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How Snow Affects Shed Hunting

Stepping into the woods after a fresh snowfall, you’re met with the crisp winter air and the sound of snow crunching beneath your boots. This is more than just a hunt; it’s an in-depth lesson in deer behavior as it’s shaped by snow. Snow dramatically influences the strategy and timing of shed hunting. The snow acts like a filter, concentrating or dispersing deer movement and shed drops depending on its depth and timing. Here are

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a deer harvested with a bow lies in the woods

The Science Behind Deer Jumping the String

I’m excited to share my knowledge and insights with you. Deer, known for their keen senses and lightning-fast reflexes, make a challenging target for bowhunters like us. Factors such as arrow speed, weight, release, and bow sound significantly affect the arrow’s flight/noise and, consequently, influence deer behavior. Together, we’ll explore what causes deer to jump the string, their average reaction time, and strategies to mitigate this behavior. TL:DRString-Jumping Phenomenon– Deer are actually ducking the arrow

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Best Time to Use Deer Decoys?

Have you ever wondered about the best time to use a deer decoy? Understanding deer behavior and decoy use can significantly impact the success of your hunting experience. Deer decoys are a popular tool hunters use to attract deer during hunting season. To effectively utilize a deer decoy, you need to understand deer behavior and how to set up your decoy properly. Let´s delve into the best strategies for using a deer decoy, including understanding

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Hunters Secret Weapon: Deer Decoys

Think deer decoys are nothing more than a hunter’s gimmick? Well, let’s reevaluate. You’re out there in the great wide open, tirelessly tracking and stalking, but the elusive deer always seem to outwit you. What you might be missing is a clever bit of trickery: the art of deception. Yes, deer are intelligent, but they’re also creatures of habit and instinct. Let’s explore more. Key Takeaways:– Deer decoys are a hunter’s secret weapon, used to

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How to Hunt Landlocked Public Land

Like a deer caught in the high beams of an approaching vehicle, the concept of hunting on landlocked public land can seem daunting and disorienting. You’re standing on the threshold, ready to step into the uncharted wilderness, yet you’re held back by a web of legalities and uncertainties. This discussion is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate these challenges. From understanding state-specific regulations to securing access, and even exploring

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Mastering Deer Funnels for Enhanced Hunting Success

Nature often dictates a deer’s movement, creating what hunters know as ‘deer funnels’. These strategic natural pathways, whether formed by terrain or vegetation changes, channel deer along specific routes, often the easiest paths with thick cover. They’re a game-changer in hunting, guiding deer right into your path, especially mature bucks seeking safety. By identifying and utilizing deer funnels, you make your hunt more predictable and successful. This guide will delve into how to spot various

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Best Barometric Pressure for Deer Hunting

You’re referring to when hunting was a necessity, not a sport. Now, you’re eyeing that perfect shot, and barometric pressure might be your secret weapon. The deer hunting community is split on this. Some swear by high-pressure days, while others dismiss it as folklore. But there’s evidence suggesting whitetails thrive when pressure is between 29.90 and 30.30 inches, with the best movements occurring at the high end of that range. This article dives into the

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How To Get Your Spouse Hooked on Bowhunting

Bowhunting is more than just a personal pursuit. It can be a shared adventure that strengthens the bond with your life’s partner – your spouse. Integrating your spouse into your bowhunting exploits can transform this solitary sport into a shared journey, enriching your experiences and creating unforgettable memories. Whether your significant other joins as an active participant or supports you from the sidelines, their integration into your bowhunting adventures can open up new avenues for

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How Fast Can a Stand Recover From Hunting Pressure?

As you savor the adrenaline rush of a successful hunt, the deer population in your stand is dealing with the aftermath. Have you ever pondered how swiftly it can rebound? Our focus in this article, ‘How Fast Can a Stand Recover From Hunting Pressure?’, is to delve into the intricacies of hunting pressure and recovery rates. We’ll navigate through factors that impact recovery speed, including the timing of the season, hunting intensity, and your unique

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Does in the Woods

Unleash Your Hunting Potential With Saddle Hunting

You’re stepping into the game-changing world of saddle hunting, where stealth meets comfort in the heart of the wild. With a minimalist setup that doesn’t skimp on efficiency, you’ll navigate the woods with unprecedented ease. This guide will equip you with everything you need—from choosing the perfect saddle to mastering ascent techniques. read.. best saddle hunting gear Get ready to transform your hunting experience and discover why saddle hunting is the secret edge you’ve been

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hunting whitetail post rut

Expert Strategies for Tracking a Buck and Doe Duo in Rut Season

When the forest becomes a stage for the rut’s primal ballet, your heart pounds in anticipation. It’s the peak of the rutting season, and your target is the crafty buck-doe pair. But how can you outsmart these cunning creatures in their domain? Every snap of a twig under your boot could be your downfall. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to become a master of stealth, a connoisseur of wind currents, and a maestro of timing

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Unlocking Whitetail Success: Mastering Top Public Land Hunting Tactics

As a seasoned bowhunter, I’m always on the hunt, pun intended, for fresh strategies to boost my success out in the wild. This piece will delve into some tried-and-true tactics for hunting public land bucks. These strategies may not always lead to a filled bag, but they will surely provide ample opportunities for an exciting hunt. Hunting strategies vary across the country, with the habitat and terrain playing a significant role. When it comes to

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How To Get Started Bowhunting

As the sport of archery continues to grow in popularity and school-based archery programs flourish, it is only natural to observe a significant rise in bowhunter recruitment. This is especially true when new archers are coupled with experienced bowhunters in mentorship of sorts. However, not all prospective bowhunters are presented with this luxury, leaving one to fly solo when learning their craft.  Without a bowhunting mentor to provide guidance, many new hunters are faced with

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Hunting Guides

Alabama Hunting GuidesGreat Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation6000 acres of prime hunting property located in Bullock County in the famous Black Belt Region of Alabama. Family Owned and Operated with 20+ years of quality whitetail deer management. Packages include Lodging, Meals, Hunts & Guide Service. Contact Rex Pritchett or Ginger Curry at Great Southern Outdoors.Phone: 334-738-5066Email: Great Southern Outdoors read.. What does the excrement of deer usually look like? California Hunting GuidesBoaring Experiences LLCFully guided wild boar hunts

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Bowhunting on the Ground – Still Hunting

I started bowhunting from the ground. It was the only way I knew how to hunt deer. Still, hunting with a compound bow, as it turns out, is not quite that simple. Sitting against the base of a tree may work just fine when using a shotgun, but it does not work quite as well when using a compound bow. While recurve bows and wooden arrows usually come to mind when thinking of traditional bowhunting,

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Does in the Woods

Guide To Tree Saddle Hunting

Tree saddle hunting is revolutionizing the hunt. It’s not just a method; it’s an art. Imagine ascending a tree, not to a bulky stand, but to a nimble, secure saddle. It’s a seat, a bridge, a tether rope – your gateway to the heights, your vantage point for the perfect shot. Forget the clunky treestand. In a tree saddle, you’re part rock climber, part hunter. You choose your tree, your height. Lightweight sticks guide your

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bow hunter that harvested elk dead elk and hunter in landscape

Booking a Hunting Trip

There are many reasons why people love hunting. Hunting is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the natural surroundings. Hunting is something that all ages can enjoy. For the ones that do not own our hunting land or live in big cities where public hunting land is scarce, booking a hunting trip is where everyone can get in on the action. There are many different types of hunts and experiences available. You can

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How Long Does Human Scent Last

The duration for which deer can detect human scent varies and is influenced by several factors. Research indicates that deer have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and can remember human scents for up to six months​​. However, the persistence of human scent in the woods depends on conditions such as terrain, weather, and the amount of scent present. Generally, human scent lasts longer in dry conditions and areas with little wind while dissipating more

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hunting whitetail post rut

5 Hunting Strategies For Whitetails Post-Rut

As the last days of November come to pass, rutting activity will slowly dwindle. As a result, many hunters will note a reduction in overall deer sightings, as bucks and does both begin settling into their post-rut patterns. While this can be somewhat discouraging to those still harboring an unfilled tag, there is still a wealth of opportunity to be capitalized upon. The post-rut can offer some of the season’s finest hunting when one adapts

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6 Top Turkey Scouting Tips To Increase Your Success This Season

The onset of spring brings a wealth of opportunity for the avid bowhunter. As temperatures start to warm, and the spring green-up begins, many bowhunters head afield in search of turkey hunting success. This pursuit is not only enjoyable but also serves as an excellent test of one’s bowhunting prowess. However, a successful turkey season begins long before opening day. By conducting diligent preseason scouting, you can dramatically increase your odds of filling your tag

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5 Tactics For Rut Hunting Success

As temperatures continue to fall, and the leaves begin changing in color, excitement builds for the wealth of bowhunting opportunity to follow in the weeks to come. The whitetail rut will be kicking into full gear within the next two weeks, bringing with it some of the best hunting of the season. As bucks begin to seek actively does and the rut’s chasing phase commences, daylight deer sightings will increase to a significant degree. Bucks

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Common Turkey Hunting Mistakes

Turkey hunting is an experience like none other. The longer you hunt, the more you learn, and even the most experienced of turkey hunters learn something new every season. The learning curve experienced by new turkey hunters can be quite vast. However, by knowing how to avoid the most common turkey hunting mistakes, you will soon be filling your tags and freezer in short order. The following are several mistakes that I have personally made

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Our Guide: Bow Hunting Small Game

Although many archers hunt big game species such as deer, elk, and bear every year, far fewer individuals capitalize upon the numerous small game bowhunting opportunities. Small-game bowhunting has several benefits and can be extremely enjoyable. Small game bow hunting greatly extends your opportunity to go afield. This is because most states offer small game seasons dispersed throughout the year instead of the relatively short seasons associated with big game hunting. Additionally, land access is

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6 Tips For Taking A Late Season Tom

Turkey hunting definitely comes with its fair share of challenges, the bulk of which must be successfully navigated to fill one’s tag. In truth, spring turkey hunting is anything but predictable.  As such, adaptability is key to making the most out of any such outing. However, even then, one still faces their share of tough times when afield. In much of the country, the end of the spring turkey season is near. This presents a

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5 Tips For Pre-Turkey Season Archery Practice

With turkey season just around the corner in most states, many avid bowhunters have begun preparing for what lies ahead. For most archers, this involves preparing all necessary equipment and diving headlong into a strategic scouting routine. However, far fewer archers recognize the value of diligent pre-turkey season practice. When turkey hunting, shot opportunities can be rather unpredictable and often test even the most proficient archer’s abilities. TL;DRPractice sitting shots: Most turkey shots are from

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