Comparing Bowfishing Kits 2023

Last updated : June 3, 2023
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When you say fishing, most people will think of rods and reels. Maybe they also have a few spots in mind for casting with flies or ice-fishing holes that are more traditional methods but there’s another type too: bow fishing! It requires specialized equipment like the right kind of arrows or bows.

I put together a list of different bowfishing kits perfect for everybody who wants to get started with this fun hobby. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to upgrade your equipment, these options have something in store! Let´s get started…

At a Glance: Our Favorite Bowfishing Bows

But it’s an addictive hobby. Once you’ve started bow fishing, you’re not likely to turn back. Standing right over quickly moving fish and lining up a perfect shot through muddy water offers an adrenaline rush unmatched by other fishing methods. A fishing expedition for archery lovers!

Top Notch Bowfishing Kits​

AMS Bowfishing Recurve Bow Kit ​

The AMS Bowfishing® Water MocTM Recurve Bow Bowfishing Package lets you battle big fish with your instinctive shooting skills.


  • Axle-To Axle: 58″
  • Draw Length: 28″
  • Draw Weight – 45 lbs
  • Brace Height: 7-3/4″
  • RH Bow


  • Specially designed and machined magnesium riser
  • Water-resistant, laminated wood limbs
  • Package includes: reel, arrow rest, Chaos® point, and String Things

A sleek, nice shooting takedown recurve, the Water Moc from AMS Bowfishing is perfect for shooting out on the water. 

Featuring a lightweight, specially designed, machined magnesium riser in conjunction with water-resistant, sealed, fully laminated wood limbs, makes your bow last longer in wet conditions..

PSE RH Beginner Bowfishing Package​

PSE RH Beginner Bowfishing Package w...

PSE offers this Beginners Bowfishing Package equipped with a Takedown Bow. This is perfect for storing it in your car or truck! a great option for getting into bowfishing.

The bow is available with a forty-five or fifty-pound draw weight. The forty-five-pound draw weight will be about right for most anglers.


  • Length 60″ 
  • Spooled with 50´of 80lbs test braided nylon
  • Wood/Fiberglass laminated limbs
  • Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy Handle 
  • Mossy Oak Forest Floor Camo Finish
  • Right Hand Only!

The package comes with a Fish Arrow Bowfishing Rest (Rolle-Style Arrow Rest), a Gray Plastic Bowfishing Drum Reel, one (1) Sure Shot Fiberglass Fish Arrow with Safety and Slide & one (1) Shure Shot Tip plus No-Glove Finger Protection (read.. top-notch bow fishing reels)

These accessories are standard for bowfishing. The arrow rest will always be designed specifically for fletch-less arrows, and fishing bows require a fairly heavy line.

The heavier options might be appropriate for very large carp or catfish, or for rough or deep water. This is a good-priced recurve bow, which means it will be great for launching shot after shot without getting tired. 

D&Q Archery Recurve Bowfishing Bow Package​

AMS Bowfishing Hooligan V2 Bowfishing...

Ideal Starter Set to get into Bowfishing. This Takedown Bow is available with 30lbs or 40lbs draw weight. This bow is made for Right Hand Bow-Hunters (no Left Hand version available). It’s easy to put together and it’s fairly accurate. 

The line capacity with 10lbs is pretty low. You might want to replace this… The limbs are laminated with fiberglass. Its a beginners bow with a nice package to it 


  • Fishing Reel & Base 
  • Bow Stabilizer
  • Arrow Rest Brush
  • Finger Guard
  • Arm Guard

So if you´re unsure if Bowfishing is the right thing for you or you´re on a budget, you might give this package a shot (no pun intended) 

Precision Shooting Equipment Mudd Dawg Bowfishing Package with MUZZY KIT​

Precision Shooting Equipment Mudd Dawg...

The PSE Tidal Wave bow package represents the more common equipment found in bow fishing today. The Tidal Wave is a compound bow with adjustable draw weight, from twenty-seven to forty pounds.

The draw length can also be adjusted up to thirty inches, making this bow a good choice for a bowhunter who has some growing left to do.

It’s also a great bow to have for friends to come along because you can adjust the bow to whoever happens to be using it. The entire frame is 32” long, making the bow small enough to be easily maneuvered and stored out of the way on your boat.

It’s also a great bow to have for friends to come along because you can adjust the bow to whoever happens to be using it. The entire frame is 32” long, making the bow small enough to be easily maneuvered and stored out of the way on your boat.

Despite being a little obscure in the angling world, there is no shortage of quality bow fishing equipment to choose from. If you are more of a crossbow guy, make sure to also check out our post about the best bowfishing crossbows.

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