Have you been looking for a new range finder? Are you a bow hunter? Do you hunt from a treestand or saddle? Take a look at the Bushnell Bone Collector 1000. We’ll give you some hands on experience and give our honest opinion on this range finder.

This finder is designed specifically for the serious hunter, offering a range of up to 1000 yards with a 1-yard accuracy and ARC (angle range compensation) technology. We found it performs great during low light hours when those crepuscular deer come sneaking out of their bedding. With its ultra-fast scan mode, you can take a continuous path of scan while it updates the range real time. I love not having to click that button every time I want a read, especially if I’m trying to hit a moving deer at dusk/dawn. With a continuous scan you can get a lot of readings all at once which is easily digestible and more accurate.

Pricing and Availability

With the Bushnell Bone Collector 1000 coming in at an affordable MSRP of $149.99. It’s hard to argue with the features at this price point.

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If you end up purchasing a Bushnell range finder, consider investing in a couple of practical accessories for it. For starters, a pouch like Bushnell’s Vault fits it perfectly and can be retrofitted to any existing setup.

This pouch offers great protection and ensures your rangefinders glass doesn’t get scratched up so it can maintain its low light performance. If you’re already invested in their Vault Bino Harness, it’s an easy decision.

It comes with a short lanyard/tether but its the standard cheap one you find in products like this. If you get the Vault pouch it has an integrated coil tether to keep it from falling if you drop it. If you need a good tether, look at Marsupials Rangefinder Tether for a purpose built, quality coil.

Listed Features

Magnification x Objective Lens6x25mm
ReticleVivid Display Reticle
Battery TypeCR2
Range1000 yds
Deer Range350 yds
Accuracy+/- 1 yd
ARC ModesYes
Batteries IncludedYes
Target ModeScan

Key Points

At this price point with these unique features, there’s no doubt why it’s a top pick for hunters and target shooters.

Its Advanced Range Compensation (ARC) technology allows for accurate measurement of the true horizontal distance, even across varying terrains and angles. Other range finders do not take into account the angle of the shot which can change the true range from you to your target, causing you to pick the wrong pin and miss the shot.

With its all-glass optical system and a 50% larger objective lens, you’re getting clear vision even in low light conditions.

Don’t forget the 5-year Ironclad warranty coverage that comes with the Bone Collector 1000. We’ve exercised a warranty return on a pair of binos from Bushnell and the process was painless. On a rangefinder, we recommend buying one with a warranty as they have computer components which carries a risk of it’s own by it’s nature. Having 5 years of buffer is great peace of mind.

The only downside we found with this guy was it’s diopter adjuster. It doesn’t lock and can move around on you in your pocket. It’s not too big of a deal, as you’ll be adjusting as needed and it doesn’t tend to move too much, but we did want to point it out.

We chose this range finder as the top choice in our best range finder review guide. Be sure to check it out. Let us know in the comments what you ended up buying or if you think there is a better option.

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