Bull Elk bowhunting

Elk hunting is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling of all bowhunting adventures, and one that also requires your gear to be up to the notable task at hand. Elk is hearty animals of large stature that require a hunter to make a well-placed shot to render a clean kill. If a hunter does their … Read more

The Best Bow String Silencer in 2021

Bowhunters rely as much on concealment, camouflage, and hiding as they do accurate shots. Things, like covering their scent and blending in with the environment are just as important to a successful hunt as putting an arrow directly into the vital organs. And when hunting animals like deer or elk that have extremely sensitive hearing, … Read more

Best Recurve Bow Strings in 2021

Whether you already own a recurve bow and are looking to upgrade the factory-provided strings, the supplied string has snapped, or you’re just looking to buy a spare string in case of a breakage, using a good bowstring is essential. Get the wrong size, use the wrong material, or even fail to regularly wax the … Read more

Best Bowstring Serving Tool in 2021

Every bowhunter will occasionally have to re-serve the bowstring to fight the abrasion, which most likely occurs to the area around the nocking point. No matter if you shoot a recurve, longbow, compound, or selfbow. Soon or later the serving has to be replaced You could either find a local string builder and let him … Read more

Bohning Complete Tower Jig Kit Review 2021

Jig Tower for Vanes

If you’re serious about archery, then you will probably, at some point, get tired of ready-fletched arrows. You will want to attach feathers or vanes yourself to improve arrow flight. You perform this job with a fletching jig, which stabilizes the arrow and helps you place the vanes in precisely and glue them in the … Read more

Best Bowstring Wax in 2021

Proper maintenance of your bow is absolutely essential, as it extends the life of your equipment and keeps every component working as it should. One such component that must be inspected and maintained is your bowstring. The key to proper bowstring maintenance is the use of string wax. This has led many archers to seek … Read more

Swhacker 2 Blade Broadhead Review 2021

Swhacker 125 grains Broadhead Review

A good pack of broadheads is often the difference between a successful hunt and a failed mission. Many hunters believe they’re priced-out on a top-of-the-line broadhead, but with high-quality and affordable broadheads like the Swhacker brand, you can have the best of both worlds. The Swhacker SWH00202 125 Grain 2.25″ 2 Blade broadhead flies with … Read more

The 5 Best Broadheads in 2021

There are many obvious differences between bow and rifle hunting. The method of approaching the prey, preparation for the hunt, the equipment used, the kinds of stands or blinds used, and much more. BEST OVERALL Whereas rifle hunters can place lethal shots from hundreds of yards away from the comfortable concealment of a raised box … Read more

QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead Review 2021

There are quite a few excellent broadheads in today’s market. That’s why you should carefully consider which one is best suited for your specific needs. To make it a little bit easier for you, we reviewed the QAD Full Blade Broadhead. These blade-style broadheads also provide excellent penetration and feature unique characteristics that allow them … Read more

Thunderheads Broadheads Review

thunderhead broadheads_2

No matter how high you may have tuned your bow, your broadheads will not show the same flight characteristics as the field points you have been practicing with during off-season. Sounds familiar to you? Maybe you should check out the fixed blade Thunderhead broadhead from NAP. New Archery Products was founded in 1971 and is well … Read more

The Best Bowstring Stop in 2021

Best Bow String Stop

BEST OVERALL Stops String Quietly Premium Quality New Experience check latest price Bowhunting is a close-range affair that requires absolute stealth at every point during the hunt, especially during the moment of truth. As even the most modern compound bows are fired, a certain level of noise is emitted due to kinetic energy induced vibration. … Read more

The Best Bow Release in 2021

When first taking up archery, it is soon discovered that learning to practice the clean release to let each arrow loose is more difficult than it appears. Typically, three fingers are used when lining up and firing an arrow.  This adds to the amount of vibration on the bow and can affect accurate targeting. To … Read more

Best Compound Bow Cable Slides 2021

A lot of bows in today’s market are equipped with basic cable slides. To reduce friction while drawing and releasing even more make sure to replace your worn out slides with something top-notch. We highly recommend the Saunders Hyper Glide Cable Slide. Make sure to also check out the other quality products on our list. … Read more

REEGOX Archery Hunting Practice Arrows for Compound and Recurve Bow [Review]


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you’re a serious archery enthusiast and want to improve your skills, you have to put in the extra time and effort to practice frequently. During practice, you don’t always want to use your best arrows, right? Instead, it’s helpful to have arrows designated explicitly for training, so … Read more

The Best Compound Bow Quivers in 2021

BEST OVERALL LimbSaver Five-Arrow-Quiver Fits All Arrow Sizes check latest price The bow quiver isn’t the piece of bow equipment that hunters think much about, but if your arrows aren’t held securely, then they’ll get lost in the woods before even getting to fire them. Product Quick Comparison BEST OVERALL – LimbSaver Silent Quiver check … Read more

The Best Arrow Rests for Hunting in 2021

BEST OVERALL Shoots Shorter Arrows Premium Quality Break Away Safety Feature check latest price An arrow rest is not always something even the best hunters put much thought into. That’s a shame because, without one, arrows won’t release well or fly as true. With an inferior one, the results won’t be much better either.This leads … Read more

Best Thumb Release for Hunting

Thumb Release Post Image

One of the most challenging aspects of hunting with a bow is achieving precision accuracy. While consistent practice helps, bow hunting has an additional challenge of extreme finger-fatigue due to pulling, holding, and releasing the drawstring. If any step of the process is uncomfortable or painful, the archer’s accuracy will be compromised. Fortunately, there is … Read more

Muzzy Trocar HB Review

Muzzy Trocar Deer in Woods

Muzzy’s Trocar HB is a hybrid, four-bladed broadhead that offers an outstanding balance of precision and power for bone-shattering effect when it hits a target. In this Muzzy Trocar HB review, we’ll look at the positives and negatives, give our first impressions, talk about the design and weight considerations, and sum things up to help … Read more