How Do Archers Make Money?

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Archers compete in tournaments all over the world to win money. They also shoot for sponsors, who often pay them a fee to wear their logo. Some archers also have endorsement deals with companies that make archery equipment or other products.

So, you want to be a professional archer? It’s not an easy life. You’ll have to train hard, travel often, and compete against the best in the world.

The Archery World Cup is notorious for its pretty good prize pool. In 2022 archery competition prize money was up as high as $350,000 over the circuit’s four stages!

That´s a n increase of nearly 220% since 2019 …

How Hard is it to be a Professional Archer?

Hard! It is not easy to become a professional archer! It takes a lot of dedication and talent to become an archery professional. Most importantly, you should practice regularly to develop your skill and invest in a good coach.

How Long Does it Take to be a Pro Archer? 

If you want to become a professional archer, it takes you years of practice. You need to hone your skills to compete at the highest level. And I would also say that your talents play a big role. If you are serious about becoming a professional archer, you’ll have to dedicate significant time and money to your training. 

What Age Do You Need to be a Pro Archer?

It really doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you have the dedication and skills to achieve your goals.

Can You Make Money as an Archer?

Yes! There are several ways to make money from archery, such as competing in competitions, selling merchandise, and teaching others archery. The amount of money you can make will depend on your skill level and your success in competitions. 

So, if you’re dedicated to becoming a professional archer, it is possible to make some money from the sport. However, it is important to keep in mind that most professional archers do not earn a living solely from archery.

How do you get Sponsored by a Brand?

The best way to get sponsored is to win contests and get some eyeballs on you. The more people see you, the more likely a company will want to sponsor you. You can also try reaching out to companies directly and asking if they are interested in sponsoring you.

How Can I Make a Career in Archery?

Become the best! Literally, your chances of making a professional career in archery if you’re not one of the best archers in the world are close to zero. So, the only way to make a career in archery is to become one of the best in the world. If you can achieve that, there are many ways to make money from the sport, such as competing in competitions, selling merchandise, sponsorships, and teaching others archery.

How do Olympic Archers Make Money?

Olympians receive their only direct income from sponsorships with companies. How much that could depend on their ranking, achievements, and the country they are from.

U.S. medal winners at Olympic & Paralympic Games are financially rewarded. According to, the payments are as follows:

  • Olympic Games: $37,500 (gold), $22,500 (silver), $15,000 (bronze)
  • Paralympic Games: $37,500 (gold), $22,500 (silver), $15,000 (bronze)

Additionally, there are several grants and medical benefits available that athletes could be eligible for. 

Medal bonuses and grants are an excellent way to help athletes financially for a significant accomplishment, but many won’t get a steady income except through corporate sponsorship.

Other countries are way more generous with medal bonuses. Singapore, for example, pays out the biggest bonuses. A gold medal is worth $ 744,000. 

How Much Money do Archers Get?

Several factors determine how much money an archer can make. In the first instance, check if the archer is competing in a tournament. Check also how competitive he is. Finally, check where the archer is from. For example, recurve archers in the U.S. are typically paid less than their South Korean counterparts. Lastly (and most importantly), does the athlete have a sponsorship agreement?  

There have been cases where prize money, sponsorship deals, and TV and advertising appearances generated earnings of over one million dollars. Most people in the archery industry make a lot less than that, and many of the people at the top earn money from different sources.

If an archer competes in tournaments, they can earn money. The prize money for tournaments can vary greatly, but there are some huge tournaments with substantial cash prizes.

For example, with roughly $320,872 spread over its four stages, the Hyundai Archery World Cup 2022 will feature the biggest prize pool of its 16-year history. Each circuit champion gets $28,000.

Apart from tournament prize money, many archers also earn money from sponsorships. This is particularly true for the very best athletes who can command high sponsorship fees.

However, even lower-level archers can sometimes find sponsors willing to reimburse them for their tournament expenses or provide them with equipment.

How Much do Archery Athletes Make?

Professionals in the World Archery Rankings can compete in World Cups and other events to win prize money. How much you can make depends on your tournament performance and if you have a sponsorship deal. So, how much does a professional archer make? It depends!#


Archery is a sport with many ways to make money. The best way to make a career in archery is to win contests and ask brands to support your work. How much an Olympian makes from sponsorships can depend on their ranking, achievements, and the country they are from. Recurve archers in the U.S. are typically paid less than their South Korean counterparts.

Even lower-level archers can sometimes find sponsors willing to reimburse them for their tournament expenses or provide them with equipment. Ultimately, it depends on the individual athlete’s situation.

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