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If you want to enhance your hunting experience further then you should equip yourself with the right devices. A good old fashioned watch or smartphone can help you navigate and tell time but these devices won’t be able to withstand the rugged terrains that you’ll find during your hunting trip.

SUUNTO Traverse Alpha Hunting Watch

Suunto Traverse Alpha - Foliage
  • Water-Resistant
  • Hand-Made
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To make the selection process easier, we have reviewed the Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting Watch for you. This highly durable hunting and fishing watch combines sturdiness with a full set of outdoor features.


One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a hunting watch is whether it is able to withstand the rough hunting conditions. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is a heavy-duty watch that features high quality, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and rugged, knurled stainless steel bezel, which keeps it scratch-free.

It comes with an option of two different wristband fabrics, nylon, and silicone. The nylon textile strap is sturdy and comes in different colors.

The only drawback is that it becomes sticky if it is worn for a very long duration. You can opt for a silicone strap instead but it’s not as resilient as the nylon strap.

Suunto Traverse - Tested tough
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Battery Life

The watch is powered by a single lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable via USB. If used just as a regular watch, the battery can last up to 14 days. However, if you use the advanced functions of the watch such as the GPS and GLONASS, and let it run for 12 hours straight, the battery will be drained.

If you plan on going for a long hunt and are going to use the tracking feature regularly, then it is advisable to take a portable charger on board with you.

The GPS tracking feature of the watch has three modes: Best, OK, and Good. If you set your watch to ‘best’, then it would track your GPS location repeatedly after every second.

The second mode records after every 10 seconds and the third mode records after every one minute. The more your watch utilizes the GPS tracking feature, the more battery it consumes.

Even if the battery is fully exhausted, you would still be able to see the date and time on the watch but not be able to use any advanced features.

Hunting/Fishing Specific POI’s (Points of Interest)

Every hunter likes to mark their territory when going hunting so that they can easily navigate themselves back to their desired location. With the Suunto Traverse Alpha, you can save your points of interest with a different label.

You can later upload the coordinates onto Google Earth. This allows you to refer back to the location later on.  

Easily Transfer Data To & From Google Earth

Outdoor enthusiasts make use of Google Earth to scout for locations with sources of water, lodging areas, meadows, etc. These coordinates can be saved as points of interest and transferred from your watch to your Google Earth and vice versa.

You can view these coordinates later in real-time to get a better idea of your location. This improves your outdoor experience and saves you hours of scouting.

Accurate GPS

The built-in GPS/GLONASS system tracks your path with absolute accuracy, helping you find your way back using the automatic breadcrumb trail.

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Sunrise and sunset time alerts to assist you in planning your day ahead.  The Traverse Alpha keeps a track of location-based moon phase calendar with moonrise and moonset times which helps determine the best time for hunting and fishing.  

It automatically changes the time when you move into a different time zone, assisting you in planning your hunting trips!

Additional Features

Other additional features are vibration alerts. The red backlight is ideal for nighttime use and if you ever go fishing you´ll love the barometric pressure graph and storm alarms. The built-in digital compass helps you to navigate easily in new terrain.

You can also keep a diary of all your hunting trips and routes with topographic maps by using the Suunto Movescount App.

Suunto Traverse Alpha - Foliage

Suunto Traverse Alpha – Quality from Finnland


  • Water Resistance: 328 ft
  • Case Material: Glass-fiber reinforced composite with stainless steel coated, knurled bezel and pushers
  • Lens: Sapphire crystal
  • Strap Material: Nylon Textile
  • Battery Life In Time Mode: 14 days
  • Battery Life In Gps (Best/Good/Ok): 10/15/100 hours
  • Supported Satellite Systems: GPS & GLONASS via SIRFStarV chip
  • Radio Communication: Bluetooth Smart


  • Measurements: 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.59 “
  • Weight: 2.65 oz
  • Bezel Material: Stainless steel
  • Glass Material: Sapphire crystal
  • Case Material: Composite
  • Strap Material: Textile

Enhance your Experience

Suunto is a renowned Finnish brand that specializes in designing innovative sports watches.  The Suunto Traverse Alpha watch is a complete package deal.  It is comfortable, lightweight, and rich in features that will help to improve your overall hunting experience.

This robust product can withstand the harshest terrains and climates and will keep you on track with its GPS/GLONASS navigation feature.

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