How To Apply Crossbow Lube

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It is important for crossbow rail lube to only be applied in the manner suggested by its manufacturer. In the world of crossbow rail lubricant, a little goes a long way. Most crossbow rail lubes intended to be applied sparingly by hand.

Rail lube is generally applied to the up-facing side of a crossbow’s shooting rail in its entirety. Simply put, lube of this type should be placed upon any surface on which a crossbow’s string or servings ride during the shot cycle.

In some cases, it might not be possible to completely coat the shooting rail of a crossbow when forced to work around scope mounts with relatively low clearance. However, this is little reason to fret.

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Simply apply lube as wholly as possible to all of the shooting rail’s friction surfaces before allowing the crossbow’s string to further spread this lubricant as needed during the next shot cycle.

How Often Do You Apply Crossbow Lube?

Each crossbow manufacturer has its own recommendations regarding the frequency with which a crossbow’s rail should be lubricated. Many of these recommendations differ slightly, placing increased importance upon reading your crossbow’s owner’s manual.

While manufacturer-specific suggestions should serve as the ultimate guide when determining how often to perform certain crossbow maintenance forms, some general averages can be followed.

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You should lube your crossbow’s shooting rail after every 50-100 shots.

It is also worth mentioning that an archer might consider lubricating their crossbow’s shooting rail more frequently if their crossbow has been used in less-than-ideal conditions.

This includes any time that an archer has hunted with their crossbow in the rain, where lube is often displaced at a much faster rate than normal.

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What About Waxing Your Bowstring?

Properly waxing a crossbow’s bowstring goes hand-in-hand with shooting rail lubrication. Both of these procedures enhance a crossbow’s functionality while safeguarding critical components.

Specialty string wax can be purchased at most any well-outfitted archery shop.

String wax typically comes in a tube and is applied to a crossbow’s strings by rubbing this substance back and forth between one’s fingers until warm.

This essentially melts this wax into the fibers of a crossbow’s strings, providing increased protection against wear and degradation.

Most experts agree that a crossbow’s strings and cables should be waxed once every 50-100 shots, though doing so more frequently never hurts.


Rail lube is a type of lubricant that should be applied sparingly to the up-facing side of a crossbow’s shooting rail in its entirety.

It is generally applied after every 50-100 shots but can be done more frequently if needed. String wax should also be applied to a crossbow’s strings and cables once every 50-100 shots.


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