the latest innovation from Easton—the X10 4mm Parallel Pro


Attention fellow archers and hunters, the game has just changed with Easton’s latest innovation: the X10 4mm Parallel Pro. This arrow, a true masterpiece in precision and performance, is set to revolutionize our experiences in the field and on the range. For more information check out: When you take a close look at the …


Different Types of Bow Quivers

quiver and arrows

As an essential companion for any archer or hunter, a bow quiver is far more than just a simple arrow holder. It’s a critical component that organizes, secures, and enhances your arrows, playing a pivotal role in your shooting or hunting experience. Let´s get started. Understanding Bow Quivers Bow quivers are more than arrow holders; …


Hip Quiver and Field Quivers

Like a musician with their instrument, you, an archer, know the importance of every piece of your gear. Your quiver is not just a holder for your arrows – it’s a crucial part of your shooting performance. You’ve probably encountered hip and field quivers in your quest for the perfect archery accessory. But have you …


Noise Reduction in Bow Quivers

a selection of arrow quivers

Imagine you’re creeping closer to that trophy buck, your heart pounding louder than a drum in a rock concert. Suddenly, your bow quiver rattles with the subtlety of a thunderstorm, startling your prey and turning a perfect hunt into a disappointing walk back to camp. We’re about to embark on a journey into the world …


Do Bow Quivers Affect Accuracy

a hunter in his treestand with his compound bow

Have you ever wondered if the truth behind the theory that your bow quiver could affect your shooting accuracy? As an archer, you know that every piece of your kit can make a difference, and the bow quiver is no exception. It’s a plausible assumption that the extra weight and stiffness could tweak the bow’s …


Key Features of a Durable Bow Quiver

quiver and arrows

What makes a bow quiver dependable? And why is this so crucial in your archery journey? These questions might be swirling in your mind as you hold your bow, ready to aim. Let’s explore the key features that elevate a simple bow quiver to an indispensable part of your archery arsenal and why you should …


The Best Compound Bow Broadheads Of 2024

best broadheads for elk

As a dedicated bowhunter and gear enthusiast at, I’m always intrigued by the intricacies of archery equipment, particularly broadheads. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of compound bow and crossbow broadheads. You can opt for larger, more aggressive broadheads using a vertical bow, which typically has slower arrow speeds. These types perform admirably in …


Benefits Of Single Bevel Broadheads

a selection of single bevel arrowheads

Key Takeaways Why Single Bevel Broadheads Are So Effective: The Best Single Bevel Broadheads Model Cutting Diameter Blade Thickness Weight MSRP Bear Archery Razorhead Single Bevel Broadheads 1 1/8″ .050″ 150 – 250 gr check Steel Force Traditional 1″ .080″ 300 gr check Strickland Helix 1-1/8″ .060″ .072″ 100 – 225 gr check Tuffhead 1.0625″ …


Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring

Flemish Strings Replacement

Are you ready to take your archery skills to the next level? Look no further than the Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Recurve Bowstring. I’ve had the pleasure of putting this high-performance bowstring to the test and replacing the string on one of my trad bows. Let me walk you through the experience. The Ultimate …


Archery Gloves Reviewed 2024

three archery gloves

Hello, fellow archers! Ready to enhance your shooting experience? If you’re fed up with sore fingers and callouses after a long practice, consider getting a reliable pair of archery gloves to protect your hands and fingers. Navigating through the plethora of options on the market to find top-notch gloves can be daunting. That’s why we’re …


Overcoming Target Panic: A Guide To Better Shooting

me barebow recurve bow garden

In the realm of archery, target panic lurks like a stealthy predator. It strikes archers, novice and expert alike. This beast of anticipation gnaws at confidence, blurs aim, and erodes performance. Unchecked, it morphs into a crippling force, sowing seeds of frustration, draining the joy from the sport. Yet, fear not. With precise strategies and …


Best Kisser Buttons in 2024

kisser button in action a man using a kisser button

It is no secret that archery prowess is, in large part, a product of proper form. One of the most important elements of proper form is the retention of a consistent anchor point during every shot. One popular tool to aid in the keeping of consistent form is a kisser button, which ensures that you …


The Best Archery Bow Vise

different bow vises

Today, many archers have realized the virtues of owning their bow vise. Owning such a valuable piece of equipment affords the average archer many opportunities that would not be presented otherwise. Despite this inherent value, some archers are hesitant to purchase their bow vise simply because they need to know which one to buy. To …


Best Recurve Bow Strings REVIEW 2024

Strig REcurve

Choosing the best recurve bowstring can be tricky with many options for materials, sizes, and customization. The first decision is whether you want a pre-made stock string for quick installation or a custom string tailored to your bow. Custom takes more time but offers a precise fit. To help you pick the ideal string, I’ll …


Which Way Does the Odd Coloured Arrow Fletch Face?

Which Way Does the Odd Coloured Arrow Fletch Face (1)

There are so many different aspects to arrows. The most obvious, of course, is what material they have been made from, with the most popular choices being wood, aluminum, and carbon. We all know that an arrow has different colored fletching – known as the cock fletching – to help us distinguish it from the …


Best Arrows For Compound Bow 2024

Arrows sticking in a target

As any archer knows, your arrows are every bit as vital to your success as the compound bow from which they are fired. In the absence of quality arrows, you will never be able to achieve as high of a level of proficiency as would otherwise be possible. I recently switched to the Gold Tip …


Easton Full Metal Jacket Arrow Review 2024

a Bowhunter with binoculars

Without the right arrows, even the best shots will fall flat. Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrows deliver more power and performance than traditional carbon shafts. If you’re searching for FMJ arrows, you’ll find no shortage of options, but how do you know which is best? Easton has been a world-recognized leader in arrows and archery …


Can I Teach Myself Archery?

A compound bow with arrow teach

In the solitary world of bowhunting, many archers chart their own course. Without a mentor’s guiding hand, self-reliance becomes key. Archery, a sport of patience and precision, embraces the lone learner. Teaching yourself archery? It’s tough but doable with grit and determination. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Steady practice, not speed, breeds mastery. Remember, …


The Best Compound Bow Quivers in 2024

quiver the best compound bow

I can tell you firsthand the importance of a solid quiver. It’s more than just a gear holder; it’s your silent partner out there in the wild. You’re hauling it around all day, so it’s got to be right – easy to reach into, yet secure enough to keep your arrows snug and silent. I’ve …


Best Broadhead Sharpener in 2024

Sharp blades are essential to any bowhunter’s success. A sharp blade will give you the best possible chance of making a clean kill shot and ensure that your blades last for as long as possible. But how do you keep them sharp? This article is going to explore some of the best broadhead sharpeners on …


Popular Broadheads For Elk Hunting 2024

best broadheads for elk

Nothing quite matches the adrenaline surge of an elk hunt. These majestic, robust creatures necessitate equally sturdy and reliable gear – especially for broadheads. Aiming for a clean, ethical kill requires you to equip your bow with a superior broadhead. If you’re preparing for your next thrilling chase, our top pick – the G5 Outdoors …


Gold Tip Velocity XT Best Carbon Hunting Arrows

a white tail doe feeding leaves from atree

As archers, we spend a significant amount of time discussing the various bows currently available on the market. However, even the best bow is of little value without the perfect set of arrows to complement its use. For many, this poses a question of exactly which arrows to purchase. A visit to virtually any outdoor …


What Is The Average Weight Of An Arrow

two arrows plus broadhead in the grass

Today’s arrows come in a wide range of configurations and stray far from a one-size fits all approach. An archer´s selection of arrows must be based upon a range of criteria, the vast majority of which relate to the overall length and weight. Properly selecting an arrow optimizes arrow flight and prevents undue stress on …


How to Travel with Archery Equipment on a Plane: Tips and Tricks

a bow case with a bow inside

How to fly with a bow and arrow? Traveling with archery equipment can be a challenge, but it is definitely doable with a bit of preparation. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help make your travel experience a bit easier. We will cover everything from packing your gear to …


Should You Consider A Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest?

an arrow in a whisker biscuit style arrow rest

This article will provide some information about whisker biscuits and why you may want to consider using one for your compound bow. A whisker biscuit is a containment arrow rest that holds an arrow securely in place. It can be used by both right- and left-handed archers, which makes it very practical for the hunter …


The Perfect Backstop For Your Archery Practice

archery backstop straw

It doesn´t matter if you are shooting in your backyard or the basement. You will most likely need a backstop. Firstly, for safety reasons and second because you don´t want to ruin your arrows. There are ready-made backstops available on the market and homemade ones that you can build from scratch. I will show you …


How To Put A Broadhead On An Arrow

put broadhead on arrow

When preparing for any bowhunt, a few tasks are as vital as ensuring that all of your gear is adequately prepared and ready for use in the moment of truth. We, as bowhunters, rely upon our gear to function as intended when needed. It is also our responsibility to the game that we hunt to …


The Best Archery Targets In 2024 For The Money

a 3 D Archery Target

Archery is a craft that takes a significant amount of discipline to find success. A considerable amount of this discipline comes in the form of regular practice. Many archers spend a large amount of time in their backyards, honing their marksmanship while shooting at a personal archery target. These targets must be of quality construction …


What Color Is The Bullseye On An Archery Target?

archery target three arrows in it

The color of the Bullseye on an archery target can depend on which type of target you are using. FITA (World Archery) and USA Archery targets have a yellow/gold bullseye, while IFAA and NFAA have white/black bullseyes. There is a black center on the Field course and a white center on the Hunter course. World …