It is no secret that archery prowess is, in large part, a product of proper form. One of the most important elements of proper form is the retention of a consistent anchor point during every shot.

One popular tool to aid in the keeping of consistent form is a kisser button, which ensures that you anchor your shot in an identical location time and time again.

For many, the kisser button helps with consistency in their shooting. Others don’t like it because they say it feels uncomfortable or hurts the lips. It probably comes down to personal preferences.

You´ll find our individual reviews below, but in case you are here for the recommendations only, here we go.

At a Glance: Our Favorite Kisser Buttons

+ BEST OVERALL – TRUGLO. Slip-over design. Soft yet durable material for enhanced longevity.
+ MOST RESILIENT- PINE RIDGE. Well suited for modern high-speed bows. A rugged companion!
+ BEST BUDGET – NIKA. Two in a pack. Excellent deal. Lightweight design.
+ MOST HUNTER FRIENDLY – BOHNING. Hunter-style sizing for easy anchor point acquisition. Slip-over design. Anchor clips included.
+ ALLEN KISSER BUTTON. Slotted Design, Installs quickly and easily. Made in the USA.

Is a Kisser Button Necessary?

No, you do not need one to be successful at archery – some people use them while others do not care for them.

For this reason, a countless number of archers seek to locate the best kisser buttons on the market. In our opinion, the best one ist the TRUGLO Kisser Button. But make sure to check out the other products on this list as well.

Should I Use a Kisser Button?

Every person has their own preference when it comes to archery equipment. Some use kisser buttons, while others do not find them necessary.

Some coaches recommend using kissers because they can become more consistent in their anchor point, which leads to improved shots over time due to muscle memory retention. This means that just like

If you are still unsure if a kisser button will help with your shooting, ask an experienced archer or try one out for a while. They are pretty easy to install.

Kisser Buttons That Make You A Better Archer

A nearly endless number of kisser buttons are available on the market today. However, some are naturally better suited to specific archers’ needs than others.

If you are in search of a kisser button that will reinforce proper form and make you a better archer, or better at target shooting, then you are in the right place.

These are our top picks for the best kisser buttons.

TruGlo Kisser Button Blue

TRUGLO is a reputable company with a long-standing presence in the archery industry. Known for producing high-quality products, they have established a strong reputation among archers.

The TRUGLO Kisser Button maintains this tradition of excellence. It stands out with its availability in multiple colors, allowing archers to choose an option that suits their personal preferences or matches their bow’s aesthetics.

This variety of colors adds a touch of customization to the archery experience.

The slip-over design of the TRUGLO Kisser Button makes installation a breeze.

Unlike some other kisser buttons that may require a bow press for installation, the slip-over design eliminates the need for additional tools or equipment.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Slip-over design for easy installation
  • Made from soft, yet durable material for enhanced longevity


  • Limited size variations

This convenience is a significant advantage, as archers can easily install the Kisser Button without any specialized knowledge or assistance.

Simultaneously, the durable construction ensures that the Kisser Button can withstand the demands of regular use, providing archers with a reliable and long-lasting accessory.

The TRUGLO Kisser Button also functions in a slip-over capacity, meaning that no bow press is needed during the installation process.

Overall, the TRUGLO Kisser Button exemplifies the company’s commitment to quality and user-friendly design.

Its slip-over installation, range of color choices, and soft yet durable construction make it a popular choice among archers seeking a reliable and comfortable kisser button for their bows.

Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button

If you are searching for a kisser button that will be a rugged companion to your bow setup for years to come, look no further than the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button. This kisser button offers several advantages, making it a top choice for archers looking for durability and reliability.

The Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button is designed with a solid-state construction, ensuring that it stays securely in place on the bowstring.

This fixed positioning guarantees consistent functionality, eliminating any concerns about the kisser button shifting or moving during shots.

Soft and flexible construction for ultimate comfort: The soft and flexible construction of the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button adds an extra layer of comfort to your shooting experience.

It provides a gentle touch against the corner of your mouth, allowing for a more comfortable anchor point and reducing any potential discomfort or irritation.

One of the key advantages of the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button is its universal fit.


  • Fixed positioning for assured functionality
  • Soft and flexible construction for ultimate comfort
  • Universal fit across all compound bows, new and old


  • A bow press is needed for installation

Whether you have a modern high-speed bow or an older model, this kisser button is designed to accommodate all compound bows.

Its versatility makes it a reliable choice regardless of the bow you use.

One potential drawback of the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button is that its installation requires the use of a bow press.

If you don’t have access to a bow press, you may need assistance from a professional or a knowledgeable archer to install the kisser button correctly.

The Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button is designed with archer comfort in mind, with its soft and flexible construction.

Overall, the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button stands out as a durable and reliable choice for archers seeking long-lasting performance.

With its fixed positioning, soft construction, and universal fit, it offers both functionality and comfort to enhance your shooting experience. Just keep in mind that installation may require a bow press if you don’t have one readily available.

NIKA Archery Kisser Button

The NIKA Archery Kisser button is exactly what a budget-minded archery enthusiast needs to maintain proper form and improve their accuracy.

Perhaps the best thing about the NIKA Archery Kisser Button is that it comes two to a pack. This leads to an excellent deal for those who have multiple bows or would simply like to have a spare kisser button on hand.

The NIKA Archery Kisser button is an excellent choice for budget-minded archery enthusiasts who are looking to maintain proper form and improve their accuracy.

With its affordable price point, this kisser button offers great value for its features and benefits.

One notable advantage of the NIKA Archery Kisser Button is that it comes in a pack of two. This is particularly beneficial for archers who want to keep a spare kisser button readily available.

Having an extra kisser button ensures that you can easily replace or switch them without any hassle.

Weighing less than 7 grams, it doesn’t add significant weight to your setup, preventing any loss of energy during your shots.

This lightweight construction allows for a smooth and natural shooting experience.


  • Lightweight design that prevents loss of energy
  • Rubber construction absorbs string vibration
  • Slip-over design for simplified installation


  • A limited number of color choices

The kisser button is made of rubber, which provides excellent string vibration absorption.

This means that when you release the bowstring, the rubber material helps to dampen vibrations, reducing hand shock and minimizing discomfort.

The absorption of string vibration contributes to a more comfortable and controlled shot, allowing you to maintain focus on your target.

Installing the NIKA Archery Kisser Button is simple and straightforward due to its slip-over design.

The slip-over style enables quick and easy installation without requiring any complex tools or modifications.

This user-friendly installation process ensures that archers of all experience levels can easily set up the kisser button on their bowstrings without any difficulties.

On the downside, one limitation of the NIKA Archery Kisser Button is the limited number of color choices available. If you have a specific preference for matching colors or personalized aesthetics, the range of color options may be somewhat limited.

In summary, the NIKA Archery Kisser Button offers budget-minded archery enthusiasts a practical solution for maintaining proper form and improving accuracy.

ALLEN Kisser Button

As an archery enthusiast who has personally used the Allen Kisser Button, I can confidently share my experience with this accessory.

This Kisser Button has proven to be a valuable addition to my archery setup, offering several notable benefits.

First and foremost, the Kisser Button excels at silencing the bowstring. It effectively dampened the noise produced, allowing me to maintain a stealthy approach while hunting or preventing any distractions during target shooting.

Moreover, the Kisser Button’s soft polymer material played a crucial role in dampening vibrations.

I noticed a marked reduction in hand shock and discomfort upon release, enabling me to shoot with greater comfort and stability.

The smoother shooting experience translated into improved accuracy, as it eliminated the slight jolts and disturbances that could affect my aim.


  • Silences the bowstring
  • Dampens vibration
  • Improves consistency
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced archers


  • Personal preference
  • Limited functionality

One of the standout advantages of the Allen Kisser Button was its ability to improve consistency.

By serving as a reliable anchor point reference, I was able to establish and maintain a consistent form and technique throughout my shooting sessions.

This consistency directly translated into better shot execution, resulting in enhanced accuracy and precision over time.

Installation was a breeze, even for someone like me who is not particularly handy.

The Kisser Button could be quickly and easily installed on the bowstring without the need for any complex tools or modifications.

This accessibility made it an excellent choice for archers of all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Lastly, it was refreshing to know that the Allen Kisser Button is made in the USA. The product’s quality and attention to detail were evident, instilling a sense of trust and satisfaction in my purchase.

While my personal experience with the Allen Kisser Button has been positive, it’s important to note that individual preferences may vary.

However, I can confidently recommend the Allen Kisser Button to archers seeking to enhance their shooting consistency, reduce noise, and improve their overall shooting experience.

Bohning – Most Hunter Friendly

Bohning Archery is yet another name that is synonymous with quality archery accessories and has been for quite some time. This allows consumers to purchase with confidence knowing that they are buying a product that will yield years of trouble-free usage.


  • Slip-on design for easy installation
  • Includes clips for effortless mounting
  • Hunter-style sizing for easy anchor point acquisition


  • No available color variations
  • The sizable design might feel bulky to target archers or those used to smaller buttons

The Bohning Kisser Button is designed to be slipped into place around the bowstring without the use of a bow press and is considered a “hunter-style” button, meaning that it is of a size that can easily be maneuvered into place, even in the heat of the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Install A Kisser Button?

The installation is fairly easy. Different types are

  • Fit-Over Kisser Buttons
  • Glue-On Kissers
  • Kissers with anchor clips (use those)

But see for yourself:

Where Does a Kisser go?

Many people like to use a “rule of thumb” when putting on a kiss button. Meaning, that you place it 1 1/8″ above the release loop.

The Pros of a Kisser Button

  • Consistent anchor point. Due to that, especially for new archers, a boost in confidence. One thing on the list you don´t have to worry about.
  • It can be helpful when shooting difficult and/or steep angles. Shooting from a treestand and so on.

The Cons of a Kisser Button

  • It could damage your lip
  • Decreases arrow speed
  • Controversial in conjunction with a peep sight

How do you Remove the Kisser Button?

Use a nock tool remover if you don´t have one, use needle-nose pliers. Just grab the metal clip and open it. The button has a slit in it, and you can easily slide it off the string. Be careful not to grab the string!

As for the ones that are glued on, you need to cut them off. Careful! DONT cut the string!

Build In Comfort

The corner of your mouth, where a kisser button is to be placed when at full draw, can prove to be a sensitive area. Therefore, if a kisser button has a rough finish, or is excessively bulky, extended practice sessions can quickly become uncomfortable.

The best kisser buttons keep archer comfort in mind by minimizing rough edges, and consist of a rubberized construction.

This ensures that an archer remains comfortable and can concentrate on the shot that they are in the process of taking, even after a lengthy day of shooting on the range.

This is one of the many reasons that we love the TRUGLO Kisser Button. This kisser button is constructed in a way that provides a superior level of comfort, while also remaining durable enough to stand up to years of use.

This allows an archer to remain focused on the shot at hand, as opposed to the irritation that can be caused by lesser market offerings.

One That Holds Its Ground

When shooting a bow, there is simply no room for a malfunctioning, misaligned, or unreliable item within the shot process.

You should have complete confidence that your kisser button will stay in place no matter the circumstance or the number of shots that have been taken.

A kisser button that shifts up and down along a bowstring is not only aggravating, but it can have negative impacts on your form as a whole.

Pine Ridge Kisser Button Slide On Lime...
Pine Ridge Kisser Button Slide On Lime...
Solid kisser without a slit; Secure for high speed bows; Fits over end serving on string; Flexible and soft on your lip
Amazon Prime

With this in mind, it is easy to see why we cannot get enough of the Pine Ridge Archery Kisser Button. Although more difficult to install than some of its slip-over competitors, once this kisser button is in place, it is there to stay.

With no worry of sliding upon the string or becoming dislodged upon the string’s release, you can focus solely on the shot opportunity to come.

One Thats Not Hard To Find

As you stare downrange at the buck of a lifetime, adrenaline courses through your veins and even the simplest of tasks become tedious.

This is precisely why it is of the utmost importance that you find a kisser button that is easily locatable.

The use of a sizable kisser button allows you to maneuver it into place, with little thought, in order to guide your form under any wide array of circumstances.

Bohning Kisser Button, Black
Bohning Kisser Button, Black
Lightweight; Hunter style; Easy to install; Clips included; Positive anchor
Amazon Prime

It is for this reason that the Bohning Kisser Button is among our favorite products. This button’s hunter-style design means that in the heat of the moment, even when wearing a bulky facemask, you will quickly and effortlessly be able to guide it to its intended location.

This is of immense value when the buck of your dreams is standing firmly within bow range, and you can hardly think, let alone seek out a kisser button that has gone missing in action.

Which Kisser Button Is The Best?

When comparing the kisser buttons that are presented within this list, I believe without a doubt that the TRUGLO Kisser Button is the best on the market, with the Bohning Kisser Button coming in as a not-so-distant runner-up.

Bohning Kisser Button, Black
Bohning Kisser Button, Black
Lightweight; Hunter style; Easy to install; Clips included; Positive anchor
Amazon Prime

The TRUGLO Kisser Button is easy to install, comes complete with the necessary hardware to ensure that its placement upon the bowstring does not deviate, and is comfortable enough to go the distance, without making an archer regret the length of their shooting session (read.. best bowstring silencers)

These factors all culminate into a kisser button that warrants instant classic status among all archers who call it their own.

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