Bow Hunting Gear to Keep You in the Hunt

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Bows, treestands, broadheads, and camouflage have all become increasingly popular in bowhunting equipment. Bowhunters of all ages have benefited from advances in bowhunting technology.

There are many choices for bowhunting equipment, but if you keep the basics in mind, you can save yourself some frustration.

Your best archery gear will be quiet, make it easier to get within bow range and allow you to kill deer quickly and humanely.

In today’s market, most bowhunting equipment meets these demands, but you will find that camouflage with no scent-blocking technology will hide you just as well as one with it.

The only difference is that you’ll have to hunt the wind a bit more carefully in standard camo.

It might be worth saving a couple hundred dollars to invest in a climbing tree stand rather than a fixed-position stand – you’ll have more opportunities. 

Consult an Expert

Bowhunters select their bowhunting equipment carefully for woodsmanship and success or failure in the field.

Whether you intend to add it to your arsenal of gear or not, consider what your friends and fellow hunters think about various bowhunting equipment. A fellow hunter’s opinion of what bowhunting gear is valuable and why it is always beneficial. 

Know what you Need

As you review your hunting strategy, you’ll quickly identify which bowhunting equipment you’ll need and what items will be “extras.”

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Suppose I hunt in mature hardwoods in the winter, and the terrain is primarily open. In that case, my clothing and camouflage will have to be able to hide in thin cover, the treestand I choose needs to be comfortable and easy to move, and my clothes should be insulated and able to keep moisture out. Despite its simplicity, you get the idea.

Do not buy a deer call if you rarely call. Consider adding a wool camouflage suit to your bowhunting gear if you’re always hunting from the ground.

Buy Out of Season

The major retailer sites, including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, GanderMountain, etc., offer online-only sales throughout the year.

Late-season offers can be outstanding, although sizes may be limited. To get the best price and selection, look for your gear well before you need it.

In preparing for the upcoming bowhunting season, you may want to consider these areas. Although trade-offs are part of the game for most bowhunters, you can still get what you need if you keep the basics in mind.

Over the past 18 years, I have personally tested various bowhunting equipment.


When choosing the best bowhunting equipment, it’s important to keep the basics in mind. This includes selecting quiet gear, making it easier to get within bow range, and killing deer quickly and humanely.

Camouflage with no scent-blocking technology will hide you just as well as one with it, so long as you hunt the wind carefully.

Before making any purchases, be sure to consult with fellow hunters and experts to get their opinions. You can often find great deals on gear online, but be sure to buy gear out of season to get the best price and selection.

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