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KESHES Archery Recurve Bow 62″ Review 2023

Korean bowmaker Samick is known for its superb quality. The KESHES recurve bow is connected with exactly those manufacturers and build with utmost comparable quality. This bow has a takedown feature – limb replacement is an absolute no-brainer. And not only is the KESHES lightweighted but beautiful and extremely comfortable to hold. KESHES TAKEDOWN ARCHERY …


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Best Beginner Compound Bows 2023 Reviews

You’re looking for the best beginner bow? In this article, we’ll show you which bows are not only affordable but have the potential to take you from beginner to pro! Ok. Let´s get started. You are a beginner, and you don´t know what bow you should buy, let alone how much you should spend for …


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Best Bow Hunting Day Packs in 2023

It is fair to say that a hunting backpack is not the same as a travel backpack. The reason for this is the unique design elements to safely stow a bow, crossbow or other equipment while still making them quickly accessible. In our opinion, the best bow hunting pack is the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Hunting …


Best Broadhead Sharpener in 2023

Sharp blades are essential to any bowhunter’s success. A sharp blade will give you the best possible chance of making a clean kill shot and ensure that your blades last for as long as possible. But how do you keep them sharp? This article is going to explore some of the best broadhead sharpeners on …


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Best Hunting Tree Saddles in 2023

If you are looking to join the growing ranks of whitetail hunters who have ditched their treestands in favor of a more mobile (and stealthier) tree saddle approach, you are likely weighing your options when it comes to gear selection. This level of reservation is undoubtedly wise, as no one wants to be uncomfortable as …


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New List of Top Recurve Bow Manufacturers in 2023

Today’s recurve bow market is filled with many quality offerings, by a number of notable companies. Each one of these companies has their own unique story to tell and areas of specialty within the industry. Bear Archery Bear Archery was initially founded in 1933, and at the time was based in Detroit, Michigan. The company …


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Fastest Compound Bows in 2023

In this article, we talk about five compound bows that are fast and affordable. So…If you want a fast bow that doesn’t break the bank, read on! Some people say that a fast bow has its advantages and disadvantages in certain situations. We weighed the pros and cons of each model based on our experience …


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Best Recurve Bow Brands for the Money in 2023

A recurve bow is a traditional one that is perhaps the most recognizable from history books and movies covering medieval times when rows of archers defended the land. This type of bow has limbs that bend out from the archer. The draw weight is fixed with the model, rather than being adjustable like is the …


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How to Travel with Archery Equipment on a Plane: Tips and Tricks

How to fly with a bow and arrow? Traveling with archery equipment can be a challenge, but it is definitely doable with a bit of preparation. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help make your travel experience a bit easier. We will cover everything from packing your gear to …


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Why Invest in a Good Archery Bow Scale?

When you are looking to purchase a good archery bow scale, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration. The most important of these is undoubtedly the quality of the scale itself. A cheap, low-quality scale will do nothing but frustrate you and could even damage your equipment in case of …


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Archery Bow Holder Belt: How To Carry Your Bow Hands Free

It’s happened to all of us when we hunt in the backcountry: you keep carrying your bow, and your grip starts to wear out. Eventually, you switch your bow between hands to relieve your grip. As you scan the countryside, you must put your bow down on the ground to free your hands.  What’s a …


Archery Bow Hangers

Archery Bow Hangers: How to Store Your Bow

When you’re not using your archery bow, you need to find a safe and secure place to store it. You don’t want to leave it lying around in your house. That’s why archery bow hangers are such a great invention. In this article, we will discuss the different types of bow hangers available on the …


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Archery Bow Exerciser

An archery bow exerciser can help improve your strength, which in turn will help improve your archery skills. The exerciser is designed to simulate the action of drawing and releasing an arrow from a bow, providing resistance that helps build strength in the arm, chest, and back muscles. What is an Archery Bow Exerciser And …


What Makes A Bow Forgiving?

What Makes A Bow Forgiving?

If you’ve ever spent time discussing archery with a group of enthusiasts, you may have heard someone describe a bow as ‘forgiving’ before. In fact, even certain aspects and qualities of a bow can be described as forgiving. Essentially, a bow is said to be ‘forgiving’ when it minimizes the effects of human error. A …


What Skills Do You Need For Archery

What Skills Do You Need For Archery?

Loads of people like the idea of becoming an archer. In fact, many people dream of taking up this hobby. It is a great sport that is fun and looks super cool.  After all, who doesn’t want to be the next Legolas? Despite its popularity, there are very few people who actually take up archery. …


What Factors Affect Arrow Speed?

How Do Archers Make Money?

Archers compete in tournaments all over the world to win money. They also shoot for sponsors, who often pay them a fee to wear their logo. Some archers also have endorsement deals with companies that make archery equipment or other products. So, you want to be a professional archer? It’s not an easy life. You’ll …


Is A Recurve Bow Better Than A Longbow (2)

Is A Recurve Bow Better Than A Longbow?

Archers have been using bows for centuries to hunt and compete in sports. There are many different types of bows; two popular ones are the recurve bow and the longbow. This article will compare these two types of bows and help you decide which one is better for you. So is a recurve bow better …


What Are The Four Different Types Of Bows?

What Are The Four Different Types Of Bows?

Whether you are an archery novice or expert, it is important to know the four main types of bows. Each of these bows has different designs and features that make them unique. The main varieties of archery bows are compound bows, crossbows, longbows, and recurve bows.  With the help of this guide, you will be …


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Should You Consider A Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest?

This article will provide some information about whisker biscuits and why you may want to consider using one for your compound bow. A whisker biscuit is a containment arrow rest that holds an arrow securely in place. It can be used by both right- and left-handed archers, which makes it very practical for the hunter …


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How To Properly Tune A Recurve Bow

In archery, accuracy stems from proper tuning every bit as much, if not more than quality marksmanship. Even the best archer in the world cannot shoot to his or her full potential if their bow is not properly tuned. Knowing this, if you are a fan of traditional archery, you have probably often wondered how …


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How To: Archery Bow Grip

Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires skill, practice, and accuracy to shoot an arrow and hit the target. The bow grip is one of the most important aspects of shooting an arrow. It is the point where you connect with the bow and it is crucial that you have …


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How To Properly Draw a Compound Bow

Making a successful shot with your bow is a multi-step process. Failure to execute any one of these steps in their entirety can lead to poor form and shot execution. Of these steps, one of the most vital is that of efficiently drawing your bow. If you are unable to successfully draw your bow in …


How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot (1)

How Far Can A 70 Pound Compound Bow Shoot?

The distance a compound bow can shoot an arrow depends on several variables. These variables include weather conditions, the archer’s ability, and the bow’s design. Bearing this in mind, it can be challenging to calculate how far a compound bow can shoot. For example, when weather conditions are perfect, it’s much easier to shoot an arrow …


Is Archery Difficult To Learn (1)

Is Archery Difficult To Learn?

Most people will admit that at one point in their lives, they have had a brief fascination with archery. The sport seems so cool and interesting. Plus, with so many cultural archers, it is understandable that people occasionally dream of being an archer. From Marvel’s Hawkeye to Katniss Everdeen, there are tons of famous archers …



How Long Does A Recurve Bow Last?

Bows are expensive pieces of equipment. Most archers spend between $150 and $1000 on a recurve bow. Yet, you cannot get around buying them. After all, they are essential for archery. This, combined with all of the other equipment required for archery, results in it being an expensive sport. Because of this high price, archers …


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What Is the Difference Between Archery and Bowhunting?

To most people, bowhunting and archery are exactly the same. After all, they involve someone firing an arrow. How different could they possibly be? Well, this guide will help you to understand the many intricate differences between archery and bowhunting. Though they look the same, they are, in fact, two completely different sports. Here’s everything …


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The 5 Best Bow Stabilizers 2023

While know-it-all elitists frequently dismiss bow stabilizers as an unnecessary tool used only by amateurs, the best compound bow stabilizer silences your bow by eliminating excess vibration. And any bowman who’s ever hunted in the field knows that old cliches are sometimes true. On a hunt, silence is golden. At Bow Addicted, we want you …


Does Archery Make You Lopsided (1)

Does Archery Make You Lopsided?

Archery is a sport that has been around for centuries. It requires strength, precision, and balance. But does archery make you lopsided? well, it actually could. Some people claim that the form and strength required for archery make people who participate in the sport unevenly balanced. On one hand, this makes sense. After all, you …


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How Much Does It Cost To Restring a Compound Bow

Hi there, Bowhunters and archers. Today I’m going to tell you about how much does it cost to restring a compound bow. There are many reasons that people might want to replace the strings on their bows: they could be old or worn out, too short or too long, not holding the right tension, etc. …


Best Scent Eliminator For Deer Hunting 2023

When you’re out bowhunting, you probably take great pains to conceal yourself from your quarry. While camouflage gear and deer blinds can help to hide your body, however, masking your scent is an entirely different matter. You can mask odors that might alarm game by using a scent eliminator before heading out hunting. Once you’ve …