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Where on the Arrow Is the Crest Located

An Arrow and its Parts

Dive into our article to discover the exact location of the crest on an arrow. Take aim at knowledge and hit the bullseye!

The crest is located just above the fletching towards the front end of the arrow, serving as an identifier to distinguish your arrow from others.

Now that you know where the crest is, let’s dive deeper into this article.

Parts Of An Arrow

All arrows, no matter if they are made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum or carbon share the following five parts;

An Arrow and its Parts

1. Arrow Point

Arrow Point

This is the point or tip of your arrow. Different points serve different purposes (target shooting, hunting, etc.)

2. Arrow Shaft

Arrow Shaft

This is the main structural component of the arrow. The stiffness of the shaft is called the spine. Ensure your arrow’s stiffness, or spine, matches your bow’s draw weight and your draw length.

3. Crest


Crest markings on an arrow show the maker, model number, and occasionally detailed measurements like diameter and thickness.
Adding your own crest markings helps avoid confusion your arrow with with others.

4. Fletching


Fletching, made of either plastic or real feathers, stabilizes the arrow in flight and consists of three or four vanes per arrow.

5. Nock


Typically made of plastic, this part has a notch at one end for attaching the arrow to the bowstring.

Customizing Your Arrow Crest

You can add a unique flair to your arrows by customizing the crest in myriad ways. Start by choosing a cresting pattern and marking it on a strip of painter’s tape on your crester.

Lay down a white base coat if you’re using bright or metallic colors. Apply several thin layers of paint rather than one thick coat to clean your brush regularly for consistency.

Start applying your cresting pattern, beginning with wider bands and moving to thinner ones. Add a thin separating line for a clean finish.

After it dries, apply a clear coat over the crested areas.

History of Arrow Crest

This practice has deep roots, tracing back to when archers personalized their arrows for identification and style. It’s a beautiful blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The process requires patience, attention to detail, and creativity, making each arrow unique.

Practical Considerations for Arrow Cresting


Often, you’ll need to consider the visibility of your arrow crest to ensure it stands out from others, especially during competitions or group archery sessions. Your crest is your signature, your mark of individuality.

You might opt for bright colors, etc. These will ensure your arrows aren’t easily mistaken for someone else’s.

If you’re an archer who enjoys shooting in low-light conditions, consider using reflective materials or glow-in-the-dark paints for your crest.


When choosing your arrow crest, consider its durability! It needs to withstand both environmental conditions and repeated target impacts.

Vinyl and printed crests are typically more durable than hand-painted ones, as they’re less likely to chip or fade over time.

Compliance with Competition Rules

As you select your arrow crest design, you must consider the competition rules that govern its use.

Every tournament has its own set of regulations. Some may limit the size and location of the crest or even prohibit specific colors or designs.

Placement on the Arrow

Consistency is crucial. Place the crest in the exact location on each arrow for easy recognition.

Some archers add further identification by noting the arrow’s weight or length on the crest.

Before you go

So, now you’ve got the lowdown on arrow cresting. It’s not just a fancy decoration but a marker of ownership and a nod to tradition.

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