Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK – Hands-On Review

Diamond Deploy compound bow

Diamond is a name recognized by compound archers the world over. This manufacturer boasts a significant track record of excellence, having provided archers with some of the most user-friendly and highly adjustable bows ever produced. Diamond has also gained quite a reputation for producing economically priced bows, many of which retail for less than $500. … Read more

Diamond Edge 320 vs Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro – Hands-On Review

man shooting a compound bow

At first glance, one is quick to notice the Diamond Edge 320’s superiority in regards to speed and effective let-off. However, many can also argue that the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro offers greater value due to its more compact design and a broader range of adjustability. But what else beyond the glaringly obvious should consumers … Read more

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Hands-On Review

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Package compound bow

There has been a substantial amount of talk in the archery world as of late, surrounding the availability and popularity of new ultra-adjustable compound bows, meant to cater to any archer. This was precisely the reason that we jumped at a recent opportunity to spend some time at the range with the new Edge 320 Compound Bow. The … Read more

Diamond Edge 320 vs Bear Cruzer G2 – Hands-On Review

an arrow ready to be fired

Have you ever wondered which bow would prove superior when comparing the Diamond Edge 320 VS Bear Cruzer G2. If so, you are certainly not alone.  While many might argue that the Diamond Edge 320 offers superiority in the areas of raw speed and effective let-off, the Cruzer G2 offers a notable advantage in the … Read more

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Hands-On Review

The Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow

For several years now, Diamond Archery has been riding a substantial wave of success, stemming in great part from their dedication to providing the masses with bows that fit every consumer. This has proven to be a highly successful business model, and many of the bows that Diamond has manufactured, as a result, have been … Read more

Diamond Archery Provider Hands-On Review

a picture of a bow

In recent years, Diamond Archery has blazed a path all its own, offering highly adjustable, user-friendly compound bows to the masses. The company’s Edge line of bows spawned a revolution in the industry, proving that the saying “one size fits all” can indeed apply when speaking of compound bows. Several exciting offerings by Diamond have … Read more