Mounting Your Arrow Quiver

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Arrow quivers are an essential accessory for us bow hunters, allowing you to easily store and access your arrows while on the hunt.

That´s why correctly mounting an arrow quiver is crucial to ensure it remains secure and stable and does not interfere with your aim or accuracy.

There are various types of quivers, including detachable and permanent ones, and several mounting options are available, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

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In this article, I will provide tips and considerations for mounting your arrow quiver correctly, regardless of the type or model you choose.

We will explore the various mounting options available, including side mount, back mount, and bow mount, and discuss the factors you should consider when choosing the right mounting option for your needs.

Let´s get started

Types of Quivers

When mounting an arrow quiver, ensure you know the types of quivers available for your bow!

You can choose from two standard options: Detachable and permanent quivers.

They differ in terms of mounting methods and features.

  • Detachable quivers are designed to mount over the bow sight and can be easily removed from the bow when not used. They have a single point of contact with the bow, which may result in excess noise if left on while hunting.
  • Permanent quivers are mounted at the top and bottom of the bow riser and are designed to stay on the bow at all times. They may come in one- or two-piece designs specific to certain bow models, so they may not have universal mounting brackets.

While it´s true that permanent quivers offer a more secure and stable attachment to the bow, you need to check if they fit before your purchase carefully

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Mounting Options

The 1-piece detachable quiver is designed to mount over the bow sight and has a single point of contact with the bow.

This quiver is easy to attach and detach, making it ideal for those who frequently remove their quiver during hunting or practice sessions.

Be aware that leaving the quiver on the bow may produce more noise due to the additional point of contact.

The 2-piece permanent quiver is mounted at both the top and bottom of the bow riser, providing a more secure attachment.

This type of quiver is specific to certain bow models and may not have universal mounting brackets. Again, make sure that the quiver is compatible with your bow! 

Tighten your quiver mount(s) to avoid excessive vibration. Otherwise, it will negatively impact your accuracy.

This is particularly important for 1-piece detachable quivers. 

Before you go…

As a bow hunter, it is essential for you to properly mount your arrow quiver to ensure its stability and security.

Selecting the right type of quiver and considering the various mounting options will enhance your hunting experience and accuracy.

Whether you choose a detachable or permanent quiver, each option has advantages and considerations.

Detachable quivers offer convenience and ease of removal but will generate additional noise if left on the bow.

Permanent quivers provide a more secure attachment but require careful compatibility checking with your bow model.

Remember to tighten the mounts properly to minimize vibration when mounting your quiver, whether it’s a one-piece detachable or a two-piece permanent design.

Excessive vibration will negatively impact your shooting accuracy.

Happy hunting!

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