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Turkeys are highly vocal by nature, and if you intend to fill your tags, you must know how to speak the language. This is done with the use of a quality turkey call. With the right turkey call in hand, you can coax gobblers from great distances, bringing them into bow range.

This leads to an endless number of hunters every spring to seek out the best turkey calls for taking tough toms.


Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call
  • High Quality
  • Hen- and Gobbler Calls
  • Hand Made in the USA
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At a Glance: Here are our Top Picks

In our opinion, the best turkey call is the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call. But make sure to check out the other great products on our list as well.

Turkey Calls That Get The Job Done

Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call

The Lynch World Champion Call is a wonderful addition to any turkey hunter’s list of gear.

This box call can do it all and then some, with its dual purpose, sound specific call construction.

Simply run the call’s paddle across one side of the box to replicate hen sounds, and run the paddle across the opposite side to produce deeper gobbler vocalizations.

Note: This is my personal box call of choice. I have owned this call for approximately ten years, and it has served me well throughout. Turkeys readily respond to the vocalizations that can be replicated with this call. Before its purchase, I was not much of a box call fan. However, the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call has made me a believer.


  • Dual-side usage easily replicates both hen and gobbler vocalizations
  • Mahogany construction yields a crisp tone like no other
  • Simple construction makes this call easy to use by anyone

This Lynch Call is constructed from straight-grain mahogany wood that gives your calling a rich and bright tone that cannot be duplicated by most other calls on the market.

Both novice and distinguished callers alike will find favor in this call.

Preston Pittman “The Black Diamond” Turkey Call Diaphragm

When a champion turkey caller has designed a mouth call, you know you are purchasing quality.

This is exactly what you get when purchasing the Black Diamond Diaphragm Call, as 5-Time World Champion turkey caller Preston Pittman designed it.

This call is capable of reproducing virtually any sweet and seductive hen turkey sound imaginable.

Note: This is my personal mouth call of choice. You can use this call to replicate a wide range of turkey vocalizations, all of which drive gobblers wild. This call is also durable, as I have only managed to go through two of them in the last 8 years. I lost the first of the two and had I not, it would likely still be accompanying me to the woods.


  • 4-reed design offers a versatile range of sound
  • Diamond cut allows for ease of operation
  • Made of high quality, durable latex reeds for years of use 

This 4-reed call showcases a diamond cut and can be easily used by even a novice caller. The Black Diamond produces a notable raspy note that even the most stubborn of toms cannot resist.

If you want to read more about the best broadhead for turkey hunting read here

Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Mouth Call (Pack of 2)

Primos is a company that has been around in the turkey call industry for several decades and is known for turning out quality mouth calls at a reasonable price point.

The Hook Hunter is a call that can cover a wide range of calling needs in the spring turkey woods and can be used by anyone from beginners to old pros.


  • 2 calls come in each pack, effectively doubling your money
  • Ghost cut reeds allow many turkey sounds to be replicated
  • Reed construction requires very little air to operate

This call’s ghost cut reeds allow a number of turkey vocalizations to be replicated with relative ease and require very little air to be forced across them for operation.

This is the perfect call for producing soft and delicate sounds such as purrs and kee kees.

Knight & Hale KHT4002-T Turkey Call

If you are new to calling and feel intimidated at the prospect of using some of the more complex calls on the market, then this is the call for you.

The wonderful thing about the Knight & Hale KHT4002-T Turkey Call is that there is no wrong way to use it. Simply push the peg end of the call forward, and it retracts on its own, producing perfect hen turkey sounds every time.

This call is also wonderful for children. If you plan to take a youth hunter with you to the woods this spring, be sure to have this call along for the ride.

By allowing a child to use this call, you lure wise toms into range and build memories simultaneously.

Woodhaven Cherry Classic Series Friction Turkey Call

The Woodhaven Cherry Classic Series Friction Turkey Call is the perfect tool for reaching out in an attempt to lure in distant gobblers.

This call’s crystal friction surface is capable of producing a high-pitched nasally tone that can be heard from several hundred yards away.

This gives you the ability to appeal to turkeys, even when wind and rain muffles the sound of traditional calls.


  • Crystal friction surface produces a high-pitched, resonating tone
  • Strikers and specifically matched to each call
  • Included surface protector shields your call from the elements

The Woodhaven Cherry Classic Friction Call also comes with two matched strikers for versatility and sound variance.

Also included is a surface protector, to keep your call’s friction surface from becoming damaged or contaminated by the elements.

What Makes A Quality Turkey Call?

When purchasing turkey calls to entice toms into range, several factors must first be considered (read.. what is a group of turkeys called)

A failure to weigh these factors into your buying decision will often lead to your dissatisfaction with what you have chosen. So what makes quality turkey calls?

A Call That Talks The Talk

When selecting turkey calls, it is important to only select a call that is at least somewhat versatile in the range of vocalizations that it can replicate.

Every turkey hunt is different, and no two hunts will present identical calling situations.

Owning a versatile call prevents you from having to switch calls frequently whenever the situation at hand changes course.

This is one of the many reasons why we cannot get enough of the Preston Pittman Black Diamond Diaphragm Call.

If a turkey is capable of making a vocalization, so is this call. From yelps to purrs, this call can do it all.

A Call Without Need For Instructions

A call does little good if you cannot figure out how to use it. Therefore, a quality call is one that you can quickly get the hang of using, and learn to use well.

This often comes down to a matter of simplicity. While some calls can be quite elaborate in design, these often leave their operator bewildered, and can quickly take the fun out of turkey hunting.

This is why we love the Knight & Hale KHT4002-T Turkey Call. There has likely never been a turkey call as easy to use.

This stems from the fact that it is literally impossible to use this call incorrectly. Its simple design makes this call by Knight & Hale a winner on every hunt and well known for their quality turkey calls.

Turkey Calls That Sound Better Than A Turkey Itself

While most any turkey call is capable of producing vocalizations that sound at least somewhat similar to a turkey, far fewer possess the ability to sound real beyond belief (read.. Different Types Of Turkey Calls).

Extremely realistic sounding turkey calls often give you the slight edge that you need to scratch out a hard-fought victory against a wary tom.

When hunting hard-pressured gobblers, a hunter needs all the help they can get.

This is what makes the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call so special. Its straight-grained mahogany box emits a rich tone that is not easily duplicated by other calls on the market.

The result is a sweet-sounding call that an old longbeard simply cannot resist.

Which Is The Best Turkey Call?

When comparing the turkey calls on this list, I feel that the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call is the best turkey call, with the Preston Pittman Diamond Cut Mouth Call coming in as a not so distant runner up.

The Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call offers hunters the versatility to replicate any means of both hen and tom turkey vocalizations, is simple enough to be used by even novice callers, and produces a sound that you would have to hear to truly appreciate.

This is a call that any turkey hunter would be more than proud to carry in their turkey vest this spring.

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