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preventing archery injuries safety tips

The Most Common Archery Injuries

In your quest to become a skilled archer, it’s crucial to understand the common archery injuries. These injuries include tendinitis, strains and sprains, blisters and calluses, and string slaps. According to archery injury statistics, these

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a view from a tree. saddle hunting

Saddle Hunting Tips

You’re stepping into a world where stealth meets comfort high in the trees. Saddle hunting’s no longer a mystery. You’ll learn the ins and outs of setting up your tether and optimizing your saddle for

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a guy sitting on a hill looking at a lake

A Guide To Outdoor Hobbies

A list of outdoor hobbies to try and the benefits of them. The great outdoors is one of our world’s most beautiful and underappreciated parts. So many of us spend our lives indoors and forget

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What Does Tiller Mean In Archery?

Understanding Tiller

The term “tiller” refers to the horizontal distance between the bow’s string and the limb of the bow. Usually, both the upper and lower limbs are measured when referring to the tiller. The top limb

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a man carrying a dead turkey

Prepare For Turkey Season

Turkey Season is close! Are you looking to add a new quarry to your bowhunting adventures this year? If so, look no further than the wild turkey. These wary birds offer unique and challenging bowhunts

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How To Aim A Recurve Bow

To many, the idea of shooting any weapon, let alone a bow, without a sight aid might seem somewhat foreign. However, for the avid recurve archer, aiming this way is a way of life. This,

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a compound bow hunter in a tree aiming at full draw

How Do I Keep My Bow Arm Steady?

Almost every archer has experienced days in which it feels as if they cannot hold their bow on target, no matter what. Try as we might, our bow arm seems to shake and wader, causing

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A crossbow hunter in a treestand

How To Apply Crossbow Lube

It is important for crossbow rail lube to only be applied in the manner suggested by its manufacturer. In the world of crossbow rail lubricant, a little goes a long way. Most crossbow rail lubes

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a crossbow hunter aiming with his cocked crossbow

How to Measure a Crossbow String

When it comes to crossbows, many things need to be considered to ensure an accurate shot. One of the most important factors is the length of the crossbow string. How do you measure the string,

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A compound bow with arrow teach

Can I Teach Myself Archery?

In the solitary world of bowhunting, many archers chart their own course. Without a mentor’s guiding hand, self-reliance becomes key. Archery, a sport of patience and precision, embraces the lone learner. Teaching yourself archery? It’s

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mathews p4 33 (2)

What Is IBO Speed?

For those new to archery, many of the numbers and specifications pertaining to a bow can be quite confusing. This is understandable, as it is not always clear what these numbers represent, and many questions

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a hunter inspecting a compound bow

How To Clean A Bow And Arrow

Whether you prefer target archery or bowhunting, a bow of any type is sure to see its fair share of dirt and grime over the course of time. This places a significant amount of value

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What Makes A Bow Forgiving?

What Makes A Bow Forgiving?

If you’ve ever spent time discussing archery with a group of enthusiasts, you may have heard someone describe a bow as ‘forgiving’ before. Even certain aspects and qualities of a bow can be described as

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an archer showing how to hold the bow

How To: Archery Bow Grip

Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires skill, practice, and accuracy to shoot an arrow and hit the target. The bow grip is one of the most important aspects of

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How Important Is Paper Tuning?

How Important Is Paper Tuning?

So, you’ve been practicing with your bow for some time now, and everything seems to be working and running just fine. And yet, something still feels off. Everything is in tip-top condition, and yet there’s

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What Is Positive Tiller In Archery

What Is Positive Tiller?

If you’re just getting started in archery, there’s a whole world of new technical terms and jargon to get your head around. One thing that often confuses beginners is tiller and the idea that it

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stabilizer bow and string stop in bow case_1

How To Balance A Bow With Stabilizers

Archery is a pursuit where precision is paramount. No matter how minute, every detail can be the difference between a triumphant shot and a frustrating miss. As a seasoned bowhunter, I’ve learned that consistency is

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a treestand

Tree Stand Basics

There’s no better way to see whitetail deer than from a tree stand regularly. When you’re in a tree stand, you’re out of the deer’s line of sight, which lets you see what’s happening on

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putting wax on a bowstring

What Is The Best Color For A Bowstring?

Bowstrings come in various configurations. Each bowstring material you come across offers a combination of strength, weight, and resistance to water and abrasion. However, while these characteristics depend on the quality of the material, there

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longbow and arrow

Archery Speed Shooting Techniques

Archery is an ancient skill that has been around for centuries. It requires patience, practice, and skill. One of the most exciting aspects of archery is speed shooting. Medieval archers were able to shoot arrows

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