Diamond Edge 320 vs Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro – Hands-On Review

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At first glance, one is quick to notice the Diamond Edge 320’s superiority in regards to speed and effective let-off. However, many can also argue that the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro offers greater value due to its more compact design and a broader range of adjustability.

But what else beyond the glaringly obvious should consumers be aware of? 

Tech Talk

Diamond Edge 320

Diamond Archery began its journey toward mainstream notoriety in the mid-1990s and has since been acquired by industry giant, Bowtech, under which Diamond continues to operate today.

The Edge 320, much like the Infinite Edge Pro, is one of Diamond Archery’s flagship models, which has directly descended from the company’s immensely popular Edge platform.

True to its heritage within the ultra-adjustable Edge series line-up, the Diamond Edge 320 features an effective draw weight range of 7-70 pounds, and a variable draw length of 15”-31”.

This range of adjustability offers immense value to archers of all ages, sizes, and experience levels.

One feature that sets the Edge 320 apart from other models within the Diamond lineup is its blazing fast IBO speed.

With the Edge 320 speeds of up to 320 FPS are possible. That is pretty impressive and more than enough.

Diamond Archery Edge 320 RH 7-70# Breakup Country w/Pkg (A13801)

Diamond Edge 320 R.A.K. Package


  • Draw Length – 15”-31”
  • Draw Weight – 7-70 LBS
  • Speed – 320 FPS
  • Brace Height – 7 1/4”
  • Axle-to-Axle – 32”
  • Weight – 3.6 LBS
  • Effective Let-Off – 85% 


  • Blazing Fast 320 FPS I.B.O. Speed
  • Highly Versatile Draw Weight/Length Ranges
  • Impressive Physical Characteristics
  • Smooth Draw Cycle and Solid Back Wall


  • Basic 3-Pin Sight Is Minimal In Features
  • Quiver Mount and Cam-Lock Design Can Be Cumbersome

Review of the Diamond Archery Edge 320

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

check latest price

Diamond’s Infinite Edge Pro is very closely related to the company’s original Edge model, which was so highly regarded by consumers that it helped propel Diamond to international success.

The Infinite Edge Pro serves as an upgraded version of the original Edge models, yet features across the board performance upgrades that consumers will likely appreciate.

Much of the Infinite Edge Pro’s appeal lies in its significant range of adjustability. With a 13”-31” range of draw length adjustability, and draw weight range of 5-70 pounds, the number of archers that the Infinite Edge will not fit is few and far between.

Another key feature of the Infinite Edge Pro is its relatively compact design. Weighing in at only 3.2 pounds and measuring a mere 31” from axle-to-axle (read.. perfect compound bows for women).

This bow is perfect for hunting from confined quarters such as ground blinds or in a minimally sized treestand.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Left Hand

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro


  • Draw Length: 13”-31″
  • Draw Weight: 5-70 lbs.
  • Speed: 310 FPS
  • Brace Height: 7″
  • Axle-to-Axle: 31″
  • Weight: 3.2 LBS
  • Effective Let-Off: 80%


  • Second to none level of adjustability
  • Lightweight and compact enough to be used in any hunting scenario
  • Designed to include a generous brace height for ample forgiveness
  • Features an ultra-smooth draw, far beyond that of most bows at a similar price point


  • Not overly quick by today’s standards
  • Bulky grip has the potential to be cumbersome for some shooters

Here you´ll find our in-depth hands-on review of the Infinite Edge Pro

Head to Head Comparison

To provide a fair comparison between the Diamond Edge 320 and Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, we must first compare the most prominent features of each bow in relation to one another. Here is how they stack up.

Here is how they stack up.

IBO Speed

When comparing speed ratings between the Diamond Edge 320 and Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, the Edge 320 has a distinct advantage.

While the Infinite Edge Pro features an IBO speed of 310 FPS, the Edge 320 manages to muster an even more impressive speed of 320 FPS.

IBO Speed Comparison

Edge 320 Infinite Edge Pro
320 FPS310 FPS

Although the difference in IBO speed is not immense by any means, it is substantial enough to choose a clear winner.

Effective Let-Off

Another key point of comparison relates to effective let-off.

The Edge 320 effective let-off of 85% is superb by industry standards. The Infinite Edge Pro employs the use of an 80% let-off factor.

Effective Let-Off

Edge 320 Infinite Edge Pro
85 %80 %

The Edge 320 reigns in this category. A 5% difference in let-off is not significant but still slightly better …


In the realm of adjustability, the Infinite Edge Pro features a slightly enhanced degree of versatility over that of the Edge 320.

The Infinite Edge Pro’s draw weight can be adjusted from 5-70 pounds, which differs by 2 pounds from the Edge 320’s 7-70 pound range of adjustment.

Likewise, the Infinite Edge Pro’s draw length adjusts from 13”-31”, versus the Edge 320’s 15”-31” range of adjustability.

Edge 320 Infinite Edge Pro
Draw Weight7 – 70 lbs. 5 – 70 lbs.
Draw Length15″ – 31″13″ – 31″

In an even comparison, the Infinite Edge Pro features a greater range of adjustability.


When it comes to the overall dimensions of the Edge 320 vs that of the Infinite Edge Pro, the Infinite Edge Pro has a slight advantage.

Edge 320 Infinite Edge Pro
Weight 3.6 lbs.3.2 lbs.

While the Edge 320 features an axle-to-axle measurement of 32” and a carrying weight of 3.6 pounds, the Infinite Edge Pro measures 31” axle-to-axle and weighs only 3.2 pounds. 

The Infinite Edge Pro is lighter and more compact

Additional Features

Infinite Edge Pro

  • Features Diamond’s ultra-smooth draw system at an excellent price point.

Edge 320

  • EZ-Adjust label: The Edge 320 comes equipped with an EZ-Adjust label at each limb pocket. This assists archers in keeping track of limb poundage values.

A Winning Choice

The Diamond Edge 320

is for you if:

  • You are looking for a fast bow for the money
  • You shoot frequently and prefer a high let-off factor
  • You are looking for the smoothest draw cycle and firm back wall

The Infinite Edge Pro

is for you if:

  • You wish to gain the highest degree of adjustability possible
  • You are looking for a compact and perfect bow for women
  • You are looking for a bow that grows with you from childhood to adulthood
  • If you are looking for an awesome compound bow for your kid

Please feel free to leave any comments that you might have. We appreciate receiving feedback from our readers.

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