a selection of single bevel arrowheads

Benefits Of Single Bevel Broadheads

Key Takeaways Why Single Bevel Broadheads Are So Effective: The Best Single Bevel Broadheads Model Cutting Diameter Blade Thickness Weight MSRP Bear Archery Razorhead Single Bevel Broadheads 1 1/8″ .050″ 150 – 250 gr check Steel Force Traditional 1″ .080″ 300 gr check Strickland Helix 1-1/8″ .060″ .072″ 100 – 225 gr check Tuffhead 1.0625″ …


Deer in a group in front of bushes

Unlocking Whitetail Success: Mastering Top Public Land Hunting Tactics

As a seasoned bowhunter, I’m always on the hunt, pun intended, for fresh strategies to boost my success out in the wild. This piece will delve into some tried-and-true tactics for hunting public land bucks. These strategies may not always lead to a filled bag, but they will surely provide ample opportunities for an exciting …


wild hog red light

Do Wild Hogs See Red Lights?

Embarking on a moonlit adventure, you step into the realm of wild hog hunting, armed with determination and your hog light. The question lingers: Can this specialized tool truly outsmart the wild hog’s senses? Do wild hogs actually see Red light? Yes. They can detect the presence of red light, but it doesn’t trigger a …



Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

Ever felt the thrill of the hunt, but cumbersome gear held you back? Enter the D’Acquisto Series Compact Climbing Stick, a stealthy solution to your mobility needs. These sticks redefine lightweight portability while delivering top-tier durability. This article will explore how these sticks revolutionize your hunting game, discussing features, benefits, comparisons, and my personal journey. …


climbing sticks on a tree other trees in the background

The Best Treestand Climbing Sticks 2023

I researched and tested deeply to determine the best treestand climbing sticks for bowhunters. Testing various factors, including weight, size, stackability, attachment method, material, noise, and climbing comfort. The results of this study will provide valuable insights and recommendations for bowhunters looking to invest in climbing sticks. Without any Further Due – Here are my …


lower half of a men sitting in his tree stand

Best Hunting Seat Cushion Review 2023

You could end up waiting for hours for a deer to come out of the woods when out hunting. To make the waiting game enjoyable, you can invest in a hunting seat cushion for your tree stand or ground blind. A hunting cushion will provide comfort and warmth, improving your bowhunting experience. Our top pick …


a mule deer to the left and a withe tailed deer to the right

Mule Or Whitetail? Know Your Target For Ethical Bowhunting

Bowhunting is a popular activity that requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. To hunt ethically and lawfully, bowhunters must identify their target species correctly. Mule deer and white-tailed deer are two common species in North America that bowhunters seek after. Understanding the differences in appearance, behavior, and habitat between these two species can …


me barebow recurve bow garden

Overcoming Target Panic: A Guide To Better Shooting

In the realm of archery, target panic lurks like a stealthy predator. It strikes archers, novice and expert alike. This beast of anticipation gnaws at confidence, blurs aim, and erodes performance. Unchecked, it morphs into a crippling force, sowing seeds of frustration, draining the joy from the sport. Yet, fear not. With precise strategies and …


a fawn in the wild hiding

Responding To Injured Wildlife: Leave It To The Professionals

Encountering injured wildlife can be a challenging and emotional experience. However, it is crucial to approach the situation with caution and care. Handling wildlife can be dangerous for the animal and the person attempting to intervene. Professionals with the necessary expertise and training are best equipped to provide the appropriate care for injured wildlife. This …


a collection of compound bows

The Best Left Handed Compound Bow 2023

Left-handed archers, rejoice! Bowtech’s extensive collection of high-quality, accurate compound bows offers plenty of excellent options just for you. From their smooth-drawing flagship models to their hard-hitting, affordable options, Bowtech’s left-handed bows deliver the goods. In my opinion, Bowtech makes some of the best left-handed compound bows on the market today. Pair one with a …


a deer in a field looking for food

How Long To Wait After Shooting Deer With a Crossbow

Isn’t it wonderful when you finally hit that perfect shot with your crossbow, and the deer drops right where it stands? Unfortunately, that’s not always how things play out in real life. Even fatally wounded deer can sometimes run a considerable distance before they succumb to their injuries. So, how long should I wait after …


genesis compound bow approved by NASP

Archery Bows For School

A lot needs to be considered when teaching kids the art of archery. One of the most important aspects is finding the right equipment. That’s where choosing the perfect archery bow for school programs comes into play. In today’s world, countless options are available when selecting an appropriate bow for young students. The National Archery …


picture of a compound bow showing axle to axle length

The Importance of Axle-to-Axle Length in Compound Bows

I can confidently say that the axle-to-axle length of a compound bow plays a significant role when selecting the right bow for an individual archer.  Each compound bow has two axles, so the “axle to axle length” refers to the distance between them.  Whether a shorter or longer axle-to-axle length is better depends on the …


female bow hunter in camo

Best Compound Bows For Women in 2023

Every year, an increasing number of women pick up a bow, seeking to take in all that is enjoyable about archery. This trend has benefitted the general hunting and shooting sports community, turning outdoor adventures into a family affair. In a quest to find the gear that best suits their needs, many female archers are …


a man carrying a dead turkey

Prepare For Turkey Season

Turkey Season is close! Are you looking to add a new quarry to your bowhunting adventures this year? If so, look no further than the wild turkey. These wary birds offer unique and challenging bowhunts few other quarries can match. To be successful when bow hunting turkeys, start by doing your homework. Scouting is vital, …


brown doe standing an watching

Bear X Saga 405 Crossbow

There are quite a few excellent crossbows in today’s market. The Bear Saga 405 surely is one of them. The experts at Bear are to be trusted 100% with what they put together. Top-of-line speed and performance. If you are looking for a crossbow that is fast, top-notch quality, and accurate, the Bear Saga 405 …



What Time Do Turkeys Come Off The Roost?

Ah, the age-old question that’s been haunting turkey hunters since the dawn of time (or at least since turkeys have been hunted): what time do turkeys come off the roost? After countless early mornings spent in camo, sipping on lukewarm coffee, and listening to the woods come alive, I reckon it’s time to share my …


bowfishing kit for crossbow

Best Bowfishing Crossbows in 2023

Do you rather fire a crossbow than a “regular” bow? But you do love bow fishing? Well, how about a fishing crossbow? We are pretty much all about bow hunting – but our new team member James loves his crossbows. Check your local regulations regarding bow fishing or crossbow fishing. Most of the time they …


bow hunters in hunting bibs

Best Hunting Bibs 2023

Every hunter knows that quality hunting clothing can make or break a hunt. Poorly chosen clothing can be cumbersome to wear and can lead to frustration, while well-thought-out attire has the potential to make you more efficient in your efforts.  If you are currently searching for the best hunting bibs, be sure to check out …


Arrows sticking in a target

Best Arrows For Compound Bow 2023

As any archer knows, your arrows are every bit as vital to your success as the compound bow from which they are fired. In the absence of quality arrows, you will never be able to achieve as high of a level of proficiency as would otherwise be possible. I recently switched to the Gold Tip …


a Bowhunter with binoculars

Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow Review 2023

Without the right arrows, even the best shots will fall flat. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrows deliver more power and performance than traditional carbon shafts. If you’re searching for FMJ arrows, you’ll find no shortage of options, but how do you know which is best? Easton has been a world-recognized leader in arrows and archery …


quiver the best compound bow

The Best Compound Bow Quivers in 2023

There’s no question that a good quiver is an important piece of gear for any bow hunter. When you’re spending hours a day in the field, you need to have all your equipment with you, and it needs to be easy to access. There are a lot of different quivers on the market these days, …


salt licks and mineral blocks

Best Salt Licks and Mineral Licks for Deer Reviewed 2023

What is the best salt lick for deer? This question has been on the minds of many hunters. Deer are naturally attracted to mineral sites and salt licks, so it’s no wonder many products are available in stores and online. But how do you know which one is best for your hunting needs? It comes …


Wild animals in forest crossing road

Best Cameras for Filming Your Hunting Adventures 2023

There are few ways to remember a hunt in such vivid detail as to film your time afield. If you are like most hunters, this thought has already crossed your mind, and if so you were probably left to question which is the best camera for filming your hunt. BEST OVERALL 3.0 Inch LCD Touchscreen …


picture of a wild turkey

Best Broadhead For Turkey Hunting 2023

Those that take on the immense challenge of bowhunting turkey know all too well the value of a quality broadhead. Luckily, a substantial number of specialized turkey broadheads can be found in today’s market, all of which are engineered to provide deadly performance when striving to quickly, cleanly, and efficiently dispatch a turkey. However, with …


best broadheads for elk

The 9 Best Broadheads For Elk Hunting 2023

Nothing quite matches the adrenaline surge of an elk hunt. These majestic, robust creatures necessitate equally sturdy and reliable gear – especially for broadheads. Aiming for a clean, ethical kill requires you to equip your bow with a superior broadhead. If you’re preparing for your next thrilling chase, our top pick – the G5 Outdoors …


a hunter using a turkey call hiding in a bush

Best Hunting Face Mask in 2023

All hunters know that staying concealed is among the most significant concerns when getting close to game. Many are also aware that this concealment includes that of a hunter’s face, which is best accomplished by using a hunting face mask.  Different seasons, different masks. Read on if you want to find out which masks we …


elk in the evening sun

Big Game Cart For Elk

Using a big game cart is a game-changer for bow hunters, especially after a successful elk hunt. No one relishes the idea of hauling hundreds of pounds of elk meat back to their vehicle. A game cart solves this problem efficiently and elegantly. It allows you to transport your prize from the hunting site to …


An Arrow with Vane

How To Determine The Perfect Arrow Length

Outside of your bow itself, there are few items as valuable to an archer’s overall level of success than their arrows. When arrows are properly selected and prepared, an archer has presented the opportunity to make the most of their shooting. One particular task associated with preparing your arrows for the range is ensuring that …


man sitting in his treestand

Millennium Hang-On Treestands M150 Review 2023

When looking for some hunting equipment, many people search for treestands to improve their vantage point and firing range. There is a big market for treestands, but none compare to the Millennium Treestands M150 in terms of comfort, adjustability, and flexibility. The M150 is a tree stand built for anybody and everybody. While on the …