What Is Happening In The World Of Archery? (February 2021)

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With 2021 well underway, there has been no shortage of events, developments, and news for the avid archer to focus their attention on. As is quite standard, the world of archery is ever-changing in ways too numerous to count. This is a fact that seems to grow ever-more true with each passing month. 

The month of February has certainly been no exception to this trend. During the past month, a major archery organization has pledged its continued support of United States veterans, management of a new conservation organization has changed hands, and a powerhouse brand within the archery manufacturing industry has acquired yet another brand.

If the month of February is any indicator, 2021 is set to be full of interesting headlines.

NASP Announces 2021 Virtual Nationals

Though reported cases of COVID appeared to be falling, many large-scale archery organizations remain skeptical of returning to in-person competition. One such organization is NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program).

The NASP announced that it would be holding its annual Nationals Competition via a virtual format during 2021.

“The non-profit National Archery in the Schools Program has made the difficult decision to replace the largest archery tournaments in the world, our in-person 2021 NASP Western and Eastern national events due to continued health risks, and other limiting factors,” said a NASP press-release. “Instead, for 2021 NASP will offer a safe and inclusive virtual national tournament.”

All students currently enrolled in an active NASP school will be eligible for entrance into the Virtual Nationals. An “active” NASP school is defined as any school that provides in-school archery lessons, to those students who wish to participate.

These classes must also be taught by a NASP-certified instructor.

NASP also announced that they are maintaining plans to host their Open Championship, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and Sports Complex later this year.

At this time, no alternative plans for a switch to virtual competition are anticipated.

USA Archery Announces Registration For 2021 Veteran Athlete Equipment Grants

USA Archery is widely known for giving back to the community and country, as a whole. This point was recently reiterated when the organization announced the beginning of open registration for their 2021 Veteran Athlete Equipment Grants Program.

Every year, USA Archery awards grants to those who belong to their organization, and are also members of the United States Military.

The grants awarded through this program are intended to assist select veterans in purchasing the necessary equipment to take their enjoyment of archery to the next level.

Upon winning this grant in 2020 grant recipient, Diana Romero, stated,

“I am most appreciative of this gracious assistance. The USA Archery Veteran Athlete Grants show me that USA Archery is dedicated to its Veterans! It will make participating in archery more accessible to me; thank you so much!” 

Registration for USA Archery’s Veteran Athlete Equipment Grant will remain open until March 27th and is open to both active-duty and retired veterans.

Those awarded this grant will be offered up to $1,000 for the purchase of archery-related equipment.

Vapor Trail Takes Ownership Of Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

On February 2nd, Vapor Trail, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of premium archery accessories, acquired Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions has served as one of the industry’s top manufacturers of premium stabilizers, over the decade since the company’s launch.

“Selling Stokerized was not an easy decision for us, but when we decided to sell the company, Vapor Trail was the perfect match that mirrors the way we do business,” said Kyle Stokes, president, Stokerized. “If you look at Vapor Trail’s 30-year history and combine it with their commitment to manufacture the most innovative and meticulously built archery products, we knew it was the right fit for us. We feel honored to leave our decade-old company in the best possible hands.”

As a result of this acquisition, Stokerized will be moving its operation from Pennsylvania to Vapor Trail’s headquarters in Ham Lake, Minnesota.

This was a move that was set to be completed by mid-February. At the moment, it still remains unclear as to whether or not Stokerized products will be rebranded under the Vapor Trail moniker.

RHSA Takes Reigns Over Deer Protection Program

In March of 2016, the ATA (Archery Trade Association) established the Deer Protection Program, in response to growing concerns over the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease).

Now, the ATA has made plans to spin the Deer Protection Program off into the hands of another notable organization, the Responsible Hunting Scent Association. This transition is set to take place on April 1st, 2021.

This move is seen as a way of better centering the organization’s focus on the issues at hand. Since the vast majority of the Deer Protection Program’s members are active urine-based scent manufacturers, as well as suppliers, the combination of these two organizations, which share a similar mission, seemed to be universally beneficial.

“We’re proud of the role the ATA played in establishing the Deer Protection Program and resulting quality urine-based products being produced under the highest of industry standards and protecting against CWD transmission,” said ATA Vice President, Dan Forster. “We’ll continue to work closely with the Responsible Hunting Sent Association to ensure that production standards remain high. We’re confident this is the right organization to lead and improve this state-recognized program into the future.”

Likewise, those at the helm of the Responsible Hunting Scent Association also felt the merger of these two like-minded organizations to be a wise move.

“The ATA played a critical role in unifying responsible scent manufacturers and collectors around a scientifically based set of standards,” stated RHSA Vice President, Sam Burgeson. “As our program participants have embraced these protocols and procedures aimed at disease prevention, we have realized that our specialization requires a focus that is best achieved by the Responsible Hunting Scent Association.”

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