Leave Your Hunting Bow At Home: Why Bowfishing Bows Are A Must

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Bowhunting and bowfishing are popular outdoor activities requiring special equipment and techniques. While both sports involve bows and arrows, bowfishing requires specialized equipment and skills that hunting bows often cannot provide.

This article will explore why bowfishing bows are a must-have for any angler looking to take their fishing game to the next level.

Bowfishing is an exciting and challenging sport that involves shooting fish with a bow and arrow while standing in shallow water, on a boat, or from the shore.

Unlike traditional fishing, bowfishing requires a different approach to equipment and technique.

Bowfishing bows are designed to handle the unique demands of this sport, including the need for a reel for retrieval and a smooth, no-specific draw length.

Let’s get into these specialized features of bowfishing bows and explore why they are essential for any angler looking to improve their fishing skills.

Bowfishing Setup

The setup for bowfishing, which requires an arrow rest and a reel for retrieval, differs from that of bowhunting, as previously discussed.

As for “regular” hunting bows, the arrow rest for bowfishing is designed to allow for quick and easy release of the arrow and to prevent the arrow from falling off the rest while aiming.

Retrieval is also a crucial aspect of bowfishing, and a reel is needed to wind in the line and retrieve the arrow and fish.

In addition to the arrow rest and reel, bowfishing requires specialized arrows. Bowfishing arrows are typically heavier and sturdier than arrows used for bowhunting.

They often have barbs or other mechanisms to prevent the fish from slipping off the arrow once struck.

Overall, the setup for bowfishing is distinct from that of bowhunting, and using a bow explicitly designed for bowfishing is a game changer.

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What Kind of Bow? 

There are a lot of shooters who are drawn to the traditional recurve because they often have one in the attic or shed. Just invest a little money and convert your old recurve into a bowfishing bow!

The recurve is also an excellent choice for darting fish because of its quick shooting ability. 

Regarding the speed of launching arrows, there’s likely no other bow you can draw faster. Recurves, however, also have their disadvantages.

They´re longer and, therefore, less maneuverable. Many recurves are built from wood, which may or may not handle the abuse from bowfishing. 

Dedicated Bowfishing Bows 

There are quite some companies offering specialized bowfishing bows. Here are some of the most popular ones: 

  • Muzzy
  • Cajun
  • AMS
  • PSE
  • Diamond
  • Fin Finder 

Typically, those bowfishing bows range from $250 to $500. They are built with no specific draw length, so they are easy to draw, and they fit a variety of shooters, regardless of size. 

Those bows utilize stainless steel components to better protect them from the elements.

Hybrid Bows

Those bows combine the best of what recurve and compound bow offers. Oneida Eagle Bows is one of the market leaders in that category.

Their OSPREY and PHOENIX bows are the best the market has to offer.

ONEIDA OSPREY Bowfishing Hybrid Bow

Of course, this is just my humble opinion – let me know if you come across another company that offers hybrids on such a high level! 

Draw Weight Requirements

An adequate draw weight for bowfishing is between 30-40 pounds. Too heavy a draw weight is not necessary. In fact, a heavy draw weight can be counterproductive because it can make it difficult to draw quickly.

A lighter draw weight allows faster and smoother shooting, which is essential when trying to hit a moving target in the water. 

And unlike when bowhunting deer, there are no minimum draw weights required. 

Before you go …

Sure, opting for a dedicated bowfishing bow presents several advantages over repurposing a hunting bow.

But, if you do have an old hunting bow around and want to save some bucks – convert it to a bowfishing bow. Go out and have some fun!

It’s a great way to get your feet wet (see what I did there) and explore the sport without making a significant investment upfront.

However, if you’re serious about bowfishing and plan to engage in it regularly, investing in a dedicated bowfishing bow can offer several advantages.

Happy hunting

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