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Protecting Your Investment: The Best Bow Cases For 2021

Being a bowhunter, I know how important it is to protect your bow. You need a good case that will store your bow safely and securely. And it needs to be compact enough to fit in the back of your truck. Luckily, today’s bow cases come in numerous different sizes and configurations, allowing you to …


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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Archery: Beginner Tips For Newbies

This blog post is all about the basics of archery. Archery is a sport that requires patience and discipline but can be very rewarding for those who are passionate about it. I will share with you 10 steps to help you get going with archery and give newbies tips on what they should look for …


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What Is Happening In The World Of Archery (April 2021)

The sport of archery is quite vast in scope, featuring an untold number of participants from around the world. Furthermore, the immense popularity of archery as a whole has led to the emergence of a flourishing industry, aimed at meeting the needs of all who participate in any of the sport’s many disciplines. This industry, …


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The Best Archery Gloves Reviewed

Bows are not just for hunting, they can be used in a variety of sports. I love archery because it is an elegant sport that challenges both your mental and physical skills. One thing that you should invest in before you step up to the line, though, is good gloves! In this article, I review …


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The Best Arrows For Target Shooting 2021

The perfect arrow will fly true and hit the target, but the best arrows are those that fly true, hit the target, and do not break. Good target shooting arrows are a big part of the archer’s arsenal. Target shooting can help with anything from fine-tuning form, improving accuracy, or just getting out some stress …


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Do I need a Longbow Tip Protector?

Longbow hunting enthusiasts can be a creative bunch. One of the best ways to make sure that your longbow is always in good shape is by using a longbow tip protector. These protectors are designed to keep your bow tip from being exposed and potentially damaged when you’re not shooting and resting your bow. This …


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Our Equipment Section

Welcome to our equipment reviews and guides page! Our goal is to provide you with accurate, hands-on reviews of the best accessories on the market. If we can’t do an actual hands-on review or the product cannot be tested in person, we will research all the options to ensure you have enough information to make …


Our Recurve Bow Section

Welcome to our recurve bow reviews and guides page! Our goal is to provide you with accurate reviews and buying guides of the best bows on the market. Even if the product cannot be tested in person, we will research all the options in order to ensure you have enough information to make an educated …


History of Humans Eating Meat & Hunting

History of Humans Eating Meat & Hunting

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the early human diet & hunting. Introduction When we get a hankering for meat in this day and age, all we need to do is pay a visit to the grocery store or butcher and buy some of our favorite products, all of …


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Best Takedown Recurve Bow [Roundup Review] 2021

This post will provide you with information on the best takedown bows for hunting and archery. This is a great article if you are in the market to purchase your first bow or looking to upgrade from a traditional longbow. Takedown recurve bows are a great option for beginner archers because they’re lightweight, easy to …


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How To Properly Draw a Compound Bow

Making a successful shot with your bow is a multi-step process. Failure to execute any one of these steps in their entirety can lead to poor form and shot execution. Of these steps, one of the most vital is that of efficiently drawing your bow. If you are unable to successfully draw your bow in …


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9 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Archery

Archery is a relaxing, calming sport, but one that requires incredible strength of mind and body. As you focus on your target, clear your head, and ready for the release, you activate numerous muscles throughout your body that need regular training. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned archer, incorporating archery strength …


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How To Adjust Draw Weight On A Compound Bow

Overall, compound bows tend to be fairly technical pieces of equipment. However, any savvy individual armed with basic knowledge regarding how a compound bow functions, can make minor adjustments to their bow without the need to visit an archery shop. One such adjustment is that which pertains to your bow’s draw weight. If you have …


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How To Carry A Bow and Avoid Injury

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve either already started your bowhunting season or are about to start it soon. And whether you’re an experienced hunter or someone who’s just starting out, one thing that all hunters should know is how to carry their bows without injury. It seems like a simple thing at …


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The Best Rangefinders With Angle Compensation Review 2021

Hilly terrain, steep slopes, and uneven ground pose challenges to bowhunters when it comes to measuring sight distance accurately. Rangefinders with angle compensation can accommodate these obstacles, allowing archers to understand their position for a clear shot.  We review the best rangefinders for bowhunting here. Our best overall laser rangefinder pick is the Vortex Optics …


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The Best Recurve Bows in 2021

Traditional archery brings with it a natural appeal, offering those that participate in the sport the opportunity to connect in the most primitive of ways with the game they pursue. This instinctive draw toward traditional archery has led many on a quest to seek out the best takedown bow available, to get started in their …


Essential Compound Bow Tuning Tools Every Hunter Should Own

When bowhunting, the difference between filling your tag, or going home empty-handed often comes down to a matter of a few inches. When precision is key, most hunters strive to leave nothing to chance, instead of doing their best to eliminate all possible variables. This relentless pursuit of perfection has led many archers to purchase …


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Best Bowhunting Backpacks With Bow Holder Review 2021

Hunters often face the difficult decision of what backpack to bring with them on their next hunting trip. A pack needs to be big enough for all your gear, but small enough so you can still maneuver in the woods. The most important requirement is a bow holder for holding your weapon while you’re not …


Strig REcurve

Best Recurve Bow String REVIEW 2021

What is the best recurve bowstring? That’s a great question. Strings vary in size, material, and style. The first thing to consider is if you want a custom or stock bowstring. Stock strings are pre-made and can be quickly installed with no modifications necessary, while custom strings require more time to make from scratch. In …


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How Much Does It Cost To Restring a Compound Bow

Hi there, Bowhunters and archers. Today I’m going to tell you about how much does it cost to restring a compound bow. There are many reasons that people might want to replace the strings on their bows: they could be old or worn out, too short or too long, not holding the right tension, etc. …


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Best Vintage Recurve Bows in 2021

Recurve bows have been in use for centuries across many civilizations in defense of lands, castles, forts and the people who resided there.  Today, these types of bows feature in archery competitions and for personal use by keen archers who are interested in keeping up the tradition of using a recurve bow rather than one …


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New List of Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers in 2021

Today’s recurve bow market is filled with many quality offerings, by a number of notable companies. Each one of these companies has their own unique story to tell and areas of specialty within the industry. Bear Archery Bear Archery was initially founded in 1933, and at the time was based in Detroit, Michigan. The company …


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The Best Compound Bow Quivers in 2021

The best type of bow quiver for you depends on a few different factors, including the type of bow you use and the environment in which you hunt (rainy conditions, for instance, might require a fabric-based quiver). To help you find the right bow quiver for your needs, we have put together this comprehensive guide. …


How To Measure Bow Draw Length

When attempting to set up a compound bow, for best possible fitment, there are several steps, measurements, and calculations that must be accounted for. Of these various factors, few are as important as that of your bow’s draw length. In order to set this crucial adjustment, one must first know how to measure draw length. …


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What Is Happening In The World Of Archery? (March 2021)

The sport of archery is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, as a staggering number of new archers pick up a bow for the very first time, with each passing year. This rapid growth has spurred on a wealth of change and development within the world of archery itself, as competition of every imaginable type …


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What Is IBO Speed?

For those that are new to archery, many of the numbers and specifications that pertain to a bow can be quite confusing. This is understandable, as it is not always made clear as to just what these numbers represent, and many questions often arise. One such question that is often asked is what is IBO …


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Our Guide: Bow Hunting Small Game

Although many archers hunt big game species such as deer, elk, and bear every year, far fewer individuals capitalize upon the numerous small game bowhunting opportunities that exist. Small game bowhunting features several benefits and can be extremely enjoyable for all involved. Small game bow hunting greatly extends your opportunity to go afield. This is …


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Best Recurve Bow Sight in 2021

There is something about the use of a recurve bow that is undeniably nostalgic. With a recurve bow in hand, if only for a minute, we feel a connection to the primitive archers that came before us. While a number of archers shoot in a purely instinctive manner, others prefer the use of a sight. …