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I can tell you firsthand the importance of a solid quiver. It’s more than just a gear holder; it’s your silent partner out there in the wild.

You’re hauling it around all day, so it’s got to be right – easy to reach into, yet secure enough to keep your arrows snug and silent.

I’ve had my hands on more quivers than I can count, and each one tells its own story.

Nowadays, the market’s flooded with options, which can be overwhelming for both greenhorns and seasoned hunters alike.

So, let’s dive into what really matters in a quiver, especially for those of us wielding a compound bow.

At a Glance: The Best Compound Bow Quivers

+ BEST OVERALL – G5 Outdoors Head-LOC RTap. Shoot more quietly and accurately with G5 Outdoors Head-Loc Quivers. These innovative quivers feature rubber compression technology that reduces noise and vibration.
+ HIGH STURDINESS – Trophy Ridge Camo. The adjustable dual arrow grippers ensure that your arrows will not fall out, while the soft-touch hood eliminates noise and keeps your arrows protected.
LIGHTWEIGHT – Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5The featured CAM-LOCK design makes it lightweight and easy to use.
ILLUMINATED – Trophy Ridge Hex Light QuiverThis quiver features 4 green LED lights to illuminate your arrows and surroundings in low light situations.
HIP QUIVER – Tarantula Broadhead Hip QuiverThis versatile quiver can hold up to 8 arrows equipped with broadheads and comes complete with a durable waist belt and lower strap.

What’s more important than the bow you shoot?

The arrows, of course! But after that, what’s the second most important piece of equipment on your bow?

Many people would say it’s the quiver.

A good quiver can make all the difference when you’re out in the field.

Top Notch Bow Quivers

G5 Outdoors Head-Loc RTap Quiver

bow quiver for compound bow  BassPro Shop

If you’re on the hunt for a quiver that’ll help you stay as silent as a shadow, the G5® Outdoors Head-Loc™ RTap Quivers are a real game-changer.

These beauties aren’t just quivers; they’re a stealth upgrade for your bow.

The rubber compression technology they come packed with is like a peace treaty between your bow and the quiver.

It cuts down on noise and vibration so much, you’ll wonder if you even released an arrow.

Plus, the Exo-Flex hood is extremely quiet and lightweight, while the low-profile design lets the quiver sit close to the bow, improving balance.

And finally, they accept all broadheads.

Holds six arrows.


  • Bow quiver to hold 6 arrows
  • Multiple colors available
  • Head-Loc Rubber Compression Quiver Bracket
  • Low Profile= sits close to bow
  • Adjustable mount
  • Quite!
  • Lighweight

Keep your shots as silent as possible with G5Head-Loc Quivers.

These quivers feature rubber compression technology that eliminates vibration and noise, letting you take down your target without alerting them to your presence.

Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver (Camo)

Trophy Ridge 5-Spot Archery Arrow...

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver is a standout choice for any hunter who values both style and function.

Available in sleek black or a stealthy Realtree camo for the cover, this quiver can hold up to five arrows securely.

Its main body, designed in a gray/black theme, is crafted from a robust ballistic copolymer.

This material isn’t just about looks – it’s a silent operator in the field.

Unlike some aluminum-frame quivers that can chatter and clang, this one moves as quietly as you do, ensuring your approach remains undisturbed.


  • Ballistic copolymer quiver
  • No sound unlike with aluminum quiver frames
  • Supports 5 broadhead arrows
  • LEDs for safe night-time hunting
  • Braided rope for hanging the quiver up when not in use
  • Two molded holders to keep the arrows in place
  • Black or Realtree camo colors
  • Feels heavy for some hunters

There are two gripping points to keep arrows securely in place, which equally suits both mechanical and fixed broadheads.

Inside and exterior to the hood are several green LED lights to provide a visual indicator to other hunters.

The supplied bracket to mount the quiver is adjustable to fit it high or low on the bow as needed.

A rope is attached to the quiver to hang up the quiver when not used.

Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver

apex LTE Gear REactor Quiver . BASSPRO SHOP

The Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver is a top pick for serious hunters.

Its CAM-LOCK design makes it both lightweight and user-friendly.

The quiver boasts a thumb tab-style gripper, allowing for swift and silent arrow retrieval.

The rubber hood liner, in a contrasting color, not only protects your broadheads from dulling but also simplifies arrow loading.

Enhanced with a TRU-TOUCH soft-feel coating, it provides a comfortable grip.

This versatile quiver is designed to fit both left and right-handed bows, making it suitable for any hunting scenario.

Holds five arrows.


  • Fixed + Mechanical Broadheads
  • LH & RH Bows
  • Easy to Remove
  • Low Profile
  • Quiet
  • Thick Rubber in the Head Shroud


  • A Little Snug in the Cover Area
  • Hanging Loop missing

The composite Reactor LTE quiver boasts a low-profile design for a snug fit against your bow’s riser.

Its adjustable CAM-LOCK Quick Disconnect allows for swift, one-handed removal.

Designed to accommodate aluminum, carbon, and micro-shaft arrows, it features a secure, rubberized thumb tab and a double gripper design for fast, silent arrow removal.

Trophy Ridge Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver

Trophy Ridge Hex Light Quiver BassPro Shop

Shed some light on your early morning set-up with the Hex Light Quiver from Trophy Ridge.

Featuring 4 green LED lights to illuminate arrows and surroundings in low light situations.

This quiver helps you get ready for the hunt without fumbling with a separate flashlight.

The soft-touch hood construction reduces vibration and noise, while the adjustable mount offers a low-profile fit against the bow.

Holds five arrows.


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Low Profile
  • Adjustable Mounting
  • Customizable grippers
  • Quiet
  • Fast & Easy Mounting/Detachment.

This quiver also features customizable single or dual arrow grippers that hold arrows securely.

This design ensures that attaching and detaching the quiver from your bow is a quick and easy process.

The adjustable mount offers a low profile fit against the bow with a quick attachment design for fast and easy mounting and detachment.

Tarantula Broadhead Hip Quiver

Hip Quiver Tarantual BassPro Shop

The Tarantula Broadhead Hip Quiver doesn’t just make it easy to carry your arrows around with you.

It ensures that you’ll have quick and easy access to them when that perfect shot presents itself.

This quiver comes with a durable and adjustable webbing waist belt and adjustable lower strap.

It can be adjusted to fit anyone, regardless of their size.

Plus, the versatile design works for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Holds up to 8 arrows.


  • Quite & Lightweight
  • Holds up to 8 Arrows
  • Access all the arrows without hassle
  • LH & RH

This quiver will hold eight arrows comfortably.

The Tarantula also comes with multiple loops for easy attachment on many different hunting packs – ensuring that you’re always ready to go out into the field and take down your target.

Comparision Table

G5 Outdoors Head-Loc RTap Quiver LH & RHRealtree AP 6 Arrows
Trophy Ridge 5 Spot Arrow QuiverLH & RH Realtree Edge5 Arrows
Apex Gear Reactor LTE 5 Arrow Quiver LH & RH Black 5 Arrows
Trophy Ridge Hex Light QuiverLH & RH Black, Realtree Edge, Olive5 Arrows
Tarantula Hip QuiverLH & RHRealtree APG8 Arrows

How to pick the best quiver

You should consider the type of arrows you shoot, whether you’re shooting at targets or hunting, and if you plan on hunting from a treestand or ground blind. 

How do quivers affect accuracy?

For some hunters, bow quivers make shooting easier because they help stabilize the bow. Their weight and structure can counterbalance vibration – If they are correctly mounted, that is. 

Should You Hunt with Your Quiver On or Off?

Whether you want to do that or not is totally up to you. There is no correct answer. What is right is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.   


Quivers can help you carry arrows safely and securely, so choosing the best one for the job is essential.

Heck – some quivers have built-in LED lights to help you see your arrows in low-light situations.

If you are like me and remove the quiver once sitting in your stand, pick a quiver that doesn’t break the bank.

If you leave the quiver on – pick something quiet. The ones you’ll find in this article are all made from high-quality materials.

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