Is A Recurve Bow Good For Hunting?

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Recurve bows are considered one of the most multi-skilled varieties of bows. Because of this, they are widely used by archers. Recurve bows can be utilized in a few different forms of archery, such as target and field.

But can a recurve bow be used for hunting? Bowhunting is a sport that requires different skills from traditional hunting.

After all, instead of hitting targets, the arrows have to penetrate living creatures. Continue reading to discover whether traditional recurve bows are suitable for bowhunting.

Recurve Bows: What Are They?

Recurve bows have been used for centuries, having been utilized by ancient civilizations. This includes the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Greeks. They were even mentioned in the Bible!

The main identifying factor of a recurve bow is its shape. The limbs of this bow are curved, hence the name. Specifically, the limbs curve away from the user.

This is what sets the recurve bow apart from other bows, which often have straighter limbs. Because of this design, recurve bows tend to be short. This makes them preferable in scenarios where a tall bow would be inconvenient, such as when riding a horse.

Is A Recurve Bow Good For Hunting?

Yes, recurve bows can be used for hunting. In fact, they are popular types of bow for this sport. Recurve bows have a long history of being used in hunting. Hunting with a recurve bow is considered more demanding than hunting with a compound bow.

What Other Bows Can Be Used For Hunting?

If you are still not sold on the idea of using a recurve bow for bowhunting, there are some other options. Namely, these are compound bows and crossbows.

Each type of bow has its strengths and weaknesses, so you should seriously consider them before investing in a bow.

Compound Bow

Compared to recurve bows and longbows, compound bows do not have a very long history. Instead, these bows have a more complex design, using a pulley system.

Because of this, compound bows feel more rigid than other varieties. However, this also means that less energy is required on behalf of the archer. The let-off will allow archers to hold the bow at full draw without needing to use as much strength as you would normally.

This makes compound bows a good option for newcomers to bowhunting. Additionally, it is easier to be accurate with a compound bow than with other types of bows.

Compound bows are one of the most adjustable bows thanks to their mechanical designs.

This improves the aiming and accuracy of the compound bow, resulting in them being desirable for hunters.


Crossbows have very different designs from the aforementioned bows in that the bow is held horizontally instead of vertically.

This design means that instead of having to draw a bow and hold the weight, an archer can merely lock it with a crossbow. This puts less physical pressure on the hunter.

What Should You Look For In A Hunting Bow?

The Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow

As previously stated, bowhunting demands a different set of skills than traditional archery. This is not only true of the archer but also of the bow used.

Essentially, a hunting bow will need to feature slightly different qualities to a bow used for standard archery. Here are some of the main considerations when selecting a hunting bow:


Often bow hunters hunt from confined spaces such as ground blinds or tree stands. consequently, the bow will need to be easy to maneuver in these tight spots. A smaller bow is often preferable as it will be easier to handle. Recurve bows tend to be longer than compound bows.


A loud bow will warn prey of your location. This can be problematic, as it gives the animal the opportunity to escape. Thus, you should attempt to find a hunting bow that produces as little noise as possible. Bow silencers or string dampeners are one way to make your bow more silent. Basically, you´ll want to reduce any vibration or noise as much as possible (without sacrificing peed).


Many states require a minimum draw weight for taking game animals with a bow. Make sure to read your local hunting regulations. In order to be effective, your hunting bow will need to generate enough kinetic energy to take down an animal. A good rule of thumb is that your bow should generate at least 40 ft-lbs of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can Recurve Bows Be Fired?

The maximum distance that you can fire an arrow with a recurve bow will depend on the bow itself. After all, different recurve bows will have different levels of power depending on their design.

On average, most recurve bows can fire an arrow at least 100 yards. However, some recurve bows are capable of sending an arrow over 200 yards!

Is A Crossbow Better For Hunting Than A Recurve Bow?

This totally depends on your hunting style. Both will get the job done. Hunting with a recurve bow is more demanding than with a crossbow.


If you’re looking for a bow that is easy to maneuver and relatively quiet, a recurve bow may be the best option for you. However, remember that there are different types of recurve bows available on the market, so make sure to do your research before purchasing one.

Whatever you decide, make sure to practice with your new bow before taking it out into the field. Happy hunting!

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