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Best Compound Bow For Target Shooting 2024

Archer hands close up, preparing the arrow for the shot.

Are you interested in target shooting but don’t know what bow to buy? Well don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of four bows that are not only affordable but also more than adequate for your first target shooting bow. Heres our current picks: Bow IBO Speed ATA Length Brace Height Draw Length Draw Weight Mass …


9 Strength and Conditioning Exercises for Archery

Archery is a relaxing, calming sport, but one that requires incredible strength of mind and body. As you focus on your target, clear your head, and ready for the release, you activate numerous muscles throughout your body that need regular training. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned archer, incorporating archery strength …


Understanding Wild Turkey Breeding Seasons

Wild turkeys exhibit a range of behaviors during mating season. These include gobbling, strutting, and establishing a pecking order. Understanding these behaviors, including turkey courtship and female turkey mating behavior, can help a hunter be more successful in the woods. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.


Does in the Woods

Hunting isn’t just a pastime; it’s an economic powerhouse, contributing a significant chunk to our country’s financial well-being. So, getting to grips with the figures isn’t just interesting, it’s a nod to the profound impact this tradition has from coast to coast. Unpacking these numbers gives us insight into the robust role hunting plays in …


Do Deer Eat Grapefruit?

Yes, deer will eat grapefruit! Some people outside the hunting and agricultural industries are often surprised to learn that deer will eat just about anything. Deer will eat crops, grasses, vegetation, acorns, and nuts. This means that deer can digest a wide range of plant material. So if you have a grapefruit tree in your …


How Snow Affects Shed Hunting

antler in snow 2

Stepping into the woods after a fresh snowfall, you’re met with the crisp winter air and the sound of snow crunching beneath your boots. This is more than just a hunt; it’s an in-depth lesson in deer behavior as it’s shaped by snow. Snow dramatically influences the strategy and timing of shed hunting. The snow …


Shed Hunting Rules and Laws

Shed antler on the ground

Observe the thrill of shed hunting without breaking laws or disrupting nature; learn the essential rules and regulations in our comprehensive guide.

What is F.O.C. And Why Does It Affect Arrow Flight?

Gold Tip Velocity XT Arrows2

TL;DR– F.O.C. stands for ‘Front of Center’ and refers to the balance point of an arrow. – It is an important concept in bow hunting as it affects the arrow’s flight and penetration.– More F.O.C. = more spine– F.O.C. is calculated by dividing the distance from the arrow’s balance point to the front by the …


New Crossbows 2024

Crossbow technology in 2024? Oh, it’s like we’re living in the future of archery! Just when you think everything that could be done has been done, boom – here comes a new wave of innovation. So, grab your gear, and let’s dive into this exciting world of 2024 crossbows. Let’s get started! TenPoint TRX 515 …


Lucky Buck Deer Mineral Review

Lucky Buck Mineral is a meticulously crafted blend of minerals to bolster deer’s health and antler growth. It’s backed by scientific research, is user-friendly, and won’t break the bank. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the workings of Lucky Buck Mineral, its application, and where to procure it. How Lucky Buck Mineral Works It´s …


Sunday Hunting Bans: Upholding Tradition or Hindering Progress?

Hunting Land A man walking through the woods

Ever thought about the roots of the Sunday hunting bans, colloquially known as ‘Blue Laws’? These regulations, which have been around since 1619 in North America, have traditionally restricted or even prohibited hunting activities on the Sabbath day. Initially grounded in religious observance, the relevance of these laws in our modern, increasingly secular society has …


the latest innovation from Easton—the X10 4mm Parallel Pro


Attention fellow archers and hunters, the game has just changed with Easton’s latest innovation: the X10 4mm Parallel Pro. This arrow, a true masterpiece in precision and performance, is set to revolutionize our experiences in the field and on the range. For more information check out: When you take a close look at the …


How to Hunt Landlocked Public Land


Like a deer caught in the high beams of an approaching vehicle, the concept of hunting on landlocked public land can seem daunting and disorienting. You’re standing on the threshold, ready to step into the uncharted wilderness, yet you’re held back by a web of legalities and uncertainties. This discussion is designed to equip you …


Minnesota Deer Hunters Embrace Crossbows

a hunter with his crossbow in a treestand

Crossbow Regulations for Minnesotan Deer and Turkey Hunting have changed recently. As a result, crossbow sales have gone up almost 500%. The growing fondness for crossbow hunting in Minnesota isn’t just anecdotal. The numbers speak for themselves. Following the implementation of new regulations, a whopping 790 deer were harvested using crossbows in the fall season …


Mathews Lift 33 vs Hoyt RX-8 Ultra

lift33 vs rx8

Who will win the archery duel between the Mathews Lift 33 and the Hoyt RX-8 Ultra? Can we objectively crown a victor in this clash of the Titans? You’ve sifted through numerous reviews, analyzed the hype, and now you’re on the precipice of making a decision. Our analysis won’t just skim the surface. We’re diving …


Best Barometric Pressure for Deer Hunting

a deer in a field looking for food

You’re referring to when hunting was a necessity, not a sport. Now, you’re eyeing that perfect shot, and barometric pressure might be your secret weapon. The deer hunting community is split on this. Some swear by high-pressure days, while others dismiss it as folklore. But there’s evidence suggesting whitetails thrive when pressure is between 29.90 …


Know When To Upgrade Your Archery Gear

Josh Boyd fixing ibow with a set of allen wrenches

There’s a certain charm to holding onto your old faithful bow, but there comes a time when you need to say goodbye. Staying in tune with the latest advancements in archery gear can be the difference between hitting the target and missing the mark. Why settle for just landing on the target when you could …


Difference Between Eastern Turkey and Osceola Turkey

a hen and her turkey poult

Differentiating between Eastern Turkey and Osceola Turkey is critical to refining your hunting skills. Each turkey species has unique characteristics, from vocal responses to behavior towards decoys. Eastern turkeys are generally more receptive to raspy calls, whereas Osceola turkeys often prefer a more subdued approach. For decoy strategies, Osceola gobblers tend to be more committed. …


Best Food Plots for Turkeys

two turkey on a meadow

Creating a compelling food plot for turkeys is like crafting the perfect meal. The right mix can significantly enhance turkey activity on your land. This guide focuses on top choices for experienced bowhunters: clover and milo for attracting turkeys and insects and winter wheat and alfalfa for consistent nourishment. We’ll also explore why your plot …


How To Get Your Spouse Hooked on Bowhunting

a female bow hunter silouette

Bowhunting is more than just a personal pursuit. It can be a shared adventure that strengthens the bond with your life’s partner – your spouse. Integrating your spouse into your bowhunting exploits can transform this solitary sport into a shared journey, enriching your experiences and creating unforgettable memories. Whether your significant other joins as an …


How Far Can Deer Hear?

deer s impressive hearing abilities

Imagine you’re out in the wilderness, quietly stalking a deer. You might wonder how far this creature can hear. Deer have an excellent sense of hearing, far better than ours. With their large, swiveling ears, they can catch the faintest sounds from significant distances, an ability they rely on for survival. In this piece, we’ll …


Elite Archery 2024 New Bows


Elite Archery, a leading manufacturer of high-performance bows, has announced the launch of three new models for 2024: the Ethos, the Kairos, and the Allure. These bows are designed to offer the best shootability, versatility, and efficiency for hunters and archers of all levels. The Ethos The Elite Ethos 2024 hunting bow is compact, lightweight, …


Bear Archery Legit Compound Bow Package Review


As an avid archer, I’m always on the lookout for the latest bows. Recently, I got my hands on the Bear Archery Legit Compound Bow Package, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. This bow is like a Swiss Army knife for archers, with its adjustable draw length and weight options. And the best …


Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring

Flemish Strings Replacement

Are you ready to take your archery skills to the next level? Look no further than the Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring. I’ve had the pleasure of putting this high-performance bowstring to the test and replacing the string on one of my trad bows. Let me walk you through the experience. The Ultimate …


Archery Gloves Reviewed 2024

three archery gloves

Hello, fellow archers! Ready to enhance your shooting experience? If you’re fed up with sore fingers and callouses after a long practice, consider getting a reliable pair of archery gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Navigating through the plethora of options on the market to find top-notch gloves can be daunting. That’s why we’re …


Does Brace Height Impact Arrow Speed?

How To Measure Brace Height

Are you an avid archer seeking to maximize your arrow speed? Brace height, the distance between the bowstring and the grip, plays a pivotal role. A shorter brace height equals greater arrow speed but at the expense of forgiveness. Bow design, arrow weight, draw length, shooting form, and environmental conditions influence this delicate balance.  Discovering …


Nocturnal Bucks Do They Exist??

deer at night but not nocturnal

The nocturnal behavior of bucks has long posed a challenge for hunters and conservationists. Do they even exist, and how can we effectively hunt and manage these elusive creatures? Is there such a thing as a 100% nocturnal buck? The answer is no! Some deer are changing activity patterns for several reasons (ex., hunting pressure) …


How Do Bucks Skillfully Evade the Pressures of Hunting?

a white tail buck in the evening sun

Through a sophisticated array of sensory abilities, bucks employ various strategies to evade hunting pressure and ensure their survival. Comparable to skilled detectives, bucks possess acute hearing, a strong sense of smell, and excellent peripheral vision, allowing them to detect and sense danger from a distance. Crepuscular by nature, they browse mainly at dawn and …