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Crossbow technology in 2024? Oh, it’s like we’re living in the future of archery! Just when you think everything that could be done has been done, boom – here comes a new wave of innovation.

So, grab your gear, and let’s dive into this exciting world of 2024 crossbows. Let’s get started!

TenPoint TRX 515

TenPoint’s TRX 515 is a groundbreaking crossbow known as the fastest and most accurate yet.

This compact beast, just 29 inches long and 6 inches wide when cocked, features a reverse-draw design and shoots at 515 FPS.

Its Twin-Riser Technology enhances accuracy, while the custom TriggerTech Trigger, ZERO-Trac Barrel, and GUIDE-Lock Arrow Rest ensure consistent performance.

The crossbow includes an ACU-Lock Scope Bridge and ACUSlide MAXX for stable, silent de-cocking.

With a 16″ power stroke, 300# draw weight, and weighing 7.2 lbs, the TRX 515 is a true innovator in crossbow technology.


  • Shoots 515 FPS
  • Twin-riser technology reduces riser flex and limb torque
  • Equipped with TriggerTech Trigger, ZERO-Trac Barrel, and GUIDE-Lock Arrow Rest System
  • Specs: 29″ length
  • 12″ uncocked width
  • 6′ width cocked
  • 16″ Powerstroke
  • 300# draw weight
  • 7.2lbs weight

Ravin R50X

Ravin’s 2024 R50X crossbow, with its revolutionary DuoMax Cam System, redefines precision and crossbow performance.

This system delivers an unmatched blend of power, accuracy, and smooth shooting. Its dual-track system ensures perfect balance, resulting in high speeds and enhanced accuracy.

The advanced dual-loop string design works with the cam system for efficient energy transfer, minimizing rotational forces and maximizing stability.

This crossbow, shooting at an impressive 505 FPS, is powerful and designed for comfort and durability, reducing limb wear and extending string life.

Compact in design, it measures 4 inches axle-to-axle when cocked and weighs 8.4 pounds with a total length of 28 inches.


  • DuoMax Cam System for precision and performance
  • The dual-track system achieves rotational balance for increased accuracy
  • Pioneering DuoMax Cam technology with advanced string technology
  • Specs: 505 FPS speed
  • 4″ width cocked
  • 8″ width undocked
  • 8.4lbs weight
  • 28″ length

Excalibur REV X

The Excalibur REV X Crossbow is being touted as the crossbow where innovation meets excellence.

With its new integrated Charger X crank platform, Excalibur has redefined the crossbow experience, offering a sleek, streamlined design for better balance and ease of use.

You can cock it effortlessly with reduced effort and enjoy the added safety of easy decocking.

It maintains Excalibur’s renowned recurve design, which provides durability and confidence. It’s easily one of the most reliable and user-friendly crossbows ever built.


  • Integrated Charger X crank platform
  • Streamlined design for better balance and ease of use
  • Maintains Excalibur’s renowned recurve design for durability
  • Specs: 400 FPS speed
  • 33″ overall length
  • 7lbs weight (9lbs incl. all accessories installed)
  • 16lb draw effort

Killer Instinct Vital X 430

Killer Instinct’s Vital X 430 stands out in the crossbow market with its advanced X-Cam technology, delivering a smooth and fast experience at 430 fps.

This model excels in accuracy and ease of use, boasting a fully synchronized cam system and a CNC-machined aluminum rail.

Its 50% let-off design makes drawing easier, and it shoots quietly with minimal vibration.


  • X-Cam technology for superior performance
  • Fully synchronized cam system and CNC machined aluminum rail for accuracy
  • 50% let-off design for easier drawing and quieter shooting
  • Specs: 430 FPS speed
  • 152 FT-LB Kinetic Energy
  • 6.75″ width cocked
  • 10.75″ width undocked
  • 35″ overall length
  • 7.8lbs weight
  • 195lb draw weight
  • 15″ power stroke

Barnett XP405

Barnett’s XP405 crossbow combines safety and performance seamlessly. It features an ambidextrous safety, an anti-dry-fire trigger, and a pass-through palm rest with finger reminders for safe shooting.

The trigger boasts Barnett’s exclusive TriggerTech® with Frictionless Release Technology.

The package includes two 20-inch Headhunter Arrows, a 4×32-mm illuminated scope, a side-mount quiver, rope cocking device, and string and lube wax


  • Designed with hunter safety in mind without compromising performance
  • Equipped with TriggerTech® for consistent shots and improved accuracy
  • Package includes accessories like arrows, scope, quiver, and cocking device
  • Specs: 405 FPS speed
  • 200lb draw weight
  • 13″ axle to axle
  • 6.2lbs weight
  • 138lbs kinetic energy
  • 13.8″ Powerstroke

CenterPoint Sinister 430

The Demun Accu Strike, a compact break-action pistol crossbow, is perfect for beginners diving into crossbow shooting and hunting.

It features a foldable foregrip, adjustable fiber optic sight, and a single-stage break-action system that cuts the draw weight by 50%.

Ideal for precise targeting, the Demun Accu Strike offers a speed of 190 FPS, weighs only 2.1 lbs, and has a 6″ power stroke with a 13.3″ overall length.


CenterPoint’s Sinister 430 introduces a silent crank system with an auto-retracting sled for easy cocking.

It features an adjustable bullpup-style stock and a 1.5-5x32mm speed-ring scope for enhanced user experience.

Compact at 8.6 pounds and 9 inches when cocked, it’s perfect for various hunting situations.


  • Fully integrated silent crank system for worry-free cable management
  • Adjustable bullpup-style stock and upgraded speed-ring scope
  • Compact and maneuverable design for various hunting situations
  • Robust draw weight and power stroke for precise and effective shots
  • 430 FPS
  • 225lb draw weight
  • 9″ width cocked
  • 13″ width undocked
  • 30″ length
  • 8.6lbs weight
  • Foot Pounds of Energy 164 ft-lbs

Barnett Accu Strike

  • Designed for mid-level beginners
  • High-quality break-action pistol crossbow
  • Foldable foregrip for personalized comfort and control
  • Adjustable fiber optic sight for superior accuracy
  • The single-stage break-action reloading system reduces draw weight by around 50%
  • Demun Accu Strike Specifications
  • Speed: 190 FPS
  • Weight: 2.1lbs
  • Power stroke: 6″
  • Overall length: 13.3″

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