Key Takeaways Why Single Bevel Broadheads Are So Effective:

  • Single-bevel broadheads induce rotation as they penetrate tissues, unlike double-bevel broadheads, which penetrate straight without rotation.
  • The tissue’s resistance against the single bevel causes the broadhead to rotate. As it rotates, the broadhead face exerts a lateral force on the tissue, helping to split bone and create wider wound channels.
  • Rotation helps single-bevel broadheads break bones more effectively by exerting lateral torque force. This reduces penetration resistance compared to just pushing straight through bone.
  • Single bevels create wider exit wounds in the skin compared to double bevels of the same width due to the spiraling rotation effect.
  • Single bevels cut more tissue on the bias than double bevels, helping increase hemorrhage.
  • Single bevels allow for a thinner, sharper edge at a given angle than double bevels. This helps slicing performance.
  • For best performance, arrow rotation in flight should match the rotation induced by the bevel (right-wing fletching with right-bevel broadheads).
  • Single-bevel broadheads demonstrate increased lethality compared to double bevels due to their bone-splitting ability and wider wound channels.

The Best Single Bevel Broadheads

Bear Archery Razorhead Single Bevel Broadheads1 1/8″.050″150 – 250 grcheck
Steel Force Traditional1″.080″300 grcheck
Strickland Helix1-1/8″.060″
100 – 225 grcheck
225 gr
300 gr
Ramcat Single Bevel Grind1″.032″100 grcheck
Grizzly Stik Maasai Single Bevel1.13″.069″125 – 200 grcheck
KuduPoint Contour1-1/4″.050″100 – 150 grcheck
Van Dieman1″ – 1-1/4″.060″100 – 225 grcheck

Here are some tips for bow hunters interested in trying single-bevel broadheads:

  • Give them a shot! The bone-splitting, wider wound channel abilities of single bevels are worth experiencing firsthand. You may become a convert after seeing the terminal performance.
  • When possible, do side-by-side testing of single vs double bevel broadheads on ballistics gel or other media. The difference in wound cavities and penetration is striking.
  • Ensure your arrow rotation in flight matches the bevel direction – right-wing fletching with right bevels, and vice versa. This synergizes the in-flight and impact rotations.
  • Inspect wound channels closely after real hunts. Note the bone fragments, larger openings, and spiral cuts unique to single bevels.
  • Don’t be deterred by potential sharpening challenges. The devastating tissue damage inflicted by single bevels makes the extra effort worthwhile.
  • Talk to experienced single-bevel users to learn their setup tips and hunting stories showcasing these broadheads. The terminal performance often surprises newcomers.
  • Single bevels may convince you to switch entirely once the rotation effects and bone-busting abilities are witnessed. Many become lifelong converts after trying them.
  • At a minimum, single-bevel broadheads can provide an additional deadly tool in your archery arsenal. The right situation may call for their unique talents.

Before You Go..

The devastating terminal performance of single-bevel broadheads must be experienced firsthand to appreciate their capabilities.

The extra wounding potential could make the difference on your next hunt. Give them a try and see the results for yourself!

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