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The Best Arrow Rests for Hunting in 2021

An arrow rest is not always something even the best hunters put much thought into. That’s a shame because, without one, arrows won’t release well or fly as true. With an inferior one, the results won’t be much better either. Not all rests are equal. It depends on what type of hunting you’re planning on …


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Best Thumb Release for Hunting

One of the most challenging aspects of hunting with a bow is achieving precision accuracy. While consistent practice helps, bow hunting has an additional challenge of extreme finger-fatigue due to pulling, holding, and releasing the drawstring. Of course, not all thumb releases are created equal. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite thumb releases. …


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Muzzy Trocar HB Review

Muzzy’s Trocar HB is a hybrid, four-bladed broadhead that offers an outstanding balance of precision and power for bone-shattering effect when it hits a target. In this Muzzy Trocar HB review, we’ll look at the positives and negatives, give our first impressions, talk about the design and weight considerations, and sum things up to help …


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Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring

If you are looking for a replacement for your old recurve bow string – no need to look further! We did the research for you… PROS: CONS: This high quality braided string won´t fit all bows – The Fast Flight Standard is absolutly high performance – just make sure your bow is compatible!  Suitable for bows up …


My Chest Guard

Best Archery Chest Guards Hands-ON Review

In the world of archery, it is common for an individual to choose to wear a chest guard. Chest guards are worn for numerous reasons, but the most common is to minimize bowstring contact with clothing during the draw and release cycle, as well as to negate the effects of bowstring impact upon a shooter’s …