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Will Deer Blood Spook other Deer

When it comes to deer, there is a lot that remains unknown. One question that continues to baffle hunters and researchers is whether or not the blood of a deer will scare away other deer. Some people believe that the scent of blood will scare away other deer, while others think that a deer carcass …


How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot (2)

How Far Can A 30 Pound Bow Shoot?

If you have a decent knowledge of archery, you probably will have heard the term “draw weight.” In archery, this is a vital concept. A bow’s draw weight can affect many qualities, such as the amount of power and the comfort that the user feels. It can also influence how far a bow can fire …


What Type Of Arrows Should I Use Recurve

What Type Of Arrows Should I Use Recurve?

It doesn’t take an expert archer to work out what the two most important pieces of equipment are for archery: bows and arrows. Recurve bows are one of the most popular kinds of bows in the world, coming in all shapes and sizes, and they can be used for a wide variety of archery situations. …


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Big-Game Species: North America´s Most (Bow)Hunted

In North America, there are 29 big-game species recognized by Pope & Young Club. Each of these animals is prized for its meat, antlers, or fur. In some cases, all three! Pope & Young Club keep bowhunting’s official records, and it shares data with wildlife agencies so they can analyze big-game populations. To qualify for …


Shooting Off the Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

Shooting Off The Shelf Vs. Using A Rest

It’s one of the age-old questions in archery- do you shoot ‘off the shelf’, or use an arrow rest? A quick glance at any of the many archery forums on the internet will reveal this to be a controversial topic. Is one method of shooting really superior to the other? You’ll find proponents of both …


How Far Can A 50 Pound Recurve Bow Shoot

How Far Can A 50 Pound Recurve Bow Shoot?

Is your ideal draw weight 50lb? For many men, this is the average draw weight. Recurve bows are some of the most widely used bows on the market, utilized by both beginner and professional archers. As a result, 50lb recurve bows are perhaps the most commonly purchased bows. But just how far can these 50lb …


What Is A Recurve Bow Good For?

What Is A Recurve Bow Good For?

If you’re familiar with archery and the various terminologies involved in the sport, you’ve probably heard of a ‘recurve bow’ before. It’s a type of bow that can store more energy for every shot that a traditional, compound bow. The result is a more efficient shot with every arrow. Recurve bows are considered to be …


What Draw Weight Are Olympic Bows

What Draw Weight Are Olympic Bows?

Archery has always been one of those Olympic sports that can captivate audiences around the world, even if the people watching have never shot an arrow in their life! However, as you might expect, there’s a pretty significant difference between archery hobbyists and those competing at the highest level at the Olympic games. Primarily, the …


What Do The 3 Whistles Mean In Archery

What Do The 3 Whistles Mean In Archery?

When participating in archery, there are lots of important safety rules that you should be aware of. These safety rules are important because they ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. While these rules may seem tedious, they are nonetheless essential. By keeping everyone safe, these rules mean that everyone can have fun. In archery, …


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Prep Your Bow For The Next Hunting Season

The next bow hunting season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your bow in top shape. This starts with inspecting every component of your bow. Check for loose screws, frayed cables, your bowstring, and cracks in the limbs. Also, spend some time with maps, check regulations for changes, and buy …



What Is The Easiest Bow To Hunt With?

Do you like the idea of hunting with a bow? If so, you might be wondering what the best type of bow to use is. After all, hunting requires different qualities in a bow than traditional archery does. The easiest bow to use for hunting is a compound bow. Why is this? What are these …


a 3 D Archery Target

The Best Archery Targets In 2022 For The Money

Archery is a craft that takes a significant amount of discipline to find success. A considerable amount of this discipline comes in the form of regular practice. Many archers spend a large amount of time in their backyards, honing their marksmanship while shooting at a personal archery target. These targets must be of quality construction …


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Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight Review

Our Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight review will focus on the unique design and technology that this product uses to improve accuracy. The five-pin design, coupled with proprietary React Technology, automatically adjusts the pins so that they offer optimal accuracy for each shot. Trophy Ridge React Pro React Technology Durable Stainless Steel …


What Type Of Bow Is Best For Hunting

What Type Of Bow Is Best For Hunting?

Bowhunting is a sport that tons of people enjoy participating in. People find this hobby to be genuinely thrilling. It has a long history, with many cultures participating in bowhunting. Plus, it is a brilliant method of testing your archery skills. If you are eager to get involved with bowhunting, you must obtain the right …


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Best Takedown Recurve Bow [Roundup Review] 2022

This post will provide you with information on the best takedown bows for hunting and archery. This is a great article if you are in the market to purchase your first bow or looking to upgrade from a traditional longbow. Takedown recurve bows are a great option for beginner archers because they’re lightweight, easy to …


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What is the Best Archery Distance for Beginners?

Have you ever wondered how many yards should archery beginners practice? Archers should start out at a close distance when shooting. You need to be comfortable with the target before you move farther away. A qualified instructor will help you determine the proper distance to shoot. For most younger people, starting at 5 yards is a …



Which Is Faster: Recurve or Longbow?

When becoming an archer, speed is not always the most important factor. Instead, accuracy and power are needed to hit a target. The speed of the arrow will not really affect its ability to hit a target. However, speed is nonetheless desirable in a bow, particularly if you are hunting. This is because the arrow …


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Comparing Bowfishing Kits 2022

When you say fishing, most people will think of rods and reels. Maybe they also have a few spots in mind for casting with flies or ice-fishing holes that are more traditional methods but there’s another type too: bow fishing! It requires specialized equipment like the right kind of arrows or bows. I put together …



What is a Female Deer Called?

There are many different names for female deer, depending on the region in which they live. The size of the species plays an important role too. Some of the more common names include doe and cow. In North America, female white-tail deer are called does. Deer Species in North America There are different deer species …


Why Is It Called A Recurve Bow?

Why Is It Called A Recurve Bow?

In archery, there are a lot of confusing names and technical terms when it comes to the equipment involved. However, one of the most commonly known pieces of archery equipment in the modern day is certainly the recurve bow. This is the kind of bow that is used in Olympic archery events, as well as …



Can You Hunt With A 50lb Bow?

Bowhunting is a sport with ever-growing popularity. Many people love the thrill of the chase. Plus, hunters get to celebrate their victory with food and hunting trophies. But bowhunting is a hobby that requires tons of skill, dedication, and experience – Additionally another important factor in bowhunting is having the right bow and equipment. This …


What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow

What Animals Are Hunted With A Bow?

Are you considering getting involved with bowhunting? It is a popular sport that involves hunting animals with bows. It also requires lots of skill, so you might want to spend some time honing your archery skills. When you participate in bowhunting, make sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you are following …


Can You Hunt With A 30lb Bow?

How Difficult Is Bowhunting?

Does bowhunting sound appealing to you? If so, you might consider taking it up as a hobby. Starting any new hobby can be tough, and especially bow hunting is no easy task. Being a successful bow hunter takes a lot of practice, dedication, and skill. So, how difficult is bowhunting? Is it hard to start …


Bow hunter in a ladder style tree stand safely raising his bow with a haul line

Best Ladder Tree Stand in 2022

When you hit the woods, several hunting gears come in handy and a tree stand is among those items to tag along. Here are our top picks of ladder tree stands, with the Summit Treestand 81120 Viper SD taking the first slot due to its all-round nature. The Best Overall Easiest to Carry Best Value …


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The Best Compound Bow Sights in 2022

Archery is a pursuit where mere inches make a difference between success or the lack thereof. Because of this, the purchase of a quality bow sight is a sound investment for any archer to make. We will talk about the different sights and of course their specs and their individual advantages. At a Glance: Here …


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The Best Archery Gloves Reviewed

Archers, it’s time to up your game. No more risking sore fingers and callouses – it’s time to get a good pair of gloves to keep your hands protected while you shoot. But with so many options available, which ones are the best? We’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best archery …


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Best Bowfishing Reels in 2022

After you have spent countless hours perfecting your bowfishing marksmanship skills, and ample time on the water to put yourself in position for the shot that you seek, you have finally connected and have the fish of a lifetime at the end of your line. Now is when a quality reel pays dividends towards your …


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Bowhunting: Should I Use A Release Aid And Why?

Those that are new to the sport of archery often become overwhelmed at the onslaught of information that presents itself when one is attempting to decipher which gear they should purchase. Questions such as, “Should I use a release aid, and if so, why?” are common among those that are new to shooting a bow. …


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Mathews Z7 Compound Bow Specs

Finding a bow that offers a combination of both speed and smoothness can be a struggle. Most bows excel in either one area or the other, but the Mathews Z7 Compound Bow might be just what you’ve been looking for. Read this Mathews Z7 Compound Bow Buying Guide for a review and specs of this …


Do I Need A Plunger?

Do I Need A Plunger?

If you’re new to archery, then although you’ve heard of a plunger, you might not have heard of it in this form. The archer’s plunger, sometimes known as a cushion plunger, is a small piece of equipment that looks like a spark plug, but is essential for a consistent shot. All Olympic archers need a …