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Can You Use A Bow Release On A Recurve Bow?

Can You Use A Bow Release On A Recurve Bow (1)

Using release aids with recurve bows is possible but not recommended. They change your shooting style and are banned from competitions.

Technically speaking, Yes! You could use a trigger release aid on a recurve bow. But attaching a trigger release requires modifying your string to add a D-loop.

This alters your anchor point and aim. It’s better to stick to tab and glove finger protection.

Of course, there are several different types of release aids that archers can use to help them improve their accuracy.

Some archers find that using a release aid with their bow helps to steady the string and improve their scores.

As we have briefly touched on above, if you are thinking of trying a release aid on your recurve bow because you find it harsh on your bare skin to pull back the string, you should use a finger tab or archery glove.

Can You Use A Thumb Release On A Recurve Bow?

Can You Use A Bow Release On A Recurve Bow?

Theoretically, Yes you could. But again, D-Loop, altering of your anchor, etc.

Recurve archers develop calluses and strength through consistent shooting. Release aids are a shortcut that can hinder progress.

Embrace finger soreness as a rite of passage.

Focus on proper form and technique rather than gadgets. Master your chosen style before branching out. Remember, simplicity reigns in archery.

Consider your goals. If you desire to compete, follow strict recurve standards. Release aids lead to disqualification. But for casual shooting, test accessories if you wish.

At the end of the day, recurve archery requires patience and practice. Release aids will not drastically improve your accuracy. Success stems from diligence and determination. Stay the course.

Before you go …

Release aids fundamentally change your shooting style and are prohibited in competitive recurve events.

Nothing can replace proper form, patience, and diligent practice over time. If you decide to experiment with accessories, do so with an open mind and have fun with the process.

But also know when to return to the basics.

Honing your traditional recurve shooting skills will pay off in accuracy and consistency as you progress on your archery journey.

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