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Diamond Archery Edge 320 Review [Hands-On]

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Package compound bow

There has been a substantial amount of talk in the archery world as of late surrounding the availability and popularity of new ultra-adjustable compound bows meant to cater to any archer. So when we were allowed to test out the Edge 320 R.A.K., we jumped on the chance for some hands-on experience!

I tested the Edge 320 in real life. I went and actually sent some arrows downrange. The following is a comprehensive look at what I found to be true of the Infinite Edge in the form of features and functionality

The 320 offers a range of adjustability that is quite impressive, featuring a variable draw length of 15”-31” and a draw weight range of 7-70 pounds.

Although these numbers themselves piqued our curiosity, we still wanted to find out for ourselves if the Edge 320 lived up to all the hype surrounding it.

At a Glance

The Diamond Edge 320 is a compound bow that has been designed to suit the needs of both professionals and amateurs. The bow offers premium features for an exceptionally competitive price, making it a flagship product in the company’s line-up. I love the Bowtech Binary Cam System and the smooth draw cycle that comes with it. The let-off of up to 85% and the draw length and draw weight adjustability make this bow a great option for taller people too!

Initial Thoughts

Coming into this Edge 320 bow review, I was quite excited to test the merits of the Edge 320. Diamond Archery’s history dates back to 1996, as a privately owned manufacturer of compound bows and archery equipment and products (read.. top-notch youth set).

The company was bought out by industry giant, Bowtech in the mid-2000s and has operated as a company brand ever since. 

Diamond Archery is well renowned for producing some of the most versatile bows on the market while maintaining a feasible price point for most archers. 

The Edge 320 is based on the company’s vastly popular Edge platform and is billed as a performance-minded extension of this model. 

So let´s dive into our diamond edge 320 compound bow review…

First Impression

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Package compound bow

Diamond Edge 320 – First Impressions

When first holding the Edge 320 in my hand, I was quite impressed by its fit and finish. The particular bow I shot featured a Mossy Oak Break-Up finish, though both black and purple blaze finishes are also offered. 

I was also struck by how light the bow itself was, as it truly felt as if it weighed less than the 3.6 pounds specified. 

Diamond Edge 320 Spec

Published Specs

Let-Off: 85 percent
Brace Height: 7 1/4 inches
Mass Weight: 3.6 pounds
Axle-to-Axle Length: 32 inches
Speed: 320 fps
Draw Weights: 7 to 70 pounds
Draw Lengths: 15 to 31 inches
Finishes: Mossy Oak Break-Up finish, Black and Purple Blaze Finish
Suggested Retail: check price

The Diamond 320 also felt fairly balanced overall, absent of the clunkiness and uneven weight distribution that is often common of bows in this price range. Available in different colors.

Technical Features

The Edge 320 features several technical talking points worth mentioning. Much of this centers around the bow’s adaptability to the needs of virtually any archer. 

With such a vast range of adjustability to draw length (16 inches of draw length adjustment) and draw weight, this bow is well suited to use by men, women, and children alike. 

As far-reaching as these capabilities are, adjustments can be made on the fly and take very little time to complete. Basically, all you need is just a hex wrench.  

It took only minutes to set the bow’s draw length and draw weight to my needs, and I was ready to begin sending arrows downrange in no time. 

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Package compound bow

Diamond Edge 320 – RAK Package

The modules associated with the Edge 320’s cams are of a rotating design, and making draw length adjustments is as simple as removing two screws, rotating the modules to align the designated indexing marks, and retightening the cam screws in place. 

read.. Diamond Deploy Review.

The bow’s draw weight was equally trouble-free to adjust. To complete this task, turn the Edge 320’s limb bolts in or out as desired. 

Both limb pockets feature an EZ-Adjust label that identifies the minimum and maximum adjustment thresholds, as well as reference marks, each of which represents approximately 6.5 degrees of the bow’s overall peak draw weight.

One can’t beat the OverDrive Binary Cam System.

Binary Cam Edge 320

It is worth noting that the factory fitted EZ-Adjust label was little more than a sticker. 

Although purely speculation, I would feel safe saying that this sticker would not fare well with time when exposed to the elements. 

Another function of convenience featured in the Edge 320’s design is that of relieving string tension without using a bow press. 

Each limb bolt can be backed off in an alternating fashion, to the point of creating slack in the bowstring. This allows for the installation of string accessories such as peep sights and vibration dampeners.


man shooting a bow

Diamond Edge 320 – Shootability Indoor Range

With the quick installation of a D-Loop and peep sight, I was ready to take to the range…

Upon drawing the Edge 320, I instantly noted how smooth its overall draw cycle was. The rise to peak draw weight was even throughout the cycle, and the bow transitioned over into the valley as the cams actuated in a gradual fashion. 

The Synchronized Binary Cam System perfectly manages the whole process.

Upon reaching full draw, I was pleased to find that the bow featured a solid back wall. If the cam timing is correct, you will create a rock-solid back wall using the included limb stops.

This is a major plus in the Edge 320´s favor, as a spongy back wall can lead to an inconsistent anchor and negatively impact overall accuracy. 

The benefits associated with the bows 85% let-off also quickly became evident. Holding the bow at full draw was effortless – the bow grip was good – making it easy to maintain proper form and float the sight´s pin onto the target.

After touching off the trigger of my release, two factors became apparent. 

The first was that little audible noise was produced, with nothing much heard other than the arrow making contact with the foam target. The second observation made was the relative absence of any noticeable hand shock. 

This was an unexpected surprise that put an exclamation mark on the entire shooting experience.

The bow is available with the following finish options: Black Ops, Mossy Oak, Break-Up Country, and Purple Blaze.



  • Blazing Fast 320 fps I.B.O. Speed for the “extra punch”
  • Draw Weight Range
  • Draw Length Range
  • I loved its Physical Characteristics
  • Smooth Draw Cycle and Solid Back Wall
  • Comes With Sight, Rest, Stabilizer, and Quiver
  • Superior Adjustability
  • Quiet Shooting Performance


  • I think the 3-Pin Sight Is Minimal In Features
  • Quiver Mount and Cam-Lock Design Can Be Cumbersome
  • EZ-Adjust Labeling Sticker Is Prone To Weathering

How Does The Edge 320 Compare to Other Bows

Edge 320low/med32085%15″ – 31″70lbs7.25″3.6lbsL/R

What Makes the Edge 320 Different from other Models of Diamonds Edge Platform?

Let us talk about the Infinite Edge Pro and the Edge 320. Both bows are descendants of Diamonds´ popular Edge platform. But there are some significant differences:

  • The first thing that I noticed is the Edge 320 offers a brace height of 7.25″ whereas the Edge Pro model provides just a little less at 7″. In both cases, this seems like enough to make life easier for beginners and offer more accuracy when shooting.
  • The Edge 320 has a longer ATA length than the Diamonds’ other models. This will be helpful to beginners who are looking for more accuracy and forgiveness when shooting.
  • The most obvious difference is the speed. The Edge 320 offers a blazing speed of up to 320 fps. The effective let-off of 85% gives this bow a clear advantage above the other bows in the entire Edge series.
  • Both bows offer ease of tunability that will help you with consistent shots.

The evolution of the Bowtech Bow Edge platform is ever-evolving. Bowtech has proven to be one of the top-notch bow manufacturers.

BOWPriceIBO (fps)Let-OffDraw LengthMax. Draw WeightBrace HeightBow Mass WeightHands
Bear Paradoxmedium33080%23.5" - 30.5"70lbs6.25"4.3lbsL/R
Bear Divergent EKOmed/high33890%26" - 30"70lbs6.5"4.1lbsL/R
Bear Cruzer G2medium31570%12" - 30"70lbs6.5"3lbsL/R
PSE Uprisingmedium30270%14" - 30"70lbs6.625"3.2lbsL/R
Diamond Deploy SBmedium33080%26" - 30.5"70lbs6.75"3.2lbsL/R
Blackout Epicmedium34090%26" - 30"70lbs6"4.1lbsL/R
PSE Stinger MAXmedium31280%21.5" - 30"70lbs7"3.8lbsL/R
Diamond Edge 320medium32085%15" - 31"70lbs7.25"3.6lbsL/R
Diamond Edge Promedium31080%13" - 31"70lbs7"3.2lbsL/R
Diamond Prismmedium29580%18" - 30"55lbs7"3.2lbsL/R
Predator Raptorlow31575%24.5" - 31"70lbs7.5"3.8lbsL/R
PSE Brute NXTmedium32880%22.5" - 30"70lbs6.5"3.7lbsL/R
Diamond Providermedium31080%25.5" - 31"70lbs7.5"3.3lbsL/R

Better Let-Off and FPS than other Diamond Bows

The 320 differs from other Diamond line bows in two major ways: the let-off and the FPS. The 320 really stands out in this regard.

Your 85% let-off really sets you apart from your peers. As of writing this post, the Edge 320 features the highest let-off available at 85%.

The let-off feature is valuable for bowhunters since it can provide many comforts when you’re at full draw (especially if you’re drawing your bow to 70 pounds).

320fps is also quite impressive (and the fastest of the Diamond line). Although there are faster bows out there, 320 fps will be sufficient for most people. 


The Edge 320 comes in the form of a R.A.K. pack, meaning it is fully outfitted with a peep sight, rest, stabilizer, wrist sling, loop for the release, and quiver from the factory. 

A left-hand model is available too. This comes as a distinct advantage, minimizing excess expenditure on additional accessories and getting you on the range or in the woods in record time – a fully outfitted hunting bow.

Are there any diamond edge 320 upgrades available? Well, if you buy the R.A.K. package you´re all set!

Diamond Archery Edge 320 R.A.K. Package compound bow

Diamond Edge 320 – RAK Package

The 3-pin Tundra sight included in the rack pack is functional yet fairly standard in its features. It will undoubtedly get the job done in a hunting or basic target shooting scenario. 

However, if you are planning to shoot longer distances or are used to a sight with all of the bells and whistles, this standard 3-pin model might warrant replacement at some point. 

As far as Diamond´s selection of arrow rest, I had no gripes to speak of. The Whisker Biscuit-style captive rest was a nice touch.

These rests have provided many archers with years of dedicated service, and are favored by many bowhunters for their ability to keep an arrow in place, despite less than favorable conditions. 

When it comes to the Edge 320 Package´s stabilizer, it has made a believer out of me. 

Although the 5-inch stabilizer might not look like much, it proved its merit beyond what I could have expected. 

stabilizer edge 320


When shooting this bow, I found it to be well-balanced, quiet shooting, and absent of hand shock, all of which can be at least partially attributed to quality stabilizer usage. 

This is a great bow with enough game-stopping power to take on any hunting challenge.

If there is any fault to be found in the Edge´s accessory package, it would likely have to be the quiver. Although the quiver mount features multiple points of securement, there is still some limitation in how it can be affixed, leading to a somewhat noticeable offset toward the rear of the bow. 

The quiver´s cam-lock lever is also quite unconventional and can be cumbersome to use.

Overall Evaluation

After handling the Edge 320 in person, and putting it through its paces during some one-on-one range time, I have to say that I am very impressed. 

The compound bow itself looks excellent (mossy oak) and is a leader in ease of use, versatility and adjustability!

If any area was lacking, it would be in regards to the accessories included in the compound bow package, most notably the sight and quiver. 

However, this is quite common in package bows, no matter the brand or model, and any stock accessories can be replaced at a later date to fit an archer´s personal tastes. 

What is most notable regarding the Edge 320, is how much a value it is. You will honestly be hard-pressed to find another bow that offers so much in the way of features, functions, and versatility as this bow, for anywhere near its price point. 

When you factor in the Edge 320´s blistering quick 320 fps I.B.O. speed, its weight of only 3.6 lbs, you are looking at a relative steal of a deal. Premium performance for an acceptable price!

edge 320 purple
edge 320 breakup
edge 320 black

different colors available

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is available for left-hand archers. This is an adjustable bow that offers extreme versatility and features a wide range of usability.

Special thanks to the staff at Cabela´s of Bowling Green, Kentucky, for allowing us the use of their bows, products, and range, for test and review purposes. Cabela´s was acquired by Bass Pro Shop in 2016, and now operates as a branch of the company, with retail locations nationwide. Thank you for reading our Diamond Edge 320 review!

FAQ Section

Conversation | 3 comments:

  1. My first bow was a PSE compound The second bow I bought was a Martin compound. I currently own a Bear Super Kodiak and am looking forward for the arrival of my Diamond 320

  2. Just bought this bow at Bass Pro Shop the Black model they had on sale for $348.
    I could not pass up , I had been looking at for years. I just retired the other year and
    I wanted a bow I could adjust to take me to the end of my hunting days .


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