QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead Review 2024

There are quite a few excellent broadheads in today’s market. That’s why you should carefully consider which one is best suited for your specific needs. To make it a little bit easier for you, we reviewed the QAD Full Blade Broadhead.

These blade-style broadheads also provide excellent penetration and feature unique characteristics that allow them to outperform competitors while still providing archers with options.

QAD Exodus Review

QAD Exodus Broadheads Full Blade 100 gr....
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Ultra Sharp Full Blade
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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The QAD Broadheads are 100% stainless steel full blade broadheads constructed for optimal accuracy.

Pros & Cons


  • Full steel construction
  • Heavy Duty SST Material
  • Ultra-sharp full blade broadhead with durable edges
  • Recessed design for optimal penetration and blood trails
  • Properly tuned bows allow a sharp broadhead to fly reliably


  • Inadequate packaging can cause cuts to your fingers as you unpack the heads
  • You’ll need finger protection to hold the broadheads as you unscrew them as they don’t pull out
  • Possibly classified as a “barbed” style broadhead and illegal in individual states
QAD Exodus Broadheads Full Blade 100 gr....

QAD – Razor Sharp Fixed Blade Broadhead

The QAD Exodus get made in the USA and feature a compact head with a unique design that uses 100% steel and recessed full blade broadhead to break through even the toughest bones without damaging the head itself.

First Impression

The first thing you’ll notice when you remove these broadheads from the packaging is that they are incredibly sharp and may cut your finger if you’re not careful (read.. Ramcat Hydroshock Review).

Packaging and Finger Protection

The packaging could definitely be enhanced to prevent damage to your fingers during unpacking, but the steep cutting angle on the blades means you’ll need to handle them carefully and use finger protection no matter what.

QAD matches the length of a field point to help ensure that the broadheads fly the same with either head.

QAD Exodus Broadheads Full Blade 100 gr....

Design and Performance

Once you’ve gotten these broadheads out of the package, you’ll quickly notice the chiseled tip and recessed blades that are strikingly different from other broadheads.

The aggressive-looking design features three razor-sharp blades that extend over the shaft slightly.

This extension is labeled Blade Over Shaft Technology, and it is what allows the arrow to maintain the same static spine expected from using a field point (field point accuracy).

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The static spine is maintained thanks in part to the total length of the arrow, and this broadhead keeps that full length intact.

Therefore, you are able to practice with a field point and enjoy the same accuracy once you switch over to the QAD Exodus Broadheads.

The QAD Exodus Broadheads will also self-correct more quickly than longer style heads while in flight. As long as your bow is tuned correctly, you shouldn’t notice any difference between a practice point and these broadheads as far as accuracy is concerned (read.. Muzzy Trocar HB Review).

These broadheads have a relatively aggressive-looking design with a total cutting diameter of 1.25 inches and an SST tip

This diameter is the same whether you get the 100-grain or 125-grain models regardless of the full or swept design, and these work best in a compound bow or crossbow (read.. NAP Killzone Broadhead)

Despite this average diameter, the cutting angle is still significant, making for efficient penetration and a clean kill.

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Weight Considerations and Blade Quality

It’s possible that your broadheads may be off by a grain or two in terms of weight, but this shouldn’t affect the performance significantly and is well within the acceptable range.

The one perk of having broadheads that are slightly off by a grain of weight or so are that they can match well with any unevenly weighted shafts you have around.

The blades on these broadheads are also thicker than you might expect, making them stronger and keeping their edges sharper for longer.

The blade thickness is approximately 0.040″ which is notably thicker than other broadheads for sale from other brands.

It’s also worth noting that these blades come off individually, and replacements are available so you can easily swap one out in the field without needing any special tools.

QAD Exodus Broadheads Full Blade 100 gr....

QAD BROADHEAD – Fixed Blades

The blades conveniently slide out, and replacement blades easily slide back in leaving the tip and body of the broadhead in one piece.

These blades are sharp enough to take ultra-fine shavings off your fingernail’s surface or cause tiny cuts on your skin, so use caution when working with them.

These blades also maintain their sharpness very well, and the angle of the blades makes for concise, penetrating cuts that can shatter bone without damaging the broadhead itself. You should store them in a special broadhead box

It’s also possible to sharpen these blades somewhat, which is likely needed after they come in contact with harder materials like animal bone or tree trunks.

Exodus Broadhead Review


In this Exodus Broadhead Review, we’ve looked at a number of features that make these broadheads a cut above the rest.

Their stainless steel material construction is one of the principal characteristics that make the QAD Exodus Broadheads extremely durable in a variety of situations.

QAD Exodus Broadheads Full Blade 100 gr.... check price

If you are looking to hunt a variety of game, and want a razor sharp durable broadhead, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

Not all fixed-blade broadheads are created equal, and the aggressively designed tri-blade design on this one makes it efficient without sacrificing accuracy or overall performance.

Overall the QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead is also very reasonably priced compared to similar broadheads from other brands. As long as your bow is well-tuned, you’ll see awesome flight accuracy with this broadhead.

A note of caution: Make sure you check to see if the swept blades are legal in the states you will be hunting in!

4 thoughts on “QAD Exodus Full Blade Broadhead Review 2024”

  1. My biggest concern is practicing. I prefer to practice with a field point, then put my broadheads on, and expect the same accuracy. I have been using expandables for years because I haven’t found a fixed blade that could match the accuracy of my target tips. I shoot a crossbow, and 100gr broadheads. I can put several arrows in a 2 inch circle at 60yds, with either field points or NAP Spitfire Doublecross, but I’m not happy with the performance of the Doublecross on deer.
    Very little blood, even when hit threw both lungs.
    Please Help if you can..

  2. Switch to a fixed Broadhead there’s plenty of fish fry heads on the market I have used mechanicals and have them not open or leave a good blood trail either I recently shot the biggest book of my career is hunting and due to a mechanical the deer is still alive.

  3. Shot a160 class buck year before last with rage 3 blade chisel tip broadhead did not open someone else found the deer like a month later let me have him great guy now shooting qad exudas highly recommend them to everyone not rage they suck


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