How to Make a Crossbow Quieter

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As avid bowhunters, we understand the importance of minimizing noise while out in the field. Crossbows are known for their power and accuracy, but their noise can sometimes give our position away from our prey.

Fortunately, there are several ways to make our crossbows quieter and improve our stealth during hunting sessions.

In this article, we will explore some effective methods to reduce crossbow noise, such as using string silencers and limb dampeners and optimizing our choice of bolts.

Understanding Crossbow Noise

Causes of Crossbow Noise

Several factors contribute to the noise generated by a crossbow. It’s essential to understand these factors to reduce crossbow noise effectively.

The first significant cause of noise comes from the vibration produced when a crossbow is fired. The limbs of a crossbow can hold up to 200-pound draw weights, which means a lot of energy is involved in each shot.

This energy creates vibrations that travel through the bow and generate noise when the string is released (Guide Outdoors).

We can use vibration-dampening accessories, such as limb dampeners and string silencers, to reduce this noise.

Another factor contributing to crossbow noise is the weight of the bolt being used. Heavier bolts produce less noise because they absorb more energy during firing, leaving less energy to cause vibrations (ArcheryTipsCentral).

A third source of noise comes from loose parts on the crossbow, which can create additional vibrations when the bow is fired (CrossbowExperts).

To address this issue, it’s important to inspect your crossbow and ensure all fasteners are tight regularly.

Lastly, a well-maintained crossbow will generally be quieter than a neglected one. Simple maintenance tasks like waxing the bowstring can help reduce noise (

As for the actual loudness of a crossbow, the noise level can vary greatly depending on the specific model and the accessories used.

However, remember that a relatively quiet crossbow will still generate some noise.

How to Make a Crossbow Quieter

String Silencers

One of the primary ways to make a crossbow quieter is using string silencers.

These handy devices attach to your bowstring and help absorb vibration and dampen noise when the crossbow is fired.

Attach them to the bowstring at equal distances from the center to properly utilize string silencers.

This helps ensure that energy transfer and noise reduction are even and effective.

Many crossbow users have successfully reduced noise by regularly maintaining and waxing their bowstrings, as recommended by

Limb Dampeners

Reducing noise from your crossbow limbs is another effective way to quiet your crossbow.

Limb dampeners of rubber or other materials can be attached to the crossbow limbs to absorb vibration and reduce noise upon firing.

These can usually be easily installed on most crossbows; choose the right size and style for your specific model. Suppose DIY dampeners are what you’re looking for.

In that case, the Blue Collar Outdoors and More YouTube channel offers a demonstration and comparison of homemade limb dampeners.

Silencing a Ravin Crossbow

When silencing a Ravin crossbow, we can do a few specific things to ensure a quieter hunting experience.

Ravin-specific Tips

First, we need to address the importance of proper maintenance. Regularly cleaning and lubricating the crossbow’s rail is essential in reducing noise.

A clean rail will allow the string to glide more smoothly, mitigating excess friction and noise. Ravin recommends using their Ravin Rail Lube to keep the rail in top condition.

Next, consider using heavier bolts.

Heavier bolts will generate less space between the firing mechanism and the arrow, thus reducing the sound produced by additional kicking.

The ArcheryTipsCentral explains that using heavier bolts can make a significant difference in crossbow noise.

Another handy tip is to ensure the string is properly waxed. This extends the string’s life and helps dampen noise as the string transfers energy.

You can use Ravin’s Serving Wax for consistent results.

Finally, looking into aftermarket silencing options is a great idea. Many crossbow enthusiasts recommend investing in limb dampeners specifically designed for Ravin crossbows.

You can find these dampeners at various online retailers and local archery shops.

By following the tips outlined above, we can make our Ravin crossbows much quieter and more enjoyable while hunting.

Remember, proper maintenance and the use of quality accessories play a crucial role in reducing crossbow noise. Happy hunting!

General Maintenance for Quieter Crossbows

Proper lubrication, tightening bolts and screws, and other tips for reducing noise.

A quiet crossbow can improve your hunting experience by reducing the chances of your target detecting your presence.

Proper Lubrication

Keeping your crossbow’s rail and string well-lubricated reduces friction and noise. Regularly applying rail lube and waxing the bowstring can significantly decrease the vibration and noise generated during shooting.

This helps with noise reduction and extends the lifespan of your crossbow’s components.

Make it a habit to lube the rail and wax the string after every 20-30 shots or as your crossbow manufacturer recommends.

Tightening Bolts and Screws

Loose bolts and screws can often be a significant source of noise in crossbows, as they can cause unwanted vibrations when the crossbow is fired.

It’s essential to periodically check all the bolts and screws on your crossbow and tighten them as necessary.

Don’t overtighten, though, as it can damage the components or strip threads. By ensuring all components are securely fastened, we can minimize the noise levels and maintain the accuracy and performance of our crossbow.

In addition to the above maintenance practices, you may consider adding string silencers and limb dampeners to reduce noise and vibrations further.

These attachments can be easily added to most crossbows and can help with noise reduction.

Before you go …

It’s worth remembering that there’s no universal remedy to minimize the noise of a crossbow, as each has unique requirements regarding upkeep and additional gear.

Nevertheless, with some basic techniques, you can substantially reduce the noise of your crossbow and enhance your hunting adventure. Best of luck to you!

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