Do Deer Migrate?

Are whitetail deer migratory or stationary? Let’s uncover the surprising facts about their winter behavior.

Ways Bowhunters Hurt Their Bows

clouse up view of an arrow quiver for compound bows

Learn surprising ways you might be unintentionally damaging your bow, and how you can prevent it, in this eye-opening guide for bowhunters.

Crossbow Myths and Misconceptions

Hunter with crossbow walking with a backpack

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding crossbows. This article debunks those myths and provides accurate information about crossbows.

The Science Behind Deer Jumping the String

a deer harvested with a bow lies in the woods

I’m excited to share my knowledge and insights with you. Deer, known for their keen senses and lightning-fast reflexes, make a challenging target for bowhunters like us. Factors such as arrow speed, weight, release, and bow sound significantly affect the arrow’s flight/noise and, consequently, influence deer behavior. Together, we’ll explore what causes deer to jump …


Creating a Year-Round Deer Haven: Habitat Structure and Management

food plots 1

Are you a wildlife enthusiast looking to create a haven for deer year-round? Understanding deer behavior and habitat needs is essential for effective habitat management. In this article, I will explore habitat improvement strategies, assessment of existing habitat features, and the impact of age structure on deer herd health. Understanding Deer Behavior and Needs Deer, …


Best Time to Use Deer Decoys?

deer decoy when to use (2)

Have you ever wondered about the best time to use a deer decoy? Understanding deer behavior and decoy use can significantly impact the success of your hunting experience. Deer decoys are a popular tool hunters use to attract deer during hunting season. To effectively utilize a deer decoy, you need to understand deer behavior and …


How Much Seed Do I Plant For Food Plots

food plots 1

You know what they say, you reap what you sow, and when it comes to planting food plots, this couldn’t be truer. Knowing how much seed to plant can feel like a puzzle. The right balance is critical: sow too much, and you’re wasting valuable resources, too little, and your efforts might not bear fruit. …


NY Banned Hunting Competitions

Stand in the wild

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a new law, effectively banning all hunting competitions across the state of NY. This law, supposedly protecting the state’s diverse wildlife and upholding the noble traditions of hunting, also ties into a broader trend of limiting firearm use. Understanding New York’s Hunting Ban To grasp the importance of New York’s new …


Hunters Secret Weapon: Deer Decoys

Think deer decoys are nothing more than a hunter’s gimmick? Well, let’s reevaluate. You’re out there in the great wide open, tirelessly tracking and stalking, but the elusive deer always seem to outwit you. What you might be missing is a clever bit of trickery: the art of deception. Yes, deer are intelligent, but they’re …


Best Deer Scent Attractants

deer with antlers

Imagine you’re nestled in your tree stand, the forest around you just stirring to life as dawn breaks. You’ve been there since the wee hours of the morning, armed with your bow and a thermos of steaming coffee, but the deer are proving elusive. You’ve done your homework, scouting the area, checking the wind direction, …


Different Types of Bow Quivers

quiver and arrows

As an essential companion for any archer or hunter, a bow quiver is far more than just a simple arrow holder. It’s a critical component that organizes, secures, and enhances your arrows, playing a pivotal role in your shooting or hunting experience. Let´s get started. Understanding Bow Quivers Bow quivers are more than arrow holders; …


Hip Quiver and Field Quivers

Like a musician with their instrument, you, an archer, know the importance of every piece of your gear. Your quiver is not just a holder for your arrows – it’s a crucial part of your shooting performance. You’ve probably encountered hip and field quivers in your quest for the perfect archery accessory. But have you …


Noise Reduction in Bow Quivers

a selection of arrow quivers

Imagine you’re creeping closer to that trophy buck, your heart pounding louder than a drum in a rock concert. Suddenly, your bow quiver rattles with the subtlety of a thunderstorm, startling your prey and turning a perfect hunt into a disappointing walk back to camp. We’re about to embark on a journey into the world …


Do Bow Quivers Affect Accuracy

a hunter in his treestand with his compound bow

Have you ever wondered if the truth behind the theory that your bow quiver could affect your shooting accuracy? As an archer, you know that every piece of your kit can make a difference, and the bow quiver is no exception. It’s a plausible assumption that the extra weight and stiffness could tweak the bow’s …


Key Features of a Durable Bow Quiver

quiver and arrows

What makes a bow quiver dependable? And why is this so crucial in your archery journey? These questions might be swirling in your mind as you hold your bow, ready to aim. Let’s explore the key features that elevate a simple bow quiver to an indispensable part of your archery arsenal and why you should …


How Pittsburgh’s Deer Program Benefits Ecosystems and Communities

deer with an apple

Ever wondered about the full scoop on the Pittsburgh Deer Management Pilot Program? This innovative initiative sprung from the necessity to address the escalating issue of deer overpopulation in Pittsburgh’s urban parks, especially in Frick and Riverview Parks. The main aim? Maintaining a balanced and healthy deer population is a task that has become increasingly …


Are Lighted Nocks Worth the Expense?

the best ligthed nock - nockonarchery

Did you realize that a staggering 30% of arrows go missing during twilight hunts? If the thought of misplacing your expensive arrows or having difficulty tracking your shot in dim light makes you cringe, it’s high time you considered lighted nocks. Even though they might seem like a hefty investment initially, in the long run, …


Targeting Tranquility: The Meditative Art of Archery

Traditional Japanese archers ready their bows

Just as an arrow soar toward its target, your mind can embark on a journey toward tranquility. Archery, in its essence, is more than just a sport. It’s a unique pathway to inner peace, a practice that hones your focus, breath control, and self-perfection. So, inhale deeply, steady your grip, and prepare to delve into …


What Is a Cryptorchid Buck?

a buck with crypto antlers

Bewilderment often befalls you when you first spot a cryptorchid buck. It’s a rare and unusual whitetail deer, distinguished by its velvet-covered antlers and distinct lack of typical buck behavior. Cryptorchid bucks suffer from cryptorchidism, meaning one or both testes haven’t descended. This affects not just their physical attributes but also their behavior. They don’t …


Mastering Deer Funnels for Enhanced Hunting Success


Nature often dictates a deer’s movement, creating what hunters know as ‘deer funnels’. These strategic natural pathways, whether formed by terrain or vegetation changes, channel deer along specific routes, often the easiest paths with thick cover. They’re a game-changer in hunting, guiding deer right into your path, especially mature bucks seeking safety. By identifying and …


Importance of Wearing Proper Boots While Hunting

hunting boots

Welcome to the hunting world, where every seasoned enthusiast knows the true value of quality gear. And let me tell you, boots are not just a footnote when it comes to the essentials. They’re often the unsung heroes of a successful hunt. Picture this: you’re perched in your deer stand as twilight approaches, but instead …


Can You Transport Deer Meat Across State Lines

picture of a truck (blue)

You’ve bagged a deer and are ready to take it home. But what if you’re crossing state lines? Laws about transporting deer meat are in place to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and to maintain a healthy deer population across all states. Generally, you can move cut and wrapped meat, boned-out meat, …


The Most Common Archery Injuries

preventing archery injuries safety tips

In your quest to become a skilled archer, it’s crucial to understand the common archery injuries. These injuries include tendinitis, strains and sprains, blisters and calluses, and string slaps. According to archery injury statistics, these injuries often result from repetitive motions, incorrect techniques, or overuse. For instance, tendinitis is typically caused by continuous strain on …


Where on the Arrow Is the Crest Located

An Arrow and its Parts

Dive into our article to discover the exact location of the crest on an arrow. Take aim at knowledge and hit the bullseye! The crest is located just above the fletching towards the front end of the arrow, serving as an identifier to distinguish your arrow from others. Now that you know where the crest …


What Is the Hunters Most Important Item of Clothing

hunters pulling a dead deer

When you’re in the forest, wearing bright blaze orange is critical. It’s not about looking good; it’s about staying safe. Deer can’t see this color, but other hunters can. This makes sure you’re not mistaken for an animal. It’s so crucial that many places make it a must-have during hunting season. Remember, blaze orange isn’t …