The Best Archery Books 2021

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Archery is not limited to shooting arrows but an in-depth sport. If you are interested in learning more about the deeper thoughts behind it – Pick up a book – Educate yourself! To help you choose the best book about archery, we have reviewed a variety of top picks to help you on your journey of becoming a better archer.

Learn more about the training that is required to perfect your stance, shots, and style. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

Best for Beginners – Archery: Steps to Success 

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Archery: Steps to Success by Kathleen M.Haywod and Catherine Lewis is the ultimate guidebook for beginners to learn how to master the skills, techniques, and strategies which are required to shoot accurately, consistently, and safely.

It is divided into eleven steps which cover essential topics such as selecting and upgrading your equipment, perfecting your shooting form in different circumstances, the mental and technical exercises needed to improve accuracy, how to prepare for competition, hunting strategies, and a deeper look into traditional archery.  


  • The perfect manual for beginners
  • Very informative
  • Colorful photographs that illustrate the techniques perfectly
  • Contains 93 challenging exercises


  • Basics are covered extensively

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The 93 challenging exercises included in this book will help you track your progress. The authors are using a Steps to Success scoring system that makes it easy for you to proceed on your journey to becoming a better archer in no time.

Most Experienced Author – Traditional Bowyer’s Handbook: How to Build Wooden Bows and Arrows

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Want to learn how to build a bow from scratch?  Clay Hayes, the author of Traditional Bowyer´s Handbook: How to Build Wooden Bows and Arrow, provides information about the natural bow building process in an easy format, with complete pictures and illustrations which explain each step thoroughly.  


  • Perfect for the ambitious
  • Easy to comprehend
  • A lot of tips and tricks


  • Talks only about traditional style bows

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The author comprehensively writes about the different types of wood and the various tools used to shape it into strong bows. He also discusses different bow types and arrow making techniques. 

This book is recommend for anyone who has an interest in bow building or curiosity about traditional archery. 

Most Unique – Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performances

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This unique book by Ray Axford emphasizes on the fact that archery is a natural psychophysical motor skill that depends on the efficient use of bones, muscles, joints, and tendons. The in-depth analysis provided in this guide is easily understandable and will help improve your performance in archery.

The book isn’t restricted to any kind of national or international rules, making it useful across the globe. 

It sheds light on the importance of the interrelationship between human anatomy and the anatomy of the bow. It enables coaches and archers to understand how to perfect their natural movements and bow in coordination with one another.


  • Well-illustrated diagrams
  • Perfect for all levels of archers


  • Contains a lot of technical material
  • Some information are outdated

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It consists of detailed, accurate, and efficient drawings and diagrams with explanatory text on how bones and muscles are used in improving the technique and performance of the archers in a natural way. 

This is the only book been published, which focuses on the correlation between the anatomy of the body and the anatomy of the bow. An awesome book for coaches, archers, and bow hunters.

Most Concise – Beginners Guide to Traditional Archery

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This handy, readable guide by Brian J. Sorrells, serves as the perfect introduction for anyone who is looking to start archery. It contains easy to understand instructions for traditional archery as well as bow hunting. 

By sticking to the author’s time-tested training program you will be able to develop a strong foundation for your shooting skills – The key here ist constant repetition.


  • Easy to understand instruction for traditional archery
  • Covers both target shooting and bow hunting
  • Includes the author’s exclusive tiered training program for instinctive


  • Limited to traditional archery
  • More for the advanced

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Brian J. Sorrells is an avid hunter himself who has written this book from personal experience. From selecting arrow shafts to improving your form, this guide explains all the techniques and hacks needed to excel at archery.

If you are ready to set foot in the world of archery, then this book can get you started on your journey right away. 

Best for Professionals – Archery by USA Archery

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USA Archery is the national governing body for the sport of archery in the US. If you want to be successful in archery as a career, Archery, by USA Archery is your guide.

It sets a new standard in resources for those who want to compete with recurve or compound bows. It features information on: 

  • The skills required to become a competitive archer
  • Selecting proper equipment and tuning
  • How to develop and improve your shooting sequence
  • Setting up, drawing, and completing the shot
  • Tips about shooting compounds
  • The nutritional needs and physical training required for optimal shooting performance


  • One of the authors is KiSik Lee
  • For professionals
  • Contains advice and instructions from the world’s best archery coaches


  • Not for beginners or hunters
  • Lacks clear illustrations and pictures

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Written and published by some of the world’s topmost archery coaches, this guide provides information that helps improve your accuracy, body alignment, muscle recruitment, shot sequence, and stance.  

It features tips and techniques by the legendary coach KiSik Lee, which will help you master skills taught in the U.S Olympics training center. Reading this book would train you in improving your accuracy and consistency in achieving your goals. 

Buyer Guide for Best Archery Book

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Archery is a complex sport that contains several characteristics. You might be able to learn the basics, but it takes a lot of knowledge, practice, determination, focus, and motivation to perfect the art. 

In our opinion, the best archery book for beginners is the Archery: Steps to Success by Kathleen M.Haywod and Catherine Lewis. The authors have highlighted all the essential features of archery in an orderly fashion and have included exceptional training exercises that would polish your skills, stance, and shot accuracy. 

The most informative book for professionals would be Archery by USA Archery. It contains noteworthy advice and tips from the best archery coaches, as well as the legendary KiSik Lee.

Practicing these tips and techniques would help you master your skills at the Olympics level.

If you are interested in learning about the different types of bows and how to build your bow then, Traditional Bowyer’s Handbook: How to Build Wooden Bows and Arrows by Clay Hayes, is the book you are looking for. 

Knowledge about the correlation between the anatomy of the body and the bow are vital for improving the accuracy of your shots. 

Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performances by Ray Axford is a unique guide that would assist you in refining your archery skills by focusing on your natural movements. 

If you are on the hunt for the best archery guide, be sure to check out the books listed in this roundup review to make the best decision. 

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