Best Broadhead For Turkey Hunting 2023

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Those that take on the immense challenge of bowhunting turkey know all too well the value of a quality broadhead. Luckily, a substantial number of specialized turkey broadheads can be found in today’s market, all of which are engineered to provide deadly performance when striving to quickly, cleanly, and efficiently dispatch a turkey.

However, with so many specialized broadheads on today’s market, an archer must consider which head is best for their specific needs. Best cutting diameter? Best flight characteristics? Do you favor head or neck shots? …

Here We Go: Our Top Recommended Turkey Broadheads

If you are currently seeking out the best turkey hunting broadhead, be sure to check out our overall favorite, the Magnus Bullhead, or any of the other top 5 turkey hunting broadheads on this list.  

Top-Tier Turkey Hunting Broadheads in 2023

Best Overall – Magnus Bullhead 3-Blade Fixed Broadhead

Magnus has a longstanding reputation for producing some of the toughest broadheads on the planet. The company was also among the first to introduce turkey specific broadheads onto the market.

When you combine these two factors, you are left with a broadhead that is nothing short of deadly to any gobbler that gets in its way.

The Magnus Bullhead features an amazing 2 ¾” cutting diameter and is capable of easily pulling off head, neck, and body shots.


  • Cutting Diameter: 2 ¾”
  • Weight: 100 grain


  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Significant cutting diameter
  • Lifetime guarantee

Its large cutting diameter makes the Bullhead fairly forgiving in the realm of shot placement as well. Additionally, Magnus backs all of their broadheads with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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Most Versatile – Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

Rage is a manufacturer that has consistently pushed the envelope in lethal broadhead performance.

Their reputation for producing large cutting diameter, hard-hitting broadheads is well known, and their Xtreme Turkey Broadhead is no exception to this storied legacy.


  • Cutting Diameter: 1 ⅛”
  • Weight: 100 grain


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Anodized aluminum ferrule with SHOCK collar
  • Two blade slip-cam with meat-hook tip

The Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead features a significant 2 ⅛” cutting diameter, as well as an additional ¾” “meat-hook” tip.

This generous cut provides plenty of potential for efficiency, and all Rage broadheads are designed to mimic the stable flight characteristics of a field tip.

Most Proven Design – NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter

NAP stands as one of the longest operating modern archery accessory manufacturers in the world, with a history that dates back to the 1970s. Through this period of time, NAP has produced many quality broadhead lines, with the Spitfire model being one of its most well known.

This Gobbler Getter is a reimagination of the legendary Spitfire, geared toward turkey hunting.

The Spitfire Gobbler Getter features a sizable 1 ¾” cutting diameter, with durable, razor-sharp .030” diameter blades.


  • Cutting Diameter: 1 ¾”
  • Weight: 100/ 125 grain


  • Blunted tip 
  • Diamized blades
  • Designed For easy blade Replacement

This head also is equipped with a unique blunted tip, intended on transferring the maximum amount of kinetic energy from bow to bird, subsequently increasing knockdown power.

Best Cutting Diameter – Savage Village Turkey Head

If you favor head and neck shots over body shots when taking a turkey, look no further than the Savage Village Turkey Head.

This broadhead is outwardly fierce in both looks and performance and is more than capable of cleanly taking a turkey.

The Savage Village Turkey Head features an industry-leading 4” cutting diameter, which provides a bowhunter with a relatively sizable margin for error, making this head one of the most forgiving on the market.


  • Cutting Diameter: 4”
  • Weight: 160 grain


  • Large 4” cutting diameter
  • Stainless Steel blades
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Savage Village Turkey Heads comes in a 6 pack, making them a substantial value. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Sharpest Broadhead – Turkey D-Cap Broadhead

The Turkey D-Cap Broadhead is yet another excellent choice for those that prefer head and neck shots to body shots when turkey hunting.

This broadhead’s finely sharpened blades essentially make it a flying straight razor when propelled through the air by an archer’s bow.

The Turkey D-Cap Broadhead is notable for a number of reasons, with the most significant being its monstrous 4” cutting diameter.


Cutting Diameter: 4”

Weight: 200 grains


  • Five cutting edges
  • Stainless steel razor-sharp blades
  • Extreme 4” cutting diameter

Its 3 razor-sharp blades are made from cutlery grade steel and finished to a precise edge on a leather strop.  

What Makes A Quality Turkey Hunting Broadheads?

When seeking to purchase the best turkey hunting broadheads on the market, there are several factors that should first be considered prior to making a final selection.

Overall Cutting Diameter

When Bowhunting for turkey, one must always keep in mind how relatively small a target is presented. Whether aiming for the head and neck or body, there is little room for error, making a broadhead with a large cutting diameter a wise choice.

This is one of the many reasons that we love the Savage Village Turkey Head. This broadhead features a 4” cutting diameter that is perfect for nailing even the smallest of targets.

Blade Sharpness

It is also important to locate a broadhead that is extremely sharp. This is especially true when taking head/neck shots, as making a clean cut is key.

Few turkey hunting broadheads offer the same level of sharpness as the Turkey D-Cap. This broadhead is constructed of cutlery grade steel and surfaces to a straight razor-like finish.

Flight Stability

An archer must also keep in mind a broadhead’s flight characteristics. Even with large cut on contact blades, a turkey hunting broadhead must stay the course in flight.

This is precisely where the Magnus Bullhead shines the brightest. The Bullhead’s blades are slightly offset to promote a high rate of spin for added stability. If you ever plan on hunting geese with your bow, this broadhead would be ideal for it too.

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Which Turkey Hunting Broadhead Is The Best?

After comparing all of the broadheads on this list, I feel that the Magnus Bullhead is the best turkey hunting broadhead, with the Turkey D-Cap coming in as a close runner up.

Magnus Bullhead 3-Blade Fixed...

The Magnus Bullhead features large, specialty finished blades for excellent stopping power, yet flies with the grace of a field tip.

If you are in the market for the best turkey hunting broadhead, I would highly urge you to give the Magnus Bullhead a closer look.


What Makes A Quality Turkey Hunting Broadheads?

Large cutting diameter, hard-hitting broadheads, good flight characteristics

Which Turkey Hunting Broadhead Is The Best?

After comparing all of the broadheads on this list, I feel that the Magnus Bullhead is the best turkey hunting broadhead, with the Turkey D-Cap coming in as a close runner up.

The Magnus Bullhead features large, specialty finished blades for excellent stopping power, yet flies with the grace of a field tip.

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