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Different Types of Bow Quivers

quiver and arrows

As an essential companion for any archer or hunter, a bow quiver is far more than just a simple arrow holder.

It’s a critical component that organizes, secures, and enhances your arrows, playing a pivotal role in your shooting or hunting experience.

Let´s get started.

Understanding Bow Quivers

Bow quivers are more than arrow holders; they’re vital tools for archers, designed to organize and secure arrows, enhancing the overall shooting or hunting experience.

As you journey into the world of archery, you’ll encounter various types of bow quivers, each with unique features and uses.

You might stumble upon belt quivers, a typical style harking back to medieval Europe, or back quivers strapped to an archer’s back, facilitating quick over-the-shoulder drawing of arrows.

Ground quivers, used for fixed location shooting, range from simple stakes in the ground to more complex designs.

Choosing the right quiver depends on your shooting style and needs.

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Bow-Mounted Quiver

a compound bow hunter in a tree aiming at full draw

The bow-mounted quiver is your best ally when zeroing in on your target.

It keeps your arrows within easy reach, attached directly to your bow for quick shooting scenarios.

This quiver attaches securely to your compound bow, offering a stable arrow storage solution.

It’s designed for convenience, ensuring your arrows are always at hand when needed.

  • Efficiency: It holds 2-8 arrows. You won’t need to carry arrows elsewhere – they’re right on your bow. 
  • Stability: The quiver provides consistent, reliable storage.
  • Versatility: The bow quiver features various grip points, adding appeal.

However, adding a quiver to your bow will influence your bow’s balance.

Don’t forget to practice before you go hunting. Also, make sure the quiver you buy is made for the shafts you shoot! 

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Detachable Quivers

a detachable quiver for my compound bow

For the stealthy hunter or nimble field archer, detachable quivers offer a sleek and flexible solution for carrying your arrows.

Many bowhunters prefer detachable bow quivers, which can hold anywhere between three and seven arrows.

Depending on your shooting preference or hunting situation, they can be quickly attached or detached from your bow.

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Back Quivers

SAS Archery Back Arrow Quiver Hunting...

Venturing into the world of belt and back quivers, you’ll discover that these archery staples offer unique benefits and features to enhance your shooting experience.

With their distinct designs, these bow quivers hold the arrows securely and keep them readily accessible for quick shooting.

  • Back Quivers: Often preferred by traditional bowhunters and field archers, back quivers are positioned over your shoulder with the help of leather straps. They can hold around 20-25 arrows, allowing rapid drawing while moving.
  • Hybrid Quivers: Combining the best of both worlds, these quivers can be worn on the back or belt depending on your shooting needs. They offer adaptability, blending the easy access of belt quivers with the over-the-shoulder utility of back quivers.

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Hip Quivers

G GATRIAL Archery Hip 3-Tubes Quiver for...

Hip Quivers are a fantastic choice for archers who prefer not to use back quivers but still desire a hands-free experience.

These quivers, also known as side or field quivers, conveniently attach to your waist, either on a belt loop or directly around your belt.

Some designs even allow for clipping to a pocket or waistline.

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One great feature is how they position arrows, leaning them backward as you walk.

This design ensures the arrows don’t get in the way of your arms, a small but significant detail for ease of movement.

Hip quivers are particularly popular among target archers for their ergonomic design and because they often come with extra pockets – handy for storing gloves and other essential accessories.

A bonus?

Some hip quivers can clip onto backpacks, and there are even hunting packs out there with built-in bow-quiver pockets, perfect for various hunting activities like stalking, still-hunting, or waiting in a treestand.

Tips for Quiver Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your quiver is essential for keeping it functional and prolonging its lifespan. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Regular Inspection: Check for common quiver issues such as loose fittings and worn-out parts.
  • Cleaning: A gentle wipe-down often does the trick.
  • Repair: Don’t ignore minor damages. They can escalate and affect the quiver’s performance.
  • Storage: Store your quiver in a dry place when not in use to avoid moisture damage.


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