this option when you want your arrow to have minimum spin during flight. This option is typically for target arrows.
  • Offset fletching involves applying the vanes at an angle that points either left or right. This design imparts spin during flight. A good jig should be adjustable so that you can choose just about any offset angle you want.
  • Helical fletching involves applying the vanes in a kind of ‘twist’ with the angle increasing as it moves away from the center. The end-result is vanes that look much like the fan blade on an airplane. Left helical fletching will impart a clockwise spin while right helical fletching will give a counter-clockwise spin.

While many fletching jigs allow users to make one type of vane pattern, the Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit brings all of Bohning’s other jigs into one, so that you can make any pattern that you want. 


Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit, Black check price

For most users, the Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit is a solid fletching jig that provides excellent value. It has a great design, is super accurate on standard vanes, and helps you get the job done quickly.

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