Prep Your Bow For The Next Hunting Season

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The next bow hunting season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your bow in top shape. This starts with inspecting every component of your bow. Check for loose screws, frayed cables, your bowstring, and cracks in the limbs.

Also, spend some time with maps, check regulations for changes, and buy license tags and stamps. If you have not done so yet, get in contact with landowners if you plan to hunt their land and additionally scout public land. 

Check Your Bowstrings

A worn-out bowstring can affect your accuracy and cause you to adjust your sights constantly. In addition, a worn string is more likely to break, which can ruin your hunt and be dangerous. Get it replaced before the season if your string is starting to show wear. This is a cheap and easy fix that can make a big difference in your shooting.

Cam Timing

hoyt defiant cam

The timing of your bow’s cams affects arrow flight, feel, and accuracy and ensures that your bow performs at its peak and that you can hit your target with precision.

I would advise you to let a qualified bow technician check your bow’s timing. Of course, if you’re comfortable doing it yourself, go for it. With proper cam timing, you’ll be ready for hunting season and confident in your bow’s ability to take down game.

Is Your Peep Alignment in Order?  

The peep sight on your bowstring must align properly with your eye, or you will have to change your head position to see through it. This will result in an inconsistent shooting. Peep sights can get out of alignment due to weather changes or simply from use. Before the season, adjust your peep sight so that it is in proper alignment with your eye.

Check Your Sights

If you’re a hunter, make sure that your sights are properly adjusted for the coming season. Sighting in your bow is essential for accurate shooting. When you sight in your bow, shoot at different ranges to get a feel for where your arrows will hit the target at various distances.

A properly sighted bow will help to improve accuracy and make the most of every shot. At the very least, it will give you the confidence that you did everything you could to make the shot as accurate as possible.

Arrows and Broadheads 

Rage Broadheads standard and chisel

Last season’s broadheads might need a minor tune-up before this season. Check the blades to make sure they are still sharp and in good condition. Also, check your arrows to see if they are damaged. If you plan on using a different type of broadhead or arrow this season, practice with them before heading out into the field. It´s never a bad idea to talk to your archery pro about which broadheads are best for your setup.


Be sure you know all the rules before heading out into the woods. Details may change every year, so be sure you know what to expect. It´s always better to be prepared. Read about hunting regulations here.


archery target three arrows in it

Practice makes perfect, so get your hunting setup ready and head to the range. The more you practice with your specific setup, the better you’ll be when it comes time to take that shot in the field. It is essential to become familiar with the new setup before taking it out on the next hunt. Read about practicing in your backyard here.


Now is the time to start preparing for bow hunting season. This includes inspecting your bow, checking on your bowstring, cam timing, peep sight alignment, etc. You should also tune up your arrows and broadheads and be aware of any regulation changes. Finally, practice makes perfect, so get out to the range and hone your skills.

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