October Mountain Products Mountain Man Shooting Glove Review

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October Mountain Man Shooting Glove

October Mountain Products Traditional Shooters Glove Large
  • Reinforced Tips
  • Adjustable
  • Three-Finger Design
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Today we will be reviewing the October Mountain Products Mountain Man Shooting Glove. In this review, we utilize extensive research and thorough product analysis, to provide insight into what can be expected from this particular archery glove.


  • Durable cowhide construction
  • Reinforced tips for added protection
  • Hybrid design covers fingers, yet leaves hand unrestricted
  • Sizing is accurate in most cases


  • Some consumers claim that this glove is inadequate in thickness
  • A few consumers reported that the center strap could be uncomfortable

This glove features a hybrid design, that offers some of the best features of both full-handed and finger-tip only gloves while eliminating many of the negative aspects of both. 

The Gloves utilizes an open, breathable design while retaining the full finger coverage of many all-encompassing gloves.

October Mountain Products Traditional Shooters Glove Large

October Mountain Shooting Glove

They also utilize cowhide in its construction, which is inherently durable. This equates to a glove that should provide years of service, free of any structural shortfalls.

This glove is also notable for the fact that, unlike many similar market offerings, its sizing tends to be spot on. This allows consumers to purchase with confidence, knowing that their glove will fit as it should upon its arrival.

If the October Mountain Gloves were to have a downside, it would be that some individuals have expressed concerns that the product’s fingers are not thick enough.

This might be a worthy consideration if your draw weight is quite considerable. Do you want to read more about archery gloves?

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