Ground Blind Basics

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Ground blinds are becoming increasingly popular among hunters. They are easy to pack into the woods and set up quickly and quietly. The best feature of any ground blind is that it provides total concealment for the hunter, allowing you to hide in non-traditional hunting areas like hayfields without being spotted by game.

Ground blinds are a great way to conceal yourself from the sharp eyes of turkeys, and they can also be used for deer hunting. By building a hunting blind from natural materials in the vicinity of deer travel routes, you can increase your chances of success while deer hunting. A ground blind that can be set up quickly and quietly is the key to success, as you’ll be able to move locations just as quickly.

Ground blinds are an essential part of bowhunting, and today there are many great options available on the market. When shopping for a ground blind, be sure to look for features like generous ceiling and window height, windows around the entire perimeter, soft material and design, and a good camouflage pattern. I’ll go over each of these items in more detail below.

Ceiling and window height

Many bowhunters feel cramped when they first use a hunting blind. When the moment of truth arrives, and they have to draw their bow, it becomes evident that the heavy draw weight they liked on the practice range makes it nearly impossible to remove the bow straight back in the blind.

A generous ceiling height is essential for archers, as it allows them to draw their bows to full extension. If the ceiling is too low, the bow will hit it and create noise – spooking deer. The height of the windows is also critical; you will likely need a chair to sit and see out of them.

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They are frequently positioned too high up on the hunting blind. They aren’t always too high, and some even include a zipper that allows you to zip down the window if necessary. If these choices aren’t accessible, practice shooting your bow from a chair.


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If you’re using a ground blind with zip-down windows, make sure they’re adjustable and positioned around the entire hunting blind. You’ll want to see in all directions while hunting, so it’s essential to have these windows set up correctly.

This means that you should look for a blind with shoot-through windows or adjustable zip-down windows that you can position around the entire blind. Make sure that you can shoot through the center of the window at full draw without moving your body up or down. This will result in bad form and a botched shot.

Ground blinds are a great way to hunt deer, as they provide concealment and can assist in keeping the deer calm. However, it is important to understand how to use them effectively. Remember that you should always leave yourself a backdrop inside the blind, or deer will pick up your movement very quickly.

Unzip windows almost entirely for the direction you think a shot will come, but leave the ones on the sides and in the rear almost wholly closed to provide shading and a backdrop to your form moving inside.

Quiet Material and Design

Ground blinds are made from various materials today, the most common being nylon. This material is relatively quiet and doesn’t snag gear as quickly as older materials like canvas. You can usually do an excellent job of keeping your gear from dragging across the fabric and making noise, so it’s not a huge issue.

If you use a ground blind, be sure there’s a soft covering on the floor or that you can cut out with scissors.

The zippers and velcro closures on hunting blinds might be loud. I prefer velcro fasteners since you may remove the Velcro and use shoelaces, magnets, or safety pins to hold objects in place.

Ground blinds are a necessary tool for bowhunters. The primary issue is that most ground blinds are extremely noisy, spook game. However, there are some methods to reduce the noise. One option is to utilize magnetic closures, which are becoming more popular. You can also make minor adjustments to the blind to help it.


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With all of the different patterns available on the market today, it’s no excuse for a hunting blind that doesn’t match its surroundings. It’s critical to your success as hunting blinds are often used in transition areas or with not enough cover to hide otherwise.

Ground blinds are essential for bowhunters. Good camouflage is mandatory to stay undetected. I will “brush in” my blind, adding to the camouflage of the fabric. This will help me get more opportunities.

If you’re not careful, deer can see your blind from a distance and spook. The best way to avoid this is by disguising your blind with brushes and branches. Another tip is to leave your blind in the woods for a few days before hunting in that area. This will help the deer get used to it, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a shot.


Ground blinds are a vital tool for bowhunters. They provide concealment and allow hunters to get close to their prey. However, ground blinds can be noisy, which can spook game. There are ways to reduce the noise, such as using magnetic closures. It’s also important to disguise your blind with brushes and branches and possibly leave it in the woods for a few days before hunting in that area.

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