Hoyt Alphamax 32 For Sale [Buying Guide]

a man aiming at a target with his bow

Hoyt is one of the leading names in premier hunting bows, including the Alphamax 32. When it came out, Hoyt called the Alphamax 32 “The Bow That Smokes Them All,” and it offers impressive maneuverability and function and is well-balanced with a smooth release. The lightweight, compact Alphamax 32 was meant to serve as a … Read more

Hoyt Charger Compound Bow [Buying Guide]

close up view of a part of a compound bow

The Hoyt Charger is an impressive blend of convenient, popular features and function, with just enough customizable options to broaden its scope. It’s a lightweight, compact option that comes in two slightly different models (Charger and Charger Long Draw), which means there is something to suit most archers. Hoyt Charger Buying Guide At first glance, … Read more