Archer hands close up, preparing the arrow for the shot.

Best Compound Bow For Target Shooting 2024

Are you interested in target shooting but don’t know what bow to buy? Well don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of four bows that are not only affordable but also more than adequate for your first target shooting bow. Heres our current picks: Bow IBO Speed ATA Length Brace Height Draw Length Draw Weight Mass Weight Infinite Edge Pro 320 fps 31″ 7″ 13″-31″ 5-70 pounds 3.2 pounds Bear Cruzer G2 315 fps 30″ 6.5″

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Gold Tip Velocity XT Arrows2

What is F.O.C. And Why Does It Affect Arrow Flight?

TL;DR– F.O.C. stands for ‘Front of Center’ and refers to the balance point of an arrow. – It is an important concept in bow hunting as it affects the arrow’s flight and penetration.– More F.O.C. = more spine– F.O.C. is calculated by dividing the distance from the arrow’s balance point to the front by the total arrow length.– More F.O.C. = better penetration, less speed – Different types of broadheads and arrow components affect the

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New Crossbows 2024

Crossbow technology in 2024? Oh, it’s like we’re living in the future of archery! Just when you think everything that could be done has been done, boom – here comes a new wave of innovation. So, grab your gear, and let’s dive into this exciting world of 2024 crossbows. Let’s get started! TenPoint TRX 515 TenPoint’s TRX 515 is a groundbreaking crossbow known as the fastest and most accurate yet. This compact beast, just 29

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Lucky Buck Deer Mineral Review

Lucky Buck Mineral is a meticulously crafted blend of minerals to bolster deer’s health and antler growth. It’s backed by scientific research, is user-friendly, and won’t break the bank. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the workings of Lucky Buck Mineral, its application, and where to procure it. How Lucky Buck Mineral Works It´s for year-round usage! Spring is the preferred time to use. Lucky Buck Mineral is not your ordinary salt lick or

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PSE Uprising Bow Featured Picture_Small

PSE Uprising Hands-On Review 2024

As a company, PSE is about as old as compound archery itself. The company’s history has spanned more than 50-years, throughout which time this prestigious manufacturer has produced a number of the industry’s most sought-after bows.  One important note: I tested the bow in real life. Yes – I went and actually sent some arrows downrange. The following is a comprehensive look at what I found to be true of the PSE Uprising in the

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the latest innovation from Easton—the X10 4mm Parallel Pro

Attention fellow archers and hunters, the game has just changed with Easton’s latest innovation: the X10 4mm Parallel Pro. This arrow, a true masterpiece in precision and performance, is set to revolutionize our experiences in the field and on the range. For more information check out: When you take a close look at the Easton X10 4mm Parallel Pro arrow, the first thing you’ll notice is its high-strength carbon construction, designed for maximum accuracy

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Divergent EKO Bow _12

Bear Archery Divergent EKO – Hands-On Review 2024

In an era that has seen bow manufacturers consistently stretch the bounds of possibility, it is easy to assume that there are few frontiers in compound bow technology left to conquer. However, Bear Archery has continued to push this envelope, most notably with the release of their new Divergent EKO model. I tested the Bear Divergent EKO in real life. I went and actually sent some arrows downrange. The following is a comprehensive look at

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a hunter with his crossbow in a treestand

Minnesota Deer Hunters Embrace Crossbows

Crossbow Regulations for Minnesotan Deer and Turkey Hunting have changed recently. As a result, crossbow sales have gone up almost 500%. The growing fondness for crossbow hunting in Minnesota isn’t just anecdotal. The numbers speak for themselves. Following the implementation of new regulations, a whopping 790 deer were harvested using crossbows in the fall season of 2023. This figure accounts for an impressive 40% of the total archery harvest. Key Points “The new law expands

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lift33 vs rx8

Mathews Lift 33 vs Hoyt RX-8 Ultra

Who will win the archery duel between the Mathews Lift 33 and the Hoyt RX-8 Ultra? Can we objectively crown a victor in this clash of the Titans? You’ve sifted through numerous reviews, analyzed the hype, and now you’re on the precipice of making a decision. Our analysis won’t just skim the surface. We’re diving deep, examining each bow for its unique attributes, performance under different conditions, and, most importantly, the bang you get for

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deer with antlers

Best Deer Scent Attractants

Imagine you’re nestled in your tree stand, the forest around you just stirring to life as dawn breaks. You’ve been there since the wee hours of the morning, armed with your bow and a thermos of steaming coffee, but the deer are proving elusive. You’ve done your homework, scouting the area, checking the wind direction, and setting up in the perfect location. But what if you could make your task a whole lot easier? What

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quiver and arrows

Different Types of Bow Quivers

As an essential companion for any archer or hunter, a bow quiver is far more than just a simple arrow holder. It’s a critical component that organizes, secures, and enhances your arrows, playing a pivotal role in your shooting or hunting experience. Let´s get started. Understanding Bow Quivers Bow quivers are more than arrow holders; they’re vital tools for archers, designed to organize and secure arrows, enhancing the overall shooting or hunting experience. As you

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Hip Quiver and Field Quivers

Like a musician with their instrument, you, an archer, know the importance of every piece of your gear. Your quiver is not just a holder for your arrows – it’s a crucial part of your shooting performance. You’ve probably encountered hip and field quivers in your quest for the perfect archery accessory. But have you ever stopped to consider the differences or pondered which one might better serve your needs? Key Differences Let’s take a

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a selection of arrow quivers

Noise Reduction in Bow Quivers

Imagine you’re creeping closer to that trophy buck, your heart pounding louder than a drum in a rock concert. Suddenly, your bow quiver rattles with the subtlety of a thunderstorm, startling your prey and turning a perfect hunt into a disappointing walk back to camp. We’re about to embark on a journey into the world of noise reduction in bow quivers. Stay with me, and prepare to take your hunting to a whole new level.

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a hunter in his treestand with his compound bow

Do Bow Quivers Affect Accuracy

Have you ever wondered if the truth behind the theory that your bow quiver could affect your shooting accuracy? As an archer, you know that every piece of your kit can make a difference, and the bow quiver is no exception. It’s a plausible assumption that the extra weight and stiffness could tweak the bow’s dynamics, potentially affecting your arrow’s flight and, thereby, your accuracy. But is it that simple? Get ready to embark on

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quiver and arrows

Key Features of a Durable Bow Quiver

What makes a bow quiver dependable? And why is this so crucial in your archery journey? These questions might be swirling in your mind as you hold your bow, ready to aim. Let’s explore the key features that elevate a simple bow quiver to an indispensable part of your archery arsenal and why you should care. Let´s get started Understanding Bow Quiver Durability So, what makes a bow quiver durable? Let’s dissect it. When evaluating

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the best ligthed nock - nockonarchery

Are Lighted Nocks Worth the Expense?

Did you realize that a staggering 30% of arrows go missing during twilight hunts? If the thought of misplacing your expensive arrows or having difficulty tracking your shot in dim light makes you cringe, it’s high time you considered lighted nocks. Even though they might seem like a hefty investment initially, in the long run, they could be a real money-saver by assisting you in recovering your arrows. Besides, they bring an added safety dimension

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hunting boots

Importance of Wearing Proper Boots While Hunting

Welcome to the hunting world, where every seasoned enthusiast knows the true value of quality gear. And let me tell you, boots are not just a footnote when it comes to the essentials. They’re often the unsung heroes of a successful hunt. Picture this: you’re perched in your deer stand as twilight approaches, but instead of focusing on the game, your mind is consumed by the biting cold nipping at your toes. It’s a quick

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An Arrow and its Parts

Where on the Arrow Is the Crest Located

Dive into our article to discover the exact location of the crest on an arrow. Take aim at knowledge and hit the bullseye! The crest is located just above the fletching towards the front end of the arrow, serving as an identifier to distinguish your arrow from others. Now that you know where the crest is, let’s dive deeper into this article. Parts Of An Arrow All arrows, no matter if they are made from

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Josh Boyd fixing ibow with a set of allen wrenches

Know When To Upgrade Your Archery Gear

There’s a certain charm to holding onto your old faithful bow, but there comes a time when you need to say goodbye. Staying in tune with the latest advancements in archery gear can be the difference between hitting the target and missing the mark. Why settle for just landing on the target when you could consistently hit the bullseye? In this article, we’ll help you navigate the signs that it’s time to bid farewell to

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hunters pulling a dead deer

What Is the Hunters Most Important Item of Clothing

When you’re in the forest, wearing bright blaze orange is critical. It’s not about looking good; it’s about staying safe. Deer can’t see this color, but other hunters can. This makes sure you’re not mistaken for an animal. It’s so crucial that many places make it a must-have during hunting season. Remember, blaze orange isn’t just a jacket. It’s like a safety shield in the woods. Why Blaze Orange Matters Blaze orange is essential for

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crossbow outside leaning at a pole

Why Do Many Hunters Choose a Recurve Crossbow Instead of a Compound Crossbow?

You’re not living in the Stone Age, so why do many hunters like you choose a recurve crossbow instead of a compound crossbow? The answer is simplicity and reliability. The recurve crossbow’s design is straightforward, with fewer mechanical parts, making it less prone to mechanical failure and easier to maintain. Its lightweight and maneuverable design is perfect for different hunting environments. Plus, it presents an engaging challenge, sharpening your skills against its classic design. Let’s

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Maximizing Battery Life in Handheld Hunting GPS Devices

You’re deep in the wilderness tracking that prize buck when boom – your GPS dies. Don’t let a drained battery ruin your hunt! We’ll help you squeeze every last minute from your handheld hunting GPS device. You’ll understand power consumption, optimize settings, discover useful accessories, and learn maintenance tips. read.. hunting gps Let’s ensure you’re never left in the dark again. Understanding GPS Device Power Consumption To get the most out of your hunting GPS

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5 GARMIN GPS Handhelds

3 Tips to Extend Hunting Handheld GPS Battery Life

You’re out in the wilderness, relying on your handheld GPS, but the battery’s draining fast. Don’t let this be you! We’ve got three easy tips that’ll help you extend your GPS battery life. By following these three tips – managing screen brightness, utilizing power-saving modes, and keeping your GPS software up-to-date – you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery midway through your hunt. read.. best handheld hunting gps Let’s dive in and ensure

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