Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead Review

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A good pack of broadheads is often the difference between a successful hunt and a failed mission. Many hunters believe they’re priced-out on a top-of-the-line broadhead, but with high-quality and affordable broadheads like the Swhacker brand, you can have the best of both worlds.

The Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade broadhead flies with a field tip’s accuracy while delivering a kill shot on almost every attempt thanks to its unique design and features.

Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead

  • Point: Hardened High-Carbon Steel
  • Ferrule: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
  • Replaceable Blades
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In this Swhacker Broadhead review, we take a closer look at the 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade to see how it stands apart from the other two blade broadheads on the market.

Pros & Cons


  • Accurate across large distances
  • Affordable
  • Extraordinarily sharp and efficient cutting blades
  • Lightweight
  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials


  • Sharp blades can cause injuries on fingers
Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25' 2...

Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead

Swhacker says that their 125 Grain Expandable 2-Blade Broadhead “opens so fast…you can hear the Swhack.”

Does the broadhead perform as promised? Continue reading the Swhacker Broadhead review to learn more about design and overall performance (read.. Ramcat Hydroshock Broadheads).

First Impression

At first glance, the 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade Swhacker broadhead doesn’t look much different from the other two blade broadheads. (read.. 125-grain broadheads for deer?)

Unless you look at it more closely, you might think that it’s a regular field point. This broadhead tucks its blades and only deploys them after the broadhead’s tip has broken through the animal’s hide

The stainless steel blades consist of two separate cutting edges which are dangerously sharp. While this is an excellent design feature for hunting, it can make it challenging to handle (read.. NAP Broadheads)

As with most razor-sharp broadhead blades, be careful not to slice your fingers when putting them on your bow.

Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25' 2...

Design and Performance

The 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade Swhacker has one of the most unique and intelligent designs of any mechanical broadhead.

Behind a hardened high-carbon, steel point sits two sets of blades: wing blades and chief blades.

The wing blades are designed to deploy after the broadhead’s tip has broken through the animal’s hide. They not only cut through the animal’s coat, fat, and tissue but also through ribs and bones.

Unlike other mechanical broadheads, the wing blades of this broadhead do not deploy immediately upon contact. This delay, while small, allows the broadhead to penetrate much deeper.

Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25' 2... check price

The chief blades only deploy when the broadhead is well inside the animal. Consequently, as long as the broadhead did not encounter any external bone upon impact, the animal is unlikely to make it more than a couple of yards before dropping.

When it comes to taking angled shots, few broadheads can match this Swhacker’s accuracy. Since the tip of this broadhead has to be well into the animal before the blades deploy, issues such as cantilevering and deflections are avoided successfully.

The broadhead essentially flies like a field tip.

Considering that a broadhead’s point is the first thing to touch your game’s body, one could argue that it is the most critical feature of a broadhead.

Therefore, the quality of a point is usually indicative of the overall quality of a broadhead.

The point is made from hardened high-carbon steel, which is durable yet lightweight and is relatively maintenance-free even with frequent use.

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The shaft of this Swhacker broadhead is made from anodized aircraft aluminum. Anodized aircraft aluminum is durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight making it another low-maintenance part of the broadhead.

The overall construction of the broadhead means that you can use your bow for extended periods without tiring quickly.

Weight Considerations and Blade Quality

At only 3.2 ounces per piece, these broadheads are some of the lightest two blade broadheads available.

Not only does the weight contribute to the performance, but you don’t have to worry about excess weight while hunting or carrying around your gear.

You also have the benefit of being able to quickly draw, aim, and release, giving you more chances at your target.

Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25' 2...

Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead

With a thickness of only 0.32″, the blades hold up well each time you hit your target but are not immune to slight bends if you hit a tree or large bone.

Replacing the blades is relatively easy and worth the effort considering the overall low-maintenance broadhead.

Even though the Swhacker blades stay sharp for a long time, don’t forget to use a proper broadhead sharpener to keep them in excellent condition. Store the broadhead in a special case to keep them safe.


While the Swhacker 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade Broadhead is excellent at what it does (hunting deer), it might not be suitable for larger animals, such as elk.

To better your chances of bringing down big game, you might need to consider getting a more powerful broadhead.

Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25' 2... check price

Nonetheless, if you are on the lookout for high-quality, durable, lightweight, and affordable broadheads, you can’t go wrong with the Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade Broadhead.

Not only does it have a unique design that makes clean and accurate shots, but it’s also a great option for new bow hunters who might have issues with accuracy and power.

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