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Who Holds The World Record For Archery?

A man holding his recurve bow ready to draw

Learning archery is hard enough, never mind being skilled enough to hold one of the sport’s prestigious world records.

However, there are hundreds of people from all over the world that hold their share of a wide variety of impressive records.

From Olympic records held by the very best athletes to the utterly bonkers records few have tried, archery is full of the weird and wonderful. Today, we want to share the very best with you. 

Whether you’re an archery enthusiast looking to learn more, or a skilled archer looking for your own shot at glory, we’ve got plenty of records for you to learn about and even try. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Olympic Records

Who Holds The World Record For Archery?

Before we start looking at the more unique archery world records, let’s take a look at the records held by the elite archers that compete at the Olympic level.

As you can imagine, these records are held by the very best athletes and were broken at Olympic events.

Men’s Recurve

First up we have the men’s recurve records.

  • The record for 70m with 36 arrows is currently held by Oh Jin Hyek who competes for North Korea. He shot a score of 353.
  • The current record for 50m with 36 arrows is held by Korean, Kim Kyung Ho. He recorded 351.
  • Kim Hyun Jong, also from Korea, scored 360 in the 30m event using 36 arrows.
  • The record for 90m with 36 arrows was set by Kim Woojin who scored 343. Kim Woojin also holds the 1440 record with 144 arrows after scoring 1391. Amazingly, he also holds the 72 arrow record over 70m with an impressive score of 700.

Women’s Recurve

Next, we have the women’s recurve records.

  • The 1440 round record with 144 arrows is held by Korean, Park Sung-Hyun. She holds a score of 1405. This archer also has the world record for the 70m with 36 arrows thanks to a score of 351.
  • Yun Ok Hee shot a score of 353 in the 60m with 36 arrows to beat the world record.
  • Kim Gyeongeun of Korea holds the world record for 50m and 36 arrows thanks to her score of 351.
  • The world record for 30m with 36 arrows belongs to Jan Heeji of Korea who scored 360.
  • Kang Chae Young scored 691 to hold the 70m and 72 arrow record.

Men’s Compound

  • Peter Elzinga of the Netherlands holds the 1440 and 144 arrows record thanks to his score of 1419. He’s also the proud owner of the 90m, 70m, and 50m records.
  • Seppie Cilliers holds the world record for the 30m and 36 arrows, shooting a score of 360.
  • The 50m and 72 arrow record is held by American Braden Gellenthien. He broke the record thanks to a score of 718.
  • The world record for a 15 arrow match is held by Reo Wilde who shot a score of 150.

Women’s Compound

  • Sara Lopez of Colombia holds the 1440, 144 arrow record with a score of 1424. She also holds the 50m, 36 arrows, and 50m with 72 arrows records thanks to scores of 356 and 713.
  • The 70m and 36 arrows record goes to German archer Kristina Heigenhauser who has a score of 353.
  • Danelle Wentzel of South Africa holds the world record for 60m with 36 arrows with a fantastic score of 357.
  • The 30m, 36 arrow record is held by Jamie Van Natta who scored 360.
  • The 15 arrow match world record belongs to Linda Ochoa-Anderson who scored 150.

The Fastest Time To Shoot 10 Arrows

Who Holds The World Record For Archery?

The record for the fastest time it took to shoot 10 arrows was set on August 5th, 2020 by six-year-old Arjun Singh who recorded an astonishing time of 48.63 seconds. That works out at one arrow every 4.8 seconds. 

The young boy from Varanasi, India had been training to break the record since he was three years old. 

The Farthest Archery Target Hit

On December 9th, 2015, Paralympic athlete Matt Stutzman surprised the archery community by breaking the world record for the farthest archery target hit.

Once held by an able-bodied archer, Stutzman incredibly hit his target from 283.47 meters away. 

What made this record even more impressive is that he did it using his feet.

Most Balloons Popped With One-Shot

The next world record took place on live TV on the Jimmy Kimmel show. During the show, Randy Oitker set the world record by popping seven balloons with one shot.

On his first two attempts, Randy only hit six balloons, but on his final shot, he managed to burst seven. 

We don’t know about you, but this feels like a very achievable world record.

Most Archery Compound Event World Cup Wins

When it comes to world records that might never be broken, Sergio Pagni’s two world cup wins might be the one. While it may not seem huge, Sergio Pagni set the record for winning the most world cups in 2010.

Since then, nobody has been able to top his achievement, leaving him as number one when it comes to world cup wins in the compound event.

Most Lightbulbs Struck By Two Archers In 3 Minutes

The final record on our list is the most lightbulbs struck by two archers in 3 minutes.

This bizarre world record is currently held by Oscar De Pellegrin and Marco Vitale who managed to hit 11 lightbulbs in the three minutes they were given. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best world records currently held by a wide range of amazing archers.

There are many more records out there, but we feel that these give you a good taste of the records held by professional archers and ones that can be broken by anyone up to the challenge. 

Now you have this list of records at your fingertips, why don’t you give some of them a try.

Not only is it fun to test yourself, but if you have high levels of archery experience, there’s no reason you can’t give one or two of the crazier archery world records a good try.

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