Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring

Are you ready to take your archery skills to the next level? Look no further than the Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring.

I’ve had the pleasure of putting this high-performance bowstring to the test and replacing the string on one of my trad bows. Let me walk you through the experience.

The Ultimate in Quality and Performance

Let’s dive right into what makes this bowstring so special. First off, it’s a 16-strand Flemish braided string.

Available colors are:

  • Black & Brown
  • Black & Green
  • Black & Red
  • Black & Yellow

Please note: The package contains only one rope, each rope is a rope composed of two colors of ropes


What does that mean for you? Well, those 16 strands aren’t just for show. They’re meticulously crafted from Dyneema materials, which are known for their incredible strength and durability.

This translates to a bowstring that can handle the power and tension of 50 to 60-pound bows and traditional bows with ease.

But it’s not just about strength; it’s also about precision. The Flemish braiding technique used here ensures that the string is tightly woven, providing a smooth and consistent draw every time you nock an arrow.

The difference is palpable, especially when you’re looking for that pinpoint accuracy in your shots.

Speed and Performance Boost

One of the standout features of this bowstring is its impact on speed and performance. It’s like strapping a jet engine to your bow.

The increased velocity of your arrows is immediately noticeable, and it’s a game-changer when you’re out in the field or at the range.

The 16 strands, combined with the Dyneema materials, reduce the stretch in the string, resulting in a quicker snapback.

This translates to increased arrow speed. Whether you’re hunting or competing, this means your arrows reach their target faster, giving your opponents or prey less time to react.

A Splash of Color and Detail

Aesthetics matter, too. The strand colors in brown, green, red, and yellow give your bow a touch of personality, and the center serving with black twisted nylon not only adds style but also enhances the string’s durability.

Before you Go …

It’s a bowstring that doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them. The combination of strength, speed, and precision is a winning formula for any archer, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro.

Upgrade your bow, elevate your game, and enjoy the benefits of this top-notch bowstring. I can confidently say that this is one purchase you won’t regret.

Get ready to hit the bullseye like never before!

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